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Chibi version of BBRB Albi Aula Arc - Troopers by BasileusIoannis Chibi version of BBRB Albi Aula Arc - Troopers :iconbasileusioannis:BasileusIoannis 0 0 Chibi version of BBRB Albi Aula Arc - Airship Team by BasileusIoannis Chibi version of BBRB Albi Aula Arc - Airship Team :iconbasileusioannis:BasileusIoannis 0 0 Fluffy by BasileusIoannis Fluffy :iconbasileusioannis:BasileusIoannis 2 0 Undead Demon Chicken Nuggets by BasileusIoannis Undead Demon Chicken Nuggets :iconbasileusioannis:BasileusIoannis 2 2 Superhero DnD Butler in the Snow by BasileusIoannis Superhero DnD Butler in the Snow :iconbasileusioannis:BasileusIoannis 3 0 Superman shoveling his walk by BasileusIoannis Superman shoveling his walk :iconbasileusioannis:BasileusIoannis 4 2
Bad Blood Runs Black chapter 52 part 1 of 3
Bad Blood Runs Black - chapter 52 part 1 of 3 by John "Basileus Ioannis"
Pana, Chawinda, and Viturhimin found themselves in a tunnel carved out of the rock. The ceiling was not quite six feet high, requiring Viturhimin and Pana to stoop to avoid hitting their heads. Continual Flame magic torches were in wall sconces set at about twenty foot intervals. The illumination revealed that the tunnel was very straight and ran for a considerable distance without much fluctuation in dimensions. This sort of engineering feat was a trademark of the people who stood confronting the party.
The Dwarves stood blocking the width of the tunnel, pointing their weapons at the party. “Slu’ta, inqraeqtareh,” said one of the warriors, waving a large axe with a spike peen and wooden handle. He wore grey metal plate armor with engravings of gold on a deep blue field, while the other Dwarves wore less ornate plate armor. Upon their heads, they wore horned Spangenhelms with cheek plates,
:iconbasileusioannis:BasileusIoannis 1 0
Bad Blood Runs Black chapter 52 part 2 of 3
Bad Blood Runs Black - chapter 52 part 2 of 3 by John "Basileus Ioannis"
The air was still, but it sounded like a gale was blowing. “That noise. I wonder what that is,” said Pana. The sky appeared to be overcast, but the clouds did not appear to be moving very fast.
“They have reversed the Vindbruger plant,” said Viturhimin. “They are drawing air out of the ground. Now I begin to see the full picture. I knew the Skibbyen played a part, but not what role they would play. Eiliftgraen has magically sealed the surface, then caused the lava explosion to fill the Underrealm with fumes, while evacuating breathable air with the Skibbyen. His plan is to suffocate everyone underground.”
“Everyone?” said Chawinda. “The Dwarves said their air was going bad. There are many races that live underground. Eiliftgraen is crazy, we gotta stop him.”
“Indubitably,” said the avatar, scowling. In a rare display of raw emotion, he clenche
:iconbasileusioannis:BasileusIoannis 1 0
Bad Blood Runs Black chapter 52 part 3 of 3
Bad Blood Runs Black - chapter 52 part 3 of 3 by John "Basileus Ioannis"
The door of the room opened, revealing Mundhelm, Slikkepind, Blaesende, Seven, and several Band of the Pine guards in the hallway. The consul looked the occupants of the room up and down with a scowl on his face. “Your Highness, if that is who you are, what is the meaning of this disguise? And you have brought Viturhimin? Before we begin, I must insist on transparency.” He stepped into the room, and pointed at the table. One of the guards stepped forward with a small metal box with a handle on top, and set it in the middle of the table before backing away. “This is an antimagic field generator. Its range is within this room, so it will not affect the Skibbyen. But it will strip away your disguise and any other magical effects.” Mundhelm pulled out the handle until an audible click was heard. The sides and top of the container quickly folded away, revealing a large gem mounted on gold
:iconbasileusioannis:BasileusIoannis 1 0
Kerleaf by BasileusIoannis Kerleaf :iconbasileusioannis:BasileusIoannis 2 0 Noir by BasileusIoannis Noir :iconbasileusioannis:BasileusIoannis 4 2 Batcaaake by BasileusIoannis Batcaaake :iconbasileusioannis:BasileusIoannis 2 0 Green Slaad by BasileusIoannis Green Slaad :iconbasileusioannis:BasileusIoannis 2 1
Bad Blood Runs Black chapter 51 part 3 of 3
Bad Blood Runs Black - chapter 51 part 3 of 3 by John "Basileus Ioannis"
On the surface, many miles away, Ciulthann Eiliftgraen’s flying disc had returned to its home site, perched atop the tallest tower in the capital city of Alfler’vashqenti. The leader of the High Porte of the Elfin Nation stood on the ship’s bridge, outstretched fingertips pressed together. “Skibsfoorer, have all the Vindbrugere set their plant to full negative thrust, now.”
From numerous exhaust towers throughout the city, dust clouds poured out at great velocity. Had it been daylight, the denizens could see it blotting out the sun in a matter of minutes. But in the middle of the night, one could only see the stars winking out and the ceiling reflecting the city lights, looking for all intents and purposes like an overcast. The ambient noise was reminiscent of a windstorm, which, had it not been for its gradual increase in intensity, would have been alarming on an otherwise cal
:iconbasileusioannis:BasileusIoannis 0 0
Mature content
Bad Blood Runs Black chapter 51 part 2 of 3 :iconbasileusioannis:BasileusIoannis 0 0
Bad Blood Runs Black chapter 51 part 1 of 3
Bad Blood Runs Black - chapter 51 part 1 of 3 by John "Basileus Ioannis"
The spider-drawn coach came roaring into the Durandesh clanhold. Guards rushed to meet it as it skittered to a halt near the fortress entrance. The vehicle’s door swung open, and Chawinda jumped out with Vishakha on her back. Jayavanti followed, and steadied the sneak as she staggered towards the castle. By the time she reached the archway, Gaya’keshwaren and Viturhimin were there to greet her.
Several guards tried to relieve the rogue of her burden, but Chawinda brushed their hands away. “I got her,” she said, even though her voice was stressed from exertion. She looked up at the queen and the avatar with a bead of sweat running down her face. “Where do you want her?”
The main chapel, this way,” said the sovereign, gesturing towards a corridor.
“You don’t have to lug her around yourself, you know,” said Bat’kar Makady. T
:iconbasileusioannis:BasileusIoannis 0 0


