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Die Kalte am Rand der Welt

Generic sci-fi landscape.

CREDITS: Ground | Background | Clouds [CD-STOCK] | Sky 1 [amka-stock] | Sky 2 | Smoke | Stars 1 | Stars 2 | Planet | Monolith
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Looks a lot like an apartment building I see sometimes on the shores of Lake Biwa (in Japan)
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Huh. I've never seen a building that looked like this before.
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Well, not exactly like that. It's a huge towering apartment building on the shores of Lake Biwa that stands out because there's nothing like it as tall nearby due to planning regulations forbidding high buildings. The developers/builders probably bribed some government officials to allow it. Every other place nearby is only a few storeys high, but this one is well over 40, I think. It also looks dangerously stupid to put there as we have earthquakes.
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I get what you're saying. That is pretty stupid to build a giant highrise in an earthquake zone.
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Which is probably why it's the only really tall building there.... (~_^)

Tokyo is full of them too. Worse, a few years ago it came out that some architect had deliberately been designing buildings which cheated on the standards, as he was well paid to do so by a bunch of companies. There are thousands of hi-rise apartment buildings and hotels in Tokyo that aren't up the standard for a level 5 earthquake because of this crooked architect and the crooked cheating construction firms that employed him. The government requires that buildings in Japan survive a level 7. Many apartment buildings were evacuated, others reinforced (likely not very well), and hotels paid huge amounts of money to fix things - but it's doubtful that most of the places that may be like this were even known about by the government.

Tokyo is the most earthquake-prone city on Earth, and they're expecting the next big one is way overdue and will be a Richter 9+

My wife's brother and his family live in Tokyo. I keep telling them to move elsewhere but his job pays too much for him to ignore.
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Fantastic monochrome work! 
Thank you for using my stock.
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Thanks and you're welcome. :)
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It's beautiful - fantastic tones and composition
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