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I have an account on this cool site. its it is a very good site with very good skins made by lots of created people. But it lacks as community. If you guys can help the site out by becoming a member and comment on the skins, news posts and on the forums, the site will be even better. the admin is a very nice guy who is trying his best to make the site look better and easier to use. just think about it, deviantART wouldn't have become this big with out people making skins, art, and commenting on those creations and on the forums. so please make Winmodify a better site to be in. Thank You. Bash2cool
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Hey man thanks for your fantastic bootskins you really know how to make fantastic/professinal ones!
Hello bash. just dropping by to say hi. :)
hey dude love ur bootskins, they look great, but how the F**k do i install them....ive been searching through my WINDOWS file.....all of it but find now other bootskin files
you have too install the bootskin software at then when you do file on the bootskin software then click import file....then find my skkin that you downloaded and there you go ;)
yeh i looked around and found bootskin did all that, and it worked....but it didnt, by computer wouldnt boot properly, the new skin would show but it wouldnt start up there a setting u know of that i migh tneed ot change in setup or....modify my BOOT.INI? yeh im not sure.