Female Warrior by sara-scmp Female Warrior :iconsara-scmp:sara-scmp 299 34 Eruanna by sara-scmp Eruanna :iconsara-scmp:sara-scmp 90 7 Resident Evil Jill Arrange Outfit by Garret500 Resident Evil Jill Arrange Outfit :icongarret500:Garret500 4 2 Mainz Lightning by Emperor-CatVI Mainz Lightning :iconemperor-catvi:Emperor-CatVI 301 33 Java Sparrow 4693 by DPasschier Java Sparrow 4693 :icondpasschier:DPasschier 1,059 42 Desperate Angels chapter 8, page 10 by Tranquil-R Desperate Angels chapter 8, page 10 :icontranquil-r:Tranquil-R 2 2 Ariel! by KuBy-R27 Ariel! :iconkuby-r27:KuBy-R27 4 2 Denying Autumn by ZestyLimey Denying Autumn :iconzestylimey:ZestyLimey 247 94 Red Sonja by ZestyLimey Red Sonja :iconzestylimey:ZestyLimey 282 65 Fleeting Dreams by ZestyLimey Fleeting Dreams :iconzestylimey:ZestyLimey 325 92 Tiamab Sketch 2018 by KaijuDuke Tiamab Sketch 2018 :iconkaijuduke:KaijuDuke 33 2 Tiamab: Armored Mode by KaijuDuke Tiamab: Armored Mode :iconkaijuduke:KaijuDuke 172 15 Lictorian Heroine  by Fasina Lictorian Heroine :iconfasina:Fasina 28 7 Smile  by Ch1nChEn Smile :iconch1nchen:Ch1nChEn 7 2 2017 Summary of Art by Obelis
Mature content
2017 Summary of Art :iconobelis:Obelis 20 39
CandyRaiders2017 by drowtales CandyRaiders2017 :icondrowtales:drowtales 44 1


by Yuuza

I'm fond of shades of grey, and agree that the preponderance of grey draws the viewer's eyes to the splashes of color in the girl's fac...

Oh my word, 'Bones' McCoy never looked so good! DeForest Kelley has a pretty unique look, his powerful eyebrows and that devilish twink...

by DieZori

the two aspects I think that make this an outstanding picture are the color palette appearing to be all shades of green, and the dark f...

by Yowsie

very nice neon effects! :thumbsup:;) I love how the wolf's head kinda looms out of the night sky, with the glow emanating from his eyes and mouth...


Chibi version of BBRB Albi Aula Arc - Troopers
some of the cavalry guard troopers deploying from Portus Dubris when the airship crash landed nearby:

Treloar - guard sergeant, section leader of the cavalry troopers
Fenwyck - guard corporal, second in command of the horse soldiers
Burke - guard trooper, whose horse Axefire got hit by a quadbow bolt
Mitchell - guard trooper, who got hit by a quadbow bolt in the shoulder

the outfits are similar to late Roman attire, with cape (bright red piping for the sergeant, dark red for the corporal). the arming doublet has chainmail wrapped in cloth. while shown with sword and shield, the troopers used their bows against the airship crew, making them double-armed cavalry (i.e. cataphracts)

created using… by :icongen8:

modified using MS Paint (added fingers on right hand gripping their swords)
Chibi version of BBRB Albi Aula Arc - Airship Team
the survivors of the airship sabotage, left to right:

