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Temre was born into a prestigious military family, with parents who were themselves part of a long and proud lines of soldiers. She, however, was the first one in generations to be part of the command force. Though she did have some desire for a family of her own, she didn't think it would be feasible once she got "too far" into the chain of command, and her mind, considered that she did not have time for it. In her youth she had a few lovers, but she believed those days were long over once she became a Captain. While at a military gala, she was seated with the well-admired ambassador Quanin and took an immediate liking toward him. Within a few months, they determined that they had fallen in love with one another and attempted to keep a secret romance. The secret couldn't be kept -- it was incredibly obvious that they were in a relationship, but the extent that it took was a subject of debate, especially in tabolids. The physical aspect only took place before Temre was set to return to her commanders for a mission. At that point, they accepted that there was no hiding their relationship anymore.

She received her iconic scar afterwards, rescuing a stranded scientific team on Morbus from native reptiles that were threatening to devour them. Her wound is double layered - the first was a bite from one of them, and the next was from blowing fire at them from an exhaust pipe; part of the flame struck her as she pushed them back. The damage didn't just stick to the surface, but went beneath, puncturing parts of her crop. It was not enough that it could have leaked out and caused her to lose insulation, but it would prevent her from sufficiantly feeding any children she would have on that side. From a human perspective, it would be similar to losing a chunk of a breast. 

Shortly after becoming a General, she and Quanin (who had become the head of the Supreme Council at that point) married, but only conceived a child five years afterwards. At that time, Quanin had made enemies with the D'Hoonib military leader Traxus, and Temre was nervous about her brief leave from service in order to give birth and raise her child until its infancy ended with him as a threat. When she finally did give birth, her child was a boy, which Quanin named after his own father: Krang. 
Though they had hired a nanny, who was a single mother with a prematurely born child, Temre was reluctant to hand Krang over to anyone else for long periods of time. Yera, the nanny, mostly assisted Temre, instead of taking over maternal care as she was meant to.

Once Krang had started breaking his first teeth and started talking, Traxus made an ambush [somewhere I haven't determined yet] and attacked him and Temre. Temre was able to protect Krang, at the cost of having her old wound opened up, straight down to her insulation crop. She and Krang were rescued, and her tissue damage was successfully treated. But with her insulation gone, Temre collapsed into hypothermia and died from absence of internal heat and organ failure, rather than from the wounds themselves. The outraged and devastated Quanin sentenced Traxus to imprisonment on Morbus, hoping he would die horribly in its toxic environment, only for him to take over the planet instead. Temre was laid to rest in a mausoleum, in her family's portion of a cemetery, and Krang was never told the exact nature of her death until after he killed Traxus himself.

In her life, she was well known for having a type of "mama bear ferocity"; she was vicious on the battlefield and imperious as a commander, but she was not above tenderness and sensitivity. She was also known for having some form of obsessive compulsion; she had to keep a schedule so tight that, at least in her youth, she felt like her entire world would crumble if something went wrong. Military life taught her to improvise, but there were some habits she simply couldn't shake - one of which included obsessive writing. She recorded everything that ever happened to her from the time she was very small, and has a large chest full of every journal and diary she ever wrote in - all full to the brim save for the one she was writing at the time of her death. She left all of her journals - personal, military, and other wise - to Krang, as well as many of her other possessions.

Another Temre biography, this time with a little extra background. 
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