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first avoided this series cus of how main stream it is, but a classmate finally convinced me to watch it last month =_=;;;;;;

oh studio bones how we love u so, hurry up with the 2nd season!!!

and there goes a month's worth of freetime/sleeptime

er, detail shots and wip shots here

thnks for lookin'

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I don't know how to describe ... but this is just so sweet!
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I love Ed's expression!
Your style is so painterly and pretty :3
Yeah, FMA! xD
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That is superb. you have a fantastic semi realistic style. :)
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So awesome. *_*

The detail on this is amazing. <3
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Excellent. *strokes nonexistent goatee wisely*
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jesus christ, teach me your godly skills at lighting on the armor.
...dramatic light and dark values in close proximity, reflects hues of object near its surface
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O: thanks!... but what does "reflects hues of objects near its surface" mean? @___@
for example, ed's cape is red, and in places al's armor is close to the red, it gets the colour reflected on the metal
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Ah, I see. Thanks for your pro tipz.
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This is one of the best FMA fanarts I've seen in a while :D
haha. thanks. glad u like >_>;;
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XD I... it's the first time when I choose an art because I like Al better... I always pass arts that have Ed... well, less handsome than Al. I'm not complaining about your art, Dear god no. I just think Al looks better in here than in others. XD
lol. ok ok. i like al better anway =P
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i've never watched FMA but everyone says it's brilliant

I adore this picture, beautifully expression on Ed and just shows pure innocence
lol. didn't believe it either until i saw the series myself
the animation really pulls thru when it needs to :)
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haha nice..i remember how fma was the first anime that made me get teary eyes...><
really? at wat part?
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part were roy mustang friend dies..forgot his name.. and when ed dies..><
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Hughs! It was kinda sad that he died in the anime, but surprisingly it's downplayed in the Manga quite abit. I wonder how it will be in the new FMA Reboot.

Either way I love this piece. 2 things I love especially are Ed's face and the chibi faces of Ed and Al on the briefcase. I love that attention to detail.
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