Gemma in her formal dress
Haergrim in his ubiquitous buckskins
Ship's Purser Leutner with his peaked cap
Ship's Cook Sommer with a Wurstchen
Ship's Mechanic Wuensch with a spanner

created using… by :icongen8:

modified using MS Paint: Gemma's background, Haergrim's hand rails, Leutner's hat, Sommer's fork and sausage, Wuensch's spanner

later, Gemma would don her armor (see Chibi version of BBRB Book Four - The Heroes). Sommer is lost fighting the Albi Aulans
last weekend's Drowtales Picarto stream's 15 minute Challenge topic was "Fluffy", so here's my fluffy dog checking out a slipper. notice the pupper's reflection in the base of the brass floor lamp ^^ yeah, might have messed up the legs, but I'm pretty proud of how the ears, snout and tail came out (and that lamp too). as usual, mouse-drawn using default palette on MS Paint
Undead Demon Chicken Nuggets
Okay, an explanation: during one Drowtales livestream on Picarto, chat discussion turned to the then-current page of Moonless Age, where the Mimians (more properly the Kavahini, the clan of Drow that dress up like owls) got wiped out and their bodies unceremoniously dumped into the lake around the city of Felde. Well, if the victors had been paying attention, there were a crapload of demons released into said lake recently, with more just lazily flying by. The demons promptly possessed the dying Mimians, and lo and behold they rose up zombie-style and started grabbing the Feldian troops, ripping their faces off of their skulls, and tossing the broken bodies into the water. So in chat, someone mentioned "undead demon chicken tenders", and this picture resulted :D Mouse drawn using MS Paint as usual
Superhero DnD Butler in the Snow
This was for the 15-minute Challenge on Drowtales' Picarto livestream last Saturday. They had been talking about the topic for a couple days before, starting with superheroes (see Superman Shoveling His Walk) which didn't garner much support; a character in the snow, which didn't last long; then became a D&D character, which also went nowhere; and finally a butler, which stuck. Yeah, someone had a birthday, and their OC is notorious as an adorable smoll butler in the Drowtales: Moonless Age story, so that's why several artists wanted to do a butler. Well even as the livestream started, I still didn't see a confirmation decision by the hosts, so I decided to do a mish-mash of all four ideas rolled into one :thumbsup::D Mouse-drawn using MS Paint for expedience

edit: uwaaah, there was a pixel leak on the coffee cup Crazy  so I cleaned that up, and a little on the sword and scabbard, but I didn't want to mess with it too much, as it's supposed to be a 15-minute Challenge ^^;
31102018 - Bad Blood Runs Black chapter 52 is up. after Pana, Chawinda and Viturhimin nearly DIED in the violent ascent of Bat'kar Makady's "elevator", they get out and meet Dwarves. the Dwarves are quite civil, considering both Pana and Chawinda look like dem eeevil black-skinned sorta-Elves who tend to kill Dwarves on sight, and Viturhimin looks like an albino eeevil sorta-Elf with dark hair. but I tried to reflect the Dwarves' tendency to be lawful good, so they'd give Pana's party the benefit of the doubt since they didn't come out of the "elevator" shootin'. they still want 'em to take off, though (which is a pun you'll understand if you read part one)

sorry if the parts are a bit long. page-length-creep sets in, and now the parts are running 6-1/2 to 7-1/2 pages in Word. I hope that won't prove a problem for folks who want to read a part in one sitting

two things that required some thought on my part were how to reunite Pana's party with their friends, and once they do, how will Mundhelm et cie accept the grand revelation Bat'kar Makady is about to unload on them. the former couldn't be too easy, like Pana's party just walks up to Vatishehir and gets all the way to Haergrim and Gemma without some serious trouble, especially with how Pana looks nowadays. the Drow empress' magic is stronk, it's not a simple magical disguise that can be scrubbed away with a Dispel Magic or whatnot. the Drow are (except for Chawinda) enemies of the High Elves. to make matters worse, they've got Public Enemy Number One with them. the reunification has gotta be careful, somewhat time-consuming, to be believable, right?

now, regarding the grand revelation. "magic" can only fudge so much, and it only works because miraculous things like talking with your deity is an everyday occurrence in this fantasy world (especially for cleric types). it wouldn't do in the real world (and didn't work out well for one famous young lady from Orleans who did hear "voices"). so it too had to be handled carefully, hopefully not too boring for the reader, and not unbelievable in this setting :pray:

finally, Eiliftgraen has some awesome powers, but he ain't no god (no "I knew a god, and you're no god" jokes please, Mister Bentsen :stare: ). he does have prescience powers that any wary spellcaster might have up, and in his case, is probably made Permanent (plus what was that spell that tells the future, I forget and my books are out of reach right now). now, if you've been paying attention over the last few chapters, this barrier that he orders put up over the capital should sound very familiar :plotting: it screws up Bat'kar Makady's plan, but along comes a solution. yes, it's something the High Porte would have access to, considering that Hannetzbirg has dirigible bombers and Blackstone has interceptor birds that can see through most clouds and carries Phoenix launchers. it's just not quite like what we know in the real world, I'll detail it in the next chapter ;)

as always, thank you very much for reading my story :worship:

John "Basileus Ioannis"

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Drow Face in City Scene by BasileusIoannis
either in profile facing towards the queen's image, or face-on peeking around the pink tower looking at you ^^ the eye is white
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