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Gala tiling

Continuing from my multitasking switcher thingy, here's a tentative concept of gala as a tiling wm.

1.) You've got some apps open, they're automatically tiled (the magic behind that I don't know yet). The spaces between windows are resize grips.

2.) You decide you want to move the todo list app, Agenda. The apps zoom out a bit. This is where you can drag the windows to reorder them.

3.) Moving the window to the right, you get a preview of what that looks like.

4.) Let go and all the windows file the screen as much as it can.

The svg might be difficult to play with for a beginner, makes heavy use of clipping and grouping objects.
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Looks great! I love this idea of blank spaces between the windows being resize grips :)
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What about semi workspace switching ie you have workspaces [AB] and [CD], but you want to see B and C at the same time so instead of rearranging the workspaces you move halfway to see [BC]?
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I don't think that's going to work.
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Hell no. I hate applications using only some part of the window. Especially in a web browser, where it means you have to scroll a lot.
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Have it on its own workspace.
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Ermm, I meant applications only using some part of the **screen**
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Tiling need an easy way to switch between workspaces and keyboard commands. Some mouse actions are good. Like the case you showed above and to resize windows. In Bspwm you can do that by holding the key, left mouse button and drag. Also a way do have predefined workspaces for start up is good.
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