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Crab Robot

Unsorted - Digital And Traditional Art

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Anna 365 outtake

Unsorted - Photo

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Photo - Animals, Plants

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Fragment 1: To The Other World...

Photo - Landscapes, WaterScapes, Vistas

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girl in the winter

Photo - Portraits, People

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Jim Clark | Graham Hill (Netherlands 1965)

Photo - Sports

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Photo - Nudes, Fetish

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The Three

Photo - Transportation, Vehicles

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Before photography they used stone V

Photo - Architecture, Monuments

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Downtown Chicago from Millennium Park

Photo - Cityscapes, Urban, Rural

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A Venice Gondola

Photo - Places

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Photo - Macro

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Ninja Fruits / vegetables pt. 3

Photo - Food, Drink

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and where is the woman ...

Photo - Still Life

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Playing Bass

Photo - Concerts, Musicians

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Photo - Military

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Walking on the moon

Photo - Conceptual

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3rd run - HD wallpaper

Photo - Abstract, Surreal

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Drawing nose

Art - Tutorials

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Rancor Dragons

Art - SciFi, Fantasy

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One life to live

Art - People, Portraits

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Through the ancient valley

Art - Landscape, Waterscape

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The Hut

Art - Cityscapes, Architecture

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sketch commissions - canines 3

Art - Animals

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Art - Nude, Fetish

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I am gay. I'm not a disease, I'm not a problem I'm not an affliction I don't need treatment. I don't need help I'm not sick I'm not confused I'm not a sin. I am gay. I'm your daughter Your sister Your friend Your co worker Your classmate Your acquaintance A complete stranger I am gay. I need love, just like you I need smiles I need support I need a hug I need a friend I need a family I need acceptance I need understanding I need you I am gay. I know what love is I know what pain is I know what hate is I know what life is I am gay. And I need you to love me The same way you loved me before you knew I am gay.

Writing - Poems

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Photomanipulation: Have you met these deviants?

Hi everyone, Welcome to Have you Met . . . ! Today we are featuring 5 deviants who have been in our community for less than 3 years and who create gorgeous and unique art. Enjoy! - The CRPhotomanipulation ( team Note from Aeirmid ( : I want to thank all the deviants who worked so hard to help put this feature together, especially TheFantaSim ( and ScatteredAshe ( You guys are amazing! ~bpbradbury ( bpbradbury ( :iconbeyzayildirim77: beyzayildirim77 (< :iconmi-eterna-primavera: woodland-lullaby ( :iconKarlaTorresART: KarlaTorresART ( :iconrobhas1left: robhas1left ( 'Til next time . . . Stay deviou

Journals - Features

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111 points giveaway! The winner:

Hello, sweeties (: I hope you're having a wonderful week :bigthumb355439345: I decided to make one of you smile again by giving one lucky deviant 111 points All you have to do to participate is: favorite this journal and that's all _ You don't have to visit my gallery nor watch me, but if you do, thank you! _ + Have a random question? You can ask me anything here : [link] _ Have fun and good luck _ + You can win 5000 points participating in my contest here. It's fun. Check it out below, please: :thumb351797975: _ The winner is ~Colorful--Melody ( Congrats :)

Journals - Events, Contests

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Photomanipulation. Fantasy scene


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Harmony's Artist Handbook

Getting started as a professional artist is a daunting, long, uphill battle.  Below I will help those who are just starting out, look for grounds to steady their footing in this climb. If there is a word that describes my aspirations in life it is definitely, "Artist."  As a small child I spent countless summer hours working with my grandmother in her art studio painting, drawing, and sculpting.  As I grew older my school notebooks filled with sketches along the bindings and I carried a personal art paper book everywhere I went.  In my late teen years I started sewing and designing clothing and by college I was designing, making, shooting an

Journals - Entries

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celtic, brocade and fabric brushes

Files - Brushes

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ElephantWendigo's Vintage Palettes - PS Swatches

Files - Color palletes

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Favorites I

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Site Update: The New Journal Writer (Beta Testers)

In our continuous effort to improve the deviantART experience, we're publishing weekly Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback. Below is a list of recent changes to the site, bug fixes, and feedback that was brought up by members in the last Site Update. What's New The New Way To Write Journals (Beta Testers Only) Writer's toolbar and sidebar have been incorporated into the Write a Journal Entry page to make for a more dynamic journal creation experience! Some of the most highly requested features for the Journal submission page have been present in Writer for some time, such as rich-text formatting and a

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