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Looking out...

Looking out across the morning,
The city's heart begins to beat...

//The background's really rushed, sorry about that, I just wanted it finished.

Itachi Uchiha, NARUTO (c) Masashi Kishimoto

Please ask permission before you take my art, and link back to my page. Thanks~
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so Hot Itachi is!!
Mrchuchum's avatar
Itachi looks... HOT. AMAZING!!
Yephire's avatar
Remains me of Lily's drawings... And that's a huge compliment ;D
TukikoKinikia's avatar
Very cool. I love the colors.
LajlaNiemi's avatar
Climbintospace's avatar
Lovely colors and concept!
ButtercupUchiha's avatar
Very Beautiful! Itachi looks like he's hurting :) ..Ure good at drawing face expressions!
konno-yumi's avatar
Beautiful! You're really talented :D
Selene344's avatar
pretty- in a sad way
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Chibi-chan88's avatar
this is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! O____O I am simply stunned...
Bashbat's avatar
Haha, thankyou so much! <3
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wow !
so beautiful picture
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kakashi-Luver-321's avatar your art is amazing... I find it funny how you only have 6000-ish views... =_= thats just not right man....
Bashbat's avatar
Haha thankyou so much! <3
I don't mind, it means I have time to get better before people see my work~ 8D
kakashi-Luver-321's avatar
... wow.. xD thats ... really logical.. xD but how can you improve!!??? its just not human!!! its so good...
poisonivylullabies's avatar
Checking your gallery after finding the lovely picture of anbu Sakura, I strike gold; anbu Itachi! You make me so happy.
Again, intruging contradictions; anbu uniform, but no forehead protector or other signs of allegiance, but an Akatsuki ring...
Bashbat's avatar
Haha, I love anbu, and try to draw it when the ideas strike me.
I'm glad they make you happy, as at the end of the day, that's what I aim to ahieve~ 8D
I'll let you ponder~
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omg! This is beautiful - the sky and shadows... great! :D
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Wow, this is beautiful! :wow: I think you've really captured his essence magnificently. :)
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