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Word Processor in fullscreen

Concept of a simple word processor in fullscreen mode. It has a back button because its supposed to manage your docks too, a la Google Drive.
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Do you have a PSD or something of this? And what about the menus? How will they look?

I'd like to play around a little with this design: I find it nice and clean. Well done!
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I used inkscape to make this mockup, and I dunno if I still have the svg for this.
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Elementary could do with a Proper Word Processor. Has there any development going on ..?
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Just actually read the text in the document. What the hell?!?!?!

Good design though.
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Good stuff, one question though:
Why is there a back button?
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I wanted the word processor to manage your documents as well. The back button would bring you to that.
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This is really nice!
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I feel that this is what should happen instead of maximising windows.
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Wow. So awesome. But no tabs?
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really nice. i wish the real elementary fullscreen mode would look like this.

just a thought: you should possibly make the arrows point towards each other in the top right icon
These rounded corners *.*
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I don't know why close/maximise buttons are on the panel ! You've enough place on the App… so it's useless.
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For Fitts' law, so that you can just toss your cursor to the corners to close/unmaximise.
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Shouldn't top right panel icon be unmaximse?

BTW, I really love this.
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You need to show all the indicators too
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I LOVE the implementation of full-screen windows. gorgeous!!
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Nice mock up but where are essential word processor features like bulleted lists, formatting options like bold, underline, italic, font color there is a lot missing.
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