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Pearl pun here

Mere seconds before: "I was hoping to save this pearl for the day that I marry Oscar...but this'll do anyway!" And a looooootta hacking proceeds.

Ha! I got my two favorite characters together!

I've had several ideas of Baldwin's students coming to say hi after his babies are born, and this is just one of them...and my favorite. There's a whole scene in my head, but I haven't bothered to write it down.

I need a list of "things I want to see"...and interaction between Baldwin and Clamantha is one of them.

Baby wrapped in purple! :iconhnnnnngplz:
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Four babies...SO ADORABLE!
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I know, right!?
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A-fricken-dorable! Definitely a new favorite!
Do you have names for the babies? ;)
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No, I don't right now.
But I think if I were to write the "Milo & co babysit" story, it would be a running gag that none of the three of them can remember their names.
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That sounds hilarious! :thumbsup:
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And only Baldwin can tell them apart when they're not color coded, so that's another big mess in and of itself.
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Bea: "Um, which one is this again?"
Oscar: "It's...I don't know."
Milo: "Do you think he's gonna' fail us for not listening?!" DX
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Haha XD ! That's great!
Man, there's a lot that can be done with that.
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I think I would also include little cuts to the meeting Baldwin is at and getting really fidgety
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