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[PPP] The Three Realms



in the plushpet universe, there are three realms/worlds! they all exist separately from each other, connected only through the medium workshop

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(F2U) sparkles the familiar realm is the one most like our own; it's inhabited by humans and animals that wouldn't look too out of place here on earth. vast grasslands, beautiful mountains, open seas, bustling towns, all of this and more can be found in the familiar realm!

(F2U) sparkles the divine realm is home to otherworldly beings and celestial creatures. despite it's peaceful appearance, the divine realm is known for its grandiose conflicts as its more powerful residents battle it out to become the ruler of the realm.

(F2U) sparkles the strange realm's residents are beyond description: monsters and creatures of all shapes and sizes call this chaotic realm their home. the strange realm is known for its bustling night life, as the realm itself is almost entirely comprised of a vast city locked in eternal nightfall.
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if they'd like to, owners are free to choose which realm their plushpet came from regardless of which one "fits" their design!

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Oh I love these...