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Halloween Wallpaper

As usual, when I feel like changing my wp I can never find one that fits what I'm looking for so I get stuck making one that isn't as pretty as the ones others make. >.< There was one that was close, but it had dancing witches and too much clutter on the left side where my icons go.

Yes, I wanted a orange and black Halloween desktop. In July.
Don't judge me.


I'm intending to make another one, KD-themed, but I'll wait until I have the composition planned out.

There really should be a holiday sub-category in wallpapers.
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Thanks , I love all things Halloween!
HippieAuthor's avatar
I think you did an awesome job!
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I love this wallpaper. May I use it on my facebook cover page... The cats are so awesome looking with the falling leaves and the witch. I'll credit you... :)
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You can use it any way you'd like, no credit needed. ^^
ScoopGirl's avatar
Awesome thanks so much :D
beelzemonlove's avatar
I set this as my Desktop, My cursor is Huge blinkin Red eyes, just to see how it would look i stuck the eyes over the first cats face it made me giggle! XD
PinkFlnk's avatar
I'm so using this! ^____^
TicklethePickle's avatar
Loved and took .Great stuff ❤
renardchaton's avatar
This is really good; I'm using! ^^ I think my family will love it!
CaityStrange's avatar
wahhhh this is gonna be my new background =3
BasiliskZero's avatar
CaityStrange's avatar
np its soooo cute!
it'd been looking through wallpapers for fall for like...hours O.O then i found this one and was like AD;LFAJD;FIOJF!!!!

likkachi's avatar
its rather nice, and i run into the same problem quite often
Nkiay's avatar
I like that it look nike. Love the cats.=D
Orange is one of my least favourite colors... and I REALLY like this. I think you did a great job. With all the leaves it almost seems too much, but then it's just really simple. :]
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