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Reeanna | Bassy | ♀ | Australian | Nov. 11

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" Hey there, name's Reeanna, but you can just call me Bassy!~
I'm just a girl from Australia with a love for anime, drawing, birds, reptiles, surfing and of course art, art and art~

I enjoy getting to talk with fellow artists, or even just people that like art or anime,
so feel free to talk to me cause I won't bite. I enjoy talking and having fun getting
to know all the lovely people on dA and I'm in a lot of RP groups so if you're in one feel free to shoot me a RP note or talk to me~

Thanks and hope we can all be friends!~

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Hey dearies!~
so as you can see this is where my commissions, requests, art trades and collabs are kept track of. If you're interested in any of these things with request being only for good friends or when open to public check out the state of your choice, to see if it's open or closed.

Then if it's open comment or note me and I will try to reply to you ASAP on what to do and we can go from there!~ "

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Tagged in Pokemon Meme

Sun May 13, 2018, 2:19 PM
Website for generator:
1) Switch to "All regions"
2) Switch to "1"
3) Only one Pokemon per question
4) Tag at least one person when you're finished

Tagged by :icon0-the-drifter:

Extra) This is you
Articuno by pokemon3dsprites
Darn I wish I was this beautiful ice birdie pfft.

1) This pokemon is your best friend
Furret by pokemon3dsprites
YUS I love this cutie, we shall be the bestest friends >w<

2) This pokemon is your boss who you need to impress for a promotion
Pignite by pokemon3dsprites
How do I impress you almighty boss person.

3) This pokemon is your partner in a science project
Grubbin 736 by pokemon3dsprites
Please bear with me as I ramble on about my love of science to you little grubbin that I don't understand why has become my science project partner for some reason.

4) This pokemon is looking for any possible way to murder you
Whimsicott by pokemon3dsprites
I'll give you one..... PLEASE KILL ME WITH YOU FLUFFINESS!!!

5) This pokemon is your boyfriend/girlfriend
Zweilous by pokemon3dsprites
Squishes both their faces, all the more cute dragon to love lmao.

6) This pokemon is your ex
Metapod by pokemon3dsprites
No wonder why, he never really let down his 'guards' or came out of his 'shell' around me _cue booing for my terrible jokes_

7) This pokemon stalks you every waking moment
Nuzleaf (female) by pokemon3dsprites
Ninja Pokemon!

8) This pokemon just stole all your cheesecake
  Hoothoot by pokemon3dsprites
Why did you do it?...... ;-;

9) This pokemon is what you felt in bed last night
  Goodra by pokemon3dsprites
OMFG that must've been one slimy bed....

10) This pokemon punched your mom 
  Brionne 729 by pokemon3dsprites
W-Why?! Also you jerk...

11) This pokemon would do anything to steal your shoes
  Mega Salamence by pokemon3dsprites
What use could you have with my shoes? We have very different sizes you and I.

12) This pokemon died by your hands
  Linoone by pokemon3dsprites
Nooooooooooo QAQ I'm so Sorry.

13) This pokemon is your loyal companion for life
  Hydreigon by pokemon3dsprites
Is this the future? Did my boyfriend/girlfriend evolve and become an even more loyal companion?...

14) This pokemon is your loving pet
  Amaura by pokemon3dsprites

15) This pokemon is your dentist
Sunflora by pokemon3dsprites
You look like you'd make a friendly dentist.... I will trust you with my teeth and all the problems that come with them, like regular check ups for my retainers _sobs_.

16) This Pokemon represents the person you hate the most
Durant by pokemon3dsprites
Looks like a meanie to me...

17) This Pokemon represents your three greatest friends!(Generate three Pokemon)
 (Chanel | Jade | Maddie ) ^w^
Riolu by pokemon3dsprites Vanillish by pokemon3dsprites Shiinotic 756 by pokemon3dsprites

18) Tag some friends!
:icondragon-of-hearts: :iconprincess-of-zombies:

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First of all, Thank you SO VERY MUCH to all the lovely and generous people that have donated to me. All the donations no matter how big or small are greatly appreciated.

For those of you have donated over 10 points to me shall be featured here till the end of time!~

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