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Tom Clancy's Endwar
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Published: December 2, 2009
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I picked up this odd little package at 8am this morning from k-mart for $30, can’t go wrong right? I was sold by the fact it promises you can ‘command your troops on the battlefield with your voice,’ and to be honest it’s voice recognition system is amazing. So far with complex orders such as delegating several units to advance and hold a position on the battlefield or call in air support it’s had two maybe three errors. Better than any ISP or telco’s lame ‘voice recognition’ systems, all in a $30 game.

I’m assuming it’s old, and I was part sold by the fact it’ll give the Xbox 360 headset a purpose in life mixed with up to 1250 gamer points for my profile (hey, I’m competing with people who have had their xbox for years more than me, every point counts towards my gamer e-peen) and a little bit on the basis that it’s a Tom Clancy franchise and he tends to be a pretty fun author.

The game play, at face value, is pretty uninspired. It’s more a battleground simulator, where you have a video feed from each unit on the field and have to coordinate combat vocally with each unit. So far I’m kicking arse, so either it’s really easy or I’m just too awesome. I’m guessing it’s really easy. :(

The graphics are good, playability is high, repeat play is also spiffy, but all because you end up caught up issuing verbal orders and it really adds to the charm of the game.

In other news, I need to stop taking photos of my screen; it seems all my lomo folder is these days is photos of a screen. Damn, means I’ll need to leave the house sometime soon.

I started to add people to my Xbox Live friends list, most seemed confused by the fact I have a domain named after my gamer tag, and the most common response to a friend request is, “You have a website?!” I need to teach more people the wonders of a one click install wordpress and a $7 .com domain! Okay, well there’s much more to the back end of my site, specifically it seeding each update to every social network that exists pretty much, but you catch my drift.
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