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Free Doggie plushie Pattern

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This is my very first pattern, after a lot of practice, I did it, XD it really worths making papercraft, even when fabric is a bit different.

Here is a example of the plushie in Progress : baskerville-hound.deviantart.c…

Is for free use, just please if you use, give me credit by adding a link to this pattern.…
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So cute and simple, this be  perfect for my Gaga plushie

Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone
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 de nada  ( you're welcome)
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Would it be alright if I use this pattern to do commissions? As well as use to sell Plushies at my nanas garage sale?
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Awesome thanks ^-^
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This is perfect, need some stuff to donate to charity. Definitely gonna make a few.
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i cant seem to make the tail pattern work =/ hows that meant to go?
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you are amazing for making this! i've just cut all my pattern pieces and i feel confident! i've always struggled with making patterns but you've really given me some confidence! :) thanks for all your help!! ^.^ i can't wait to show you if my patten turns out! any sewing advice? :3
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so cute are people allowed to make plushies with them and sell them? c:
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yes XD why not its a free if tou change ears and tail , can make other animals , i promise XD upload a diferent pices for adapt this pater to others animals XD
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It is very kind of you to not my over-protective of your pattern like a lot of other plushie makers are
Baskerville-Hound's avatar
the patron did in one day was boring , I do not take long and I also like to share a bolt and it was very difficult to get a plushie of bolt( disney ) :) enjoy
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tbh most fan-made plushies are better than official ones
Baskerville-Hound's avatar
 yep :)  ...  the sad thing is that now I no longer have much free time
LadyGlitch's avatar
No one does these days :(
N4t4li3's avatar
mmmk thanks c:
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Story of my life. xD
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Hi! this is such a lovely pattern ^^ i used it here for my parents' anniversary present ^^ [link]
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So adorable! I think I'll have to make one ^^ just one question: what are the "cuts" and lines on it for? What do they mean and what should I do with them?
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XP give few days for upñoad the instructioms XD
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