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Super Albino: Llamas are awesome! (229)
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I've realized it's been a while since I've made an update, but I haven't abandoned the site. I've just been having artist's block and haven't really hit on anything I think I can load.
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A lot has happened since my last update. To get through it: - I graduated - I'm in Ohio, doing a graphic design internship for a local museum my cousin directs - Our oldest cat has gone over the rainbow bridge - My boyfriend introduced me to D&D; I'm having fun just developing characters while I can't play.
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It's been too long again since a journal update and I don't know why deviantART keeps these around But since the last update: Scooter, the kitten I rescued, died in January. He was very sick with Histoplasmosis and we weren't able to fight it. I started dating again. I'm one more semester off from graduation and will probably move back to Ft Worth. The Cintiq cord broke. I might have to sell the whole thing to Gadet Savior because I can't find a replacement *anywhere*.
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Hi there. Been a while. Not sure if you are still into the same fandoms, but I've been working on my own writings. In fact I really extended my Farthing Wood headcanon, especially concerning Adder.

Oh cool! Right now I have a bit of an Invader Zim focus, but every once in a while, I think about a little bit of a concept about Adder.

Mostly that she did have children with Sinuous, but since they're snakes, they were independent immediately. So when Adder starts keeping an eye out on the young adders in her general area, she actually has no clue which ones are hers. They all call her "Ma'am", since they're not totally sure she's their biological mother. She's just the cool old lady who makes sure they're okay and lets them hang around her.

Ah yeah I remember that. Personally in my headcanon, Adder finds a new mate after Sinuous died and has a daughter with him. I know it's not realistic to have a snake raise their young, but I'm taking some creative liberties here and there. I actually have some pictures of Adder with her family. Originally I was going to have Adder give birth to Sinuous's kids, but I wanted to try something different.

I'm actually planning on writing a trilogy of stories focusing on a different character. The first one is Adder finding a new mate, the second is going to explain Kestrel's whereabouts in Season 3, and the third one is going to be about Dash. And then I want to connect them altogther in my version of the Siege of White Deer Park. I've been watching the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so I am on a shared universe high. I actually have pictures of some of these ideas a friend of mine drew for me. If you want I could note some of them to you?

I saw that!

At the moment I am consumed in working on an Invader Zim fanfiction and just...haven't loaded much of my IZ art here, mostly since a lot of it has a character whose creator isn't on here.

Zim isn't even in the story except for one chapter...but his influence is powerful.

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Bro, I know the people on the old server were kind of mean (It's Puk btw) 
but I still *really* love your art. I kind of miss you Crying 

But I hope to see you upload more stuff in the future

Oh hi! Cool to see you here :D ! I miss it there a little too, especially when I was having a really bad time around that situation and a personal issue making it worse. It's harder to be in other Zim-based servers since they're so much less active than than the other (and I think Goob has ghosted me???)

For sure I'll have new stuff up at some point. Probably should make sketch compilations like I did a long time ago. Might be a bit slow on it since I've had technical difficulties (and hand injury)