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Harry Potter doodle



Fast doodle of Harry.
I'm working on two pretty big commissions (illustrations for two childrens books) and at work it's really really busy. So I need to work faster, while still getting pretty illustrations. Harry helped me try out a way to get that done.
Comments are most welcome so feel free to tell me what you think!

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It's so simple yet so nicely done! The colours are well chosen and the cartoonish look gives me dejavu's all over. Some may say that it's minimalistic but I think that it's the artists choice. An artist can make even minimalist things great such as this... version of Harry. The only problems that I spot are the background beeing a little bit too simple and the `magic` drifting from the wand. First time I saw it I thought they were soap bubbles. Try doing some more aura around the wand to give it that wizardy kind of look. Other than that, Love It!