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Calming down

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The day had been awful. The ship had landed in a cold region of a planet, and briefly lost heat. Xeinos started crying hysterically when the temperature finally hit her, and it was exasperated by Obligado and Nalmar struggling to fix the heating unit, fervently debating what had gone wrong. To their frustration, the solution that took all day to find could have been resolved in mere minutes if they had remembered that Xeinos had wrapped some of the tools in her favorite blanket and declared the collective of them as her "baby" to replace a toy whose seam had torn. In her mind, it could not be fixed, so Nalmar stowed the repaired toy where it could be exchanged for something that was most certainly not a toy. Such as a collection of wrenches wrapped in a blanket. The fruitless task of soothing Xeinos had taken up most of their time, setting them back even further. With her old favorite toy back, they were finally able to repair the heating unit, with only enough time left to complete a few of their set procedures until nightfall and a looming storm. Xeinos, stressed enough as she was and now exhausted, was further distressed by thunder claps; she knew where thunder came from, but it still startled her immensely.

They entered the then-warm ship as rain started to crash down on them, just before an exhausted Xeinos threw a tantrum from over-stimulation. Obligado wrapped her 'blankie' around her and cradled her as best he could with her size, while Nalmar warmed a soup she had prepared at home just for the expedition on this cold world. It ended up being too hot for Xeinos' liking, and she instead nibbled on bread until her serving cooled, sniffling and still teary eyed. She had stopped her outbursts at thunder, and instead resumed her complaints of being cold from the start of the day - and that she was tired, to her parents' astonishment; she had never once before complained of exhaustion. It was a welcome relief - they were tired too. In exchange for finishing her soup, they could go to sleep early.

Xeinos gladly accepted and was soon able to collapse between them beneath the blankets their tiny bed at the back of the ship. She snuggled close to her mother and nursed on her crop, clutching her toy and 'blankie', while her father started to read a book. Nalmar dozed off quickly, but Xeinos remained awake - though still drowsy. "Tell me the story, Papa" She mumbled to Obligado. He obliged, though knowing she would not pay attention to the Primordial History of the Planet Neutrino. He was right; she seemed to be focusing more on his voice than the words he was saying, and to the sound of rain falling against the ship's metal like a thousand heartbeats, and to the thunderclaps that now seemed more gentle now that she was starting to warm up. It did not take long for her to collapse into sleep, breaking off from Nalmar and rolling close to Obligado. He held her close and finished the chapter, still reading it out loud, softly to keep her soothed. With it completed, he closed the book and set it aside, then pulled the light chain to fill the space with pitch black darkness. He gently moved downward so not to disturb his partner and child, and made his own way to sleep.

Hopefully tomorrow would be less hectic.

I'm sure we've all had experiences similar to this, of inconveniences all day that are finally wrapped up at the end of it all.

Nalmar and Obligado's colors are swapped from a previous adventure, because I always intended for Xeinos to have some ironic resemblance to an alligator, for which she can see irony in when she adopts Leatherhead later in life.

Xeinos does come off a little bratty here, but she's really just over-exhausted from things she doesn't have any control over.
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KindlyDeadlyHobbyist Digital Artist
what a beautiful picture and such a cute story to it. :3 Well Xeinos is a toddler here i guess? Or at a very young age. 
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Bat-SnakeHobbyist General Artist
I'm thinking four or five equivalent. She's of the age group that I personally would not take out and about in the late evening unless they were well-rested. She has all her first set of teeth, but hasn't started losing them yet. 
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KindlyDeadlyHobbyist Digital Artist
oh yeah i guess you're right, i never had to deal with small children like that (thank goodness for that) but i can imagine that these little critters can be a pain in the ass if they are sleepy or cranky for whatever reason there is.
Ah okay, so she is still rather small yet more independent.  A very stressing stage i guess xD.
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Bat-SnakeHobbyist General Artist
I've noticed peak exhaustion in the early evening while working retail on weekdays, so it's probably school that has them wiped and they might not have been home yet by then.

She's pretty much in the stage of trying to figure out what's going on around her and realizing that there are a lot of situations she doesn't have any control over - such as this particular one in dealing with severe cold and bad weather.