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Yokookooko by BASELARDER Yokookooko by BASELARDER
I wanted to challenge myself today.
I have several pet peeves:
    -Technicolor neon pallates
    -Unrealistic and ridiculous hybrids
    -animals with uncanny human hair

So i did some fishing on the internet and found the very amalgamative embodiment of my personal hatred. And then I drew it.

Despite my aversion to these attributes, I actually really like the character design of yoko and the way :iconniina-xan: portrays it visually in the clean, cell, bright style.

I DO HOWEVER have several major criticisms of some things about this character... (keeping in mind i only used one ref sheet of research into the character and am basing EVERYTHING on that sheet and I know nothing else of the character's significance or story...…)

She looks absolutely nothing like a sheep or a dog. She looks good but she deff don't look like what she supposed to be. Literally the only caprid feature on her is the horns. When i first saw the character i thought she was some sort of cow? cows are cute and cool i love cows. Also i consistently see her rendered with skin and not fur, with the exception of the tail. 

Everything about the design, outfits and color scheme SCREAMS sci fi alternate reality to me, and I think if the species of the character was entirely fictional and had even a fragment of explanation, there really wouldnt be any need to change the visual design and it would also add some more significance and story to the character.

but also some criticism of my illustration... the face looks weird. I don't like it lol. My conscience had a little war between MAKING her a sheep-dog or just drawing based on the reference. I went with the latter because sheep-dog would be dumb. Unrealistic hybrid is dumb and stupid. F U.
Niina-xan Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2018  Student Digital Artist
OMG I LOVE IT!!:heart: really, this is awesome!!!

Well and for the part that you're talking about Yoko, let me explain you a bit; In the world/ambientation that she lives, animals are mixes , for example, lynx and horse, cat and bat...and they have traces of their ancestors, in the case of Yoko she have ancestors of