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It's hard adjusting to living on one income...  In one fell swoop I lost probably 60% of the "family" income...  Some major adjustments in going from dual income to single income!  And I just had to replace the transmission on my car... NO!!!!!!!!  And I hate credit card debt, I hate dipping into the line of credit.  How the hell do I stay above water???

Does anyone have any idea on how to best turn art into $?  Commissions, do they work?  What else is there to do?  Will signed, original photos sell on eBay?  Any ideas on how to get a show at an art gallery? Any other ideas?

I have an idea on how to do signed, exclusive one-off images that will never see the light of day again but still...  Any idea on how to catch the eye of a gallery where they won't absolutely fuck you and take the majority of the sale price?

Thankfully, I have an amazing, wonderful woman willing to help me!  Thank you Patricia!!!!  Anyone got any advice or contacts or thoughts that could help us?  Anything would be appreciated!
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fineartamerica .com they have a great program for selling work. try it out
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Try Elance. I think there are some jobs for photographers going on...:)
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Thanks, signed up this aft!
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I don't know how to help but I hope it improves :)
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I don't do commisions. But what I can tell you is a majority of my work has been sold via FB
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Thanks! Can you point me to your page so that I can check it out and see about doing one for myself? Looking forward to seeing what you've built!
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Sure. This is my page [link] It's worth a try :)
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Maybe try selling prints?
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man,i hope you can get things to work out for you! i don't have a clue about the commissions deal,i've never tried.i'll try some more portraits maybe,and upload onto youtube,and add links to your gallery,try get some more traffic heading your way,...maybe not thousands,but i'll try get people to your page! :community:
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