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File Operations Indicator

Contains notifications of file management stuff like copying, moving, and deleting files. Of course it only appears when one of these is happening.
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What's that app you've got on the left? Does it actually exist or is it a mockup too?
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I like this a lot. instead of those annoying pop ups, it's kept in a simple manager. As long as this also worked for downloads from your browser, it would be perfect.
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This is something like what the KDE Plasma Desktop does with the file operations.
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this is necessary?
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That was never the intended design of the notifications.
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is essentially a notification. Would be nice to control it from there. Even gala notifications would make more sense
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System notifications will be stored in their own indicators. But there's going to be an indicator for app notifications.
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I do not know. I like the idea of ​​unifying and give more functionality to gala notifications ... you know. :D (Big Grin)  Good job xD
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Well, there should probably be something to show the progress of a file operation.
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If we implement all your indicators in beta1, the clock will get annihilated XD
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Could be used as historic
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I like it, it's much better than a window!
Hi BassUltra,

I love this idea. I'm always searching for the Operation-dialog (on almost every OS). When using my phone (Android) I can track the process in the notification-window. But on other OS, I need to search that damn window (it's always hiding for some reason..)
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I don't think File Operations needs an indicator. 

I don't know exactly how to explain this but File Operations dialog in my opinion belongs to pantheon-files.

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It still belongs to files, but instead of a dialog for whenever you're doing something with your files they'll be a notification and stored inside the indicator, where its more accessible.
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…and presumably remains accessible should the user close pantheon-files midway through a file operation (the file operation continuing to completion in the background). If memory serves, this is how nautilus works. Does pantheon-files not already do this? I forget (it's been a while since I conducted a lengthy file operation outside of the terminal)

P.S. I'm loving this new indicator mock-ups ~BassUltra. Can these be implemented as is, with all the visual splendour (e.g. 32/48px icons, etc…), with the current state of the art?
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Not with the libraries from Ubuntu I believe. Well I dunno, pretty sure the libindicator stuff is strictly menu based.
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