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A year from the day...

A single rose left to remember,
As a single tear falls from her eye,
Another cold day in December,
A year from the day she said goodbye...

Sakura Haruno, NARUTO (c) Masashi Kishimoto

Please ask permission before you take my art, and link back to my page. Thanks~
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By far one of my favorites of Sakura , beautiful work.
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i love herLove Love  this is so pretty
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This is actually quite beautiful.~
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!!!!!!!!! I love this!
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Thankyou very much~ :3
So coming back to this picture i just had to favorite it!! Its so beautiful like i could see her looking like this in real life, no joke! I love the detail and coloring, and i really love the lighting!!! Just beautiful everything about it!!! I would so love to see you draw more of her
wow just wow please please please do more artwork of her please for meeee i love it when you draw her this is how i picture she would looks in real life great work!!!!!!! awesome i really mean it you did a swell job!!!!
  I love it. I love deviantART! The colours, the anatomy, the pose, face... Just everything. Good job! Clap
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Wow :) This Pic is really cool ;)
And because of that, I wanted to ask you if I can have this Picture for one of my LOTRXShippuuden Fanfiction?
Because I need a new Outfit or a new Look for Sakura! :D

...Would be nice!

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Omg...that's probably the prettiest picture of Saura I've ever seen
Hello! I could put your fan art in my fanfiction? Too beautiful!
Amazing, you can clearly see in her gaze the melancholy thank you!!
xXMariahDawnXx's avatar
hottest picture of sakura ever
I post this on Tumblr. hope you don't get mad. Sorry. It's really beautiful. But i post your name and link.
Could I post this picture on tumblr?
Hiiiii, I was wondering if I could post this picture on tumblr? I was going to tag it with your ID, "haruno sakura," "anbu," and "Naruto", but with no captions. Would you be OK with that? Oh, and obviously, link back to this page, too. May I?
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Wonderful dude!!!!!
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You really seized her personnality, her hopes, her doubts.... Good work^^
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simply amazing! I've always loved this picture!You did an incrediable job! :D
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I really like Sakura as seen
SasuSakku-Love's avatar
I really like Sakura as seen x3
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