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Bad Blood Runs Black chapter 50 part 1 of 3
Bad Blood Runs Black - chapter 50 part 1 of 3 by John "Basileus Ioannis"
Mundhelm stepped through a low archway into a vast room with many windows around its perimeter. He recognized the layout and the numerous functions of the helmeted crewmembers seated around the chamber, some staring at glowing crystal sets, others working their hands deftly over various knobs that glowed green in the dimly lit room. This was the bridge of the Ciulthann’s Skibbyen.
Eilift’graen himself had gone to the forwardmost windows, and stood next to two officers looking out at the destruction outside. The disc-shaped vessel had an excellent vantage point as Quzayshehir slowly crumbled like a dry cookie as it fell towards the sea. As the Serrasqer stopped a respectful distance behind and to one side of his sovereign, the Ciulthann raised a hand with an extended index finger. “Almost finished,” he said without turning around, apparently to himself as nobody responded.
Mundhelm sa
:iconbasileusioannis:BasileusIoannis 1 0
Bad Blood Runs Black chapter 50 part 2 of 3
Bad Blood Runs Black - chapter 50 part 2 of 3 by John "Basileus Ioannis"
350 miles due north of Blackstone city, the ground was white with ice and snow. Deep fjords cut into the mountainous terrain. Very few things lived this far north. This frigid land of the midnight sun was dominated by frost giants and their white dragon ‘pets’. In summer, even in the middle of the night, the sky was lit gold like dawn, which meant the vigilant giants could spot any intruders into their lands. Of course, in winter, when the sun barely peeked over the southern horizon at midday, they would rely on their low-light vision to hunt.
Suddenly, a dark bird shape appeared out of thin air. This silhouette against the brassy sky looked closer than it was, for while it appeared to be a raptor flying lazily just above reach, it was several times that in altitude. Frustrated giants roared and hurled stones, to no avail. The Roc was over sixty feet in length, with a 150 foot wingspan, and was coming
:iconbasileusioannis:BasileusIoannis 1 0
Mature content
Bad Blood Runs Black chapter 50 part 3 of 3 :iconbasileusioannis:BasileusIoannis 1 0
Cyberpunk Akumu'keshi Dutan'vir by BasileusIoannis Cyberpunk Akumu'keshi Dutan'vir :iconbasileusioannis:BasileusIoannis 5 0 Chawinda by SoulCode (sorenshadow) by BasileusIoannis Chawinda by SoulCode (sorenshadow) :iconbasileusioannis:BasileusIoannis 11 2 Sybille by Blacksanz by BasileusIoannis Sybille by Blacksanz :iconbasileusioannis:BasileusIoannis 6 2


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2017 Summary of Art :iconobelis:Obelis 20 39
CandyRaiders2017 by drowtales CandyRaiders2017 :icondrowtales:drowtales 44 1 Halloween Candy Raiders VI by KaijuDuke Halloween Candy Raiders VI :iconkaijuduke:KaijuDuke 41 6 AT - che-rrry by MangAniMania AT - che-rrry :iconmanganimania:MangAniMania 91 20


by Yuuza

I'm fond of shades of grey, and agree that the preponderance of grey draws the viewer's eyes to the splashes of color in the girl's fac...

Oh my word, 'Bones' McCoy never looked so good! DeForest Kelley has a pretty unique look, his powerful eyebrows and that devilish twink...

by DieZori

the two aspects I think that make this an outstanding picture are the color palette appearing to be all shades of green, and the dark f...

by Yowsie

very nice neon effects! :thumbsup:;) I love how the wolf's head kinda looms out of the night sky, with the glow emanating from his eyes and mouth...


Drow Warrioress
Something I did for today's Drowtales Picarto livestream Challenge topic, "Hair": a female Drow warrior in heavy armor sporting a Heavy Metal style hairdo. Using MS Paint and default palette, I used the Oil Brush brush on the hair to give that floofy effect up top while making the shading further down. I also tested the reflected light on the curved surfaces of the pauldrons and helmet, although Drow tend to shun sunlight (maybe it's very bright moss, the background appears green enough). I like how that face turned out too, she looks like she's giving a scowl of disdain right after she doffed her helmet (or right before she dons it for a fight). Oh, and the eyebrows also used narrow Oil Brush brush as well. My Drow tend to follow old skool D&D pattern, with all red eyes, which I find spookier than just red irises ^^ And yes, she's wearing white gloves/gauntlets
Wanda by Gojikins
Four weeks later, and I won a giveaway again...and from Gojikins again! (lottery :squee: This time, I wanted Pana's friend from Grusskirche, Wanda "The Wizard" Sattler. And boy did Goji deliver...look at that dynamic pose, the quarterstaff raised to strike, shield at the ready. But most importantly, love that face and hair! Her freckles on pale complexion are adorable, and those slightly Asian eyes betray her heritage perfectly (her dad, the saddle maker Harima, is from the Far East, while her late mom was a Hannetzbirgerin). Now there's a fierce warpriest for ya! :D She's wearing lamellar armor, the type that her churchmate Gemma wears, as well as Pana used to wear. Her trademark quarterstaff, shod in iron of course, is ready to smack an enemy with significant reach. Yeah Wanda! :w00t:
Sialkot by Gojikins
yas, Yas, YAAASSS! the dastardly Drow assassin Sialkot, masterfully rendered by Gojikins :thumbsup::D from a giveaway I won last weekend. once again, Goji captured the dangerous femme fatale (literally) in a striking, dynamic pose that fits her personality perfectly. Sialkot's outfit is similar to Chawinda's, but tighter (more like Pana's catsuit). here's a quick ditty to commemorate the late Sialkot:

