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Kristina by art0fCK
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Kristina :iconart0fck:art0fCK 1,823 41
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AH-1Z Viper HMLA-167
I've been busy.

HMLA-167 got its first 6 AH-1Zs over the past two months, making it the first East Coast HMLA to receive them.  BuNo 169257 was one of the first three to arrive.

Bell Helicopter Textron and I maintain our respective rights.
Normally I do a profile to commemorate the Battle of the Black Sea, also known as the Battle of Mogadishu, also known as Black Hawk Down, which will be having its 25th anniversary this year, but unfortunately at this point I'm not set up with a profile that I can put out.  I've done both major aviation assets that were used, and without better references I couldn't do the armor justice.
VF-142 F-14B
More alternate-universe shenanigans.  The Commonwealth of Independent States keeps its teeth, the nationalities question in the Crimea becomes heated, and Russia invades the Ukraine, but the US gets involved with a CVBG and an amphib group.  On the US organization/hardware side, the Navy doesn't squander all its money on the boondoggle that was the A-12, the A-6 still reaches its sunset period, but the Tomcats get new systems to make up the slack, specifically LANTIRN and AMRAAM.

VF-142 F-14B during combat operations in the Black Sea in 1996.  During the conflict, VF-142 functioned differently from her sister squadron VF-143, acting more as a fighter-attack squadron to validate new tactics and hardware entering the F-14 community, leveraging its experience as one of the first Tomcat squadrons to practice dropping bombs from the platform.

The aircraft depicted here is shown armed with 2 AIM-9M Sidewinders, 1 AIM-120C AMRAAM (rushed to the deploying Tomcat squadrons due to their prevalence in the fighter role despite the AIM-120C being a brand new missile in 1996), 2 GBU-24B/Bs, and CBU-78 GATOR war cr- I mean, mine dispensers for a strike on Novorossiysk.  Additionally the aircraft carries an AAQ-14 LANTIRN targeting pod on the right shoulder pylon.

(I would be lying if half of this didn't come about because of my hype for DCS F-14B)

The owners of the properties depicted herein and I maintain our respective rights.
For those of you wondering why/how my work suddenly jumped in quality, it's because when working on the profiles for the ILAV-30 I started using Inkscape, and actually started getting the hang of how to use lighting and shadows.  I'd started a bit with the FB-22, but it wasn't much, and ended up looking pretty crude.  My stuff's still not perfect, but it's a LOT better looking than it used to be.  (To me, anyway.)


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