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Color picker

Dialog for choosing colors. I was like, what if it gave you the brand colors for the default swatches? The gear for the custom color chooser is for switching the color mode (RGB, HSV, CMYK, etc).
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very nice and intuitive!
 The libreoffie's (and others ) is very bad and disorganized!
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Looks nice and simple. Good job, man.
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Perhaps a border on the white swatch and an option for saving custom colours, but other than that pretty sweet.
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Good news is, the existing GtkColorChooser dialog is pretty close to what you got going in that first mockup. Just needs a bit of CSS lovin' and it can look pretty close to your mockup.
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Can you force it to use the light theme? And actually that's where I took the idea from. :)
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already done. In 4.x, I have it set up so light theme is the default and only toolbars and source lists are grey.
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looks great. love the swatch idea!
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It would be cool to have this implemented as a Granite widget, but I'm not sure how useful it would be considering there are no paint/image elementary apps right now.
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Its use is not limited to paint/image apps. It would also make more sense to patch gtk's color chooser, since that's what any gtk app would use.
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Very clean and beautiful.
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