"Her name is Sialkot, she was a Drow rogue
But that was fifteen years ago, when they robbed the Pippenstocks
Now she's an assassin, but not any longer
Still in suit she used to wear
Head went flying through the air
She lays there in the rain, no longer feeling pain
She lost Leopold, and she lost Chawinda
Now she's lost her life
At the Copa, Copa Hannetzbirg
The hottest spot south of Blackstone
At the Copa, Copa Hannetzbirg
Fighting and passion were always in fashion
At the Copa...don't fall in love...don't fall in love."
:pray: RIP bad girl

Birdie and Chirpie
this was the original that I modified into the bellhops. as it was done while taking part in a 15-minute Challenge on a Drowtales Picarto livestream, it was kind of rushed and crudely mouse-drawn using MS Paint with stock palette. yeah, I drew the left bird and duplicated it for the one on the right, then drew the branch between their feet ^^; cleaned them up a bit when converted into the bellhops

I used to have a pair of Java Rice Birds as a kid growing up in Germany. long story short, I found a baby sparrow that fell out of its nest, brought it home, Dad bought me a cage for it, we tried to care for it but the next morning it had died. I buried the sparrow, and we cleaned the cage thoroughly with hot water and detergent (since the fallen sparrow was probably sick), and good ol' Dad took me back to the pet shop for replacement birds. of all the breeds of little birds, I pick the somewhat exotic Java Rice Birds. when we left Germany a few years later, we gave them to one of Dad's coworkers. they gave me years of fun times, singing when I turned on my radio on my desk, flying around my room when I let them out for exercise, biting me when I had to trim their nails...good times, good times :thumbsup::D
Bird Bellhops
I modified my pic of my pet Java Rice Birds I had as a kid into a pair of fanciful bellhops at a bird hotel ^^ Their natural coloration fits this role perfectly, so I added the hats, buttons down the front, and belts. *ding*ding* (I wonder how they're gonna carry the luggage...)

This was for a 15 minute Challenge on a Drowtales Picarto livestream almost a year ago. Mouse-drawn using MS Paint for expedience
02192018 - after almost a year's delay, Bad Blood Runs Black chapter 50 is finally up. I have no excuse for the delay, I'm sorry if you've been waiting all this time. I hope you like it

finished proofing it, fixed a spelling error on each part, plus rewording towards the end of part 3 as I found "ornate doors" and "ornate coach" redundant (it was late ^^; )

since it's been so long, I was considering doing a recap for newer readers. but it ended up being a lengthy synopsis full of "spoiler alerts", so I'll try to do some reference guides instead. if you have specific questions, you're always welcome to Note me or ask in a Comment, and I'll try to respond as quickly as possible :aww:

so, now we get a clearer picture of what the High Elf emperor Eiliftgraen plans to do. Mundhelm has his reservations about the Ciulthann being the "representative of the gods", but the amount of magic power they're about to unleash is certainly above the norm for mere mortals. perhaps Viturhimin was in the right. but if Viturhimin truly is an avatar of Lolth, and priests are getting their spells from their deity without interruption, why is Lolth allowing this terrible thing to happen? and if any elf believes that this plan will somehow spare the dwarves and other beings living beneath the surface of the continent, they might be candidates to invest in a bridge in the land of Bruklin Slow 

now, sometimes Chawinda seems OP, often taking out her targets without nary a scratch to herself. but she is an epic level rogue, and I haven't decided on her prestige classes (shadowdancer is a distinct possibility). her bracers are magical in that they act like repeater hand crossbows, with the added touch of putting daggers into her hands for melee use. if you are using 3.5 edition D&D, they're like repeater crossbows in that there's no reloading between shots. she has a higher than normal chance for crits, but, as the battle against the bear-riding dwarves showed, sometimes it takes more than a couple shots to bring down an enemy. in the case of the drow captain of the imperial guard, or any other time she backstabs someone and brings them down with one hit, I'm fudging the rules to give her the assassin's 'killing blow' thing (she's not an assassin, the assassin prestige class is still distinct, as Sialkot was the real thing). also, she might have used Shadow Jump, so yeah, probably rogue/shadowdancer. and as I explained before, in this story, drow can see through normal Darkness spells, but not Deeper Darkness (which has a blurring effect on drow Darkvision, as we saw with Sialkot in what was it, chapter 35?36?)

will Pana and Chawinda escape from the drow realm before they are killed, either by Eiliftgraen or Dishani'matrika? will they be able to change Vishakha back into Pana again? will Mundhelm's conscience allow him to let Eiliftgraen's terrible plan come to fruition? stay tuned, and we'll all find out! as always, thank you very much for reading my story, I hope you enjoy it :wave:

John "Basileus Ioannis"

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