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LibreOffice Splash Screen

An idea for LibreOffice's splash screen. [link]

Too bad no transparency is required. :(
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Nyc, but i'd recommend a more smooth typeface that can blend with the loader component interface. Also a borderline effect can be applied for content framing...It will look perfect! :)
Use the transparency for round edges? d:
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No, you can't have transparency.

And I don't think rounded corners look very good with a Swiss-like look that they want.
Oh. I totally read "transparency is required". Sry.
I hope you're going to put it up on the wiki, even if it's without the shadow and with a border.
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You can't change their logo, that's a branding they are pushing hard.
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That's a shame. There are, in my humble opinion, some far better branding proposals on the initial branding ideas wiki ([link]). Especially KolorGuild's, Austin St Aubin's and Andy Fitzsimon's proposals (the latter even includes a rather laudible website proposal). I suppose the course of LibreOffice's branding is already set though. I would have thought that they would have differentiated LibreOffice's branding from that of The Document Foundation though. If memory serves, they made a big deal about the fact that the two were not the one in the same.

Given the current branding, the above is pretty good in my opinion. Can't be doing with oversized splash screens. Not really keen on splash screens at all, I'd rather the programme load too quickly to need one. ;-)
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Take this up there:

LibreOffice design team mostly works as democracy, You are allways welcome to join.
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Using the "external logo" here: [link]

Although I guess in this context that doesn't make any sense. :P
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Nice, although I'd go with slightly softer colours on the text.
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