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Creation Science
The mentality of a creation scientist.
Originally I was planning on doing an essay on creationism versus evolution.  So here I was, doing some research on some pro-creationism and pro-Intelligent design websites and found something much scarier.  There's this species of animal, which has been sighted around dA at who claim to use science to disprove evolution, and prove creationism.  Creation science has been disputed by virtually every group of significance as pseudoscience.  Some Christian theologies, including Liberal Christianity consider the Genesis narrative to be a poetic and allegorical work rather than a literal history.  Main churches, including the Roman Catholic, Anglican and the more liberal denominations of the Lutheran, Methodist, Congregationalist and Presbyterian faiths have either rejected creation science outright or are ambivalent to it.  Many churches have rejected cre
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DiC - Part 2
Dissociative Identity Crisis - Part two
    Hikari charged up a ball of pink light in her hand, in the other she grasped onto her D-3.  "Come on Gatomon, time to digivolve."
    She forced the ball of energy into her digivice, sending out a beam of pure light, which struck Gatomon as she leapt up into the air.
    "Gatomon, warp digivolve to."
    Gatomon begun to glow bright white as her feline-like body morphed into a human figure.  Green armour appeared covering her entire upper, and lower body, leaving her mid section exposed.  Large golden wings grew from her back, and a green helmet covered her head, except for you gap on the back, where her red hair flowed out.  A large green and gold shield appeared in one hand, a golden lance in the other.
    "Heh, nice trick," Juggernaut Hikari snickered, "but do you
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Current Residence: Australia
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Truth for Youth

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 29, 2006, 9:25 AM
  • Drinking: Water
Or maybe a more accurate description should be "Lies in Disguise".

Truth for Youth is the New Testament bundled with comics.  A couple of examples of these comics are on their website.  Basically the only reason they're there is for the people who need everything spelt out for them.  Conviently, the Old Testament has been omitted.  I wonder why they'd do that?

But anyway, this site is incredibly disturbing.  If you stop by and read a couple of comics you'll understand exactly what I mean.  

Firstly, read the "Evolution" comic which tries to spread common lies such as "Evolutions believe mans evolved from apes", and goes on to state that "Evolution is a racist theory".  Then we go onto the "Pornography" comic, which states that if you look at naked ladies you'll turn into a chauvinistic pig who tries to rape 16 year olds.  Move  onto the "School Violence" comic and you'll see that all school shootings are because prayer has been removed from school, and not the more obvious answer that "emotionally unstable kid + gun = badness".  The "Rock Music" one is a personal favourite of mine.

Now let's tackle the issue of racism first.  Evolution is not in any shape or form a racist theory.  But on the other hand, lets look at these comics here.  Notice a theme in these comics.  All of the morally confused sinful characters are white.  The Evolutionists are white, the football player and cheerleader who want to have sex are white and so on.  But not all hope is lost for us white folk.  Because Truth for Youth has assembled an ethnically diverse group of superstars to save your cracker asses from yourself.  But I guess we can cut them some slack.  Because racism is acceptable when the victim is white.

One thing I've always wondered is why do Creationists think that if they manage (by what would only be a miracle of god) to disprove the Theory of Evolution that Creationism would automatically become the accepted theory?  

I guess you'd call it arguing from ignorance.  Just like if you had two people, one who believes in UFOs and one who's a skeptic.  UFO boy got some video footage of a blurry white light in the sky, and shows it to the skeptic.  
"Explain that!" the UFO guy demands of the skeptic.  
"I can't explain that," the skeptic replies as he looks at the inconclusive evidence.
"Uh huh," the UFO guy says cheerfully.  "You can't explain it!  Therefore it MUST be a UFO."

And 2 + 2 = 5.


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