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edit: i FINALLY extended his sword xD after a year...

Print Available: see HEREfor more info :)

omg this took me sooooooo looong (2 days is long for me T_T)
FULLVIEW cus it's cool :3

as much as i despise the movie...been lookin' at frazetta paintings lately and i just can't stop painting >_>
guhhh must attend to homeworking and eng.essays...but first, sleeeeeeeep

process will soon be uploaded to [link]

and here's a link to the original at 100% rez. [link]
PS elements 3.0
stock ref from ~ohnostock
Escaflowne © Kazuki Akane
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Van is great ;D
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Oh my god I love you!
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Saw the whole process on youtube and I must admit I was stunned. It's simply beautiful :D
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AMAZING! I particularly like the texture to it.
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My god this is amazing...He almost scares me. /faves
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Oh, VAAAN:D I did huge research in your gallery,after seeing your Chesta painting to find out if you did the same thing with Van ^^ And I am completely satysfied;)
And seriously: I wish i coud paint as you do...
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This is awesome ^^. Luv the colours and the pose
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I never saw Escaflowne, but the lighting in this really caught my eye! I love the purples and the oranges, it feels very intense! Awesome work!
it was way more intense before, but i toned it down to not blind people *i've gotten a few complaints xD *
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what is the diff between artrage 2.5 and 2?
and do you have the full version?
yes i hav the full version, i think the interface arrangement is a tiny bit different
not sure >_>;; tho it is different
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where did you get it?
i downloaded the free version... but i think its sorta limited, and when i tried to use it again, it doesnt open, the program disappeared. lol
i used to post stuff up at the artrage website, back then i only had the trial too.
the admin there liked it and used them for the dvd package, so he gave me this full version for free xD

yea the free one's limited, it doesn't hav layers 'n stuff.

get the full version! it's so cheap and has much less problems than photoshop
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Ooh Van! It looks very dramatic! I like your use of colour.
I still haven't seen the Escaflowne movie, but I love the anime :)
in terms of story the movie's an epic failure, but it has such good visuals that it almost doesn't matter. almost.
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Yeah, movie versions of anime series' are usually more digest and probably wouldn't make much sense unless you watched the original anime. Like Utena for example... the series was strange, but the movie was the weirdest I've ever watched o_O;
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Sick of me yet? Your pictures are soooo amazing.
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this is so amazing looking!! i love the colors and the style you drew him in.. he looks super sexy and hot and badass!
rofl. mission accomplished then :)
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That´s just epic!
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Wow! The color are nice! You catch the spirit of Van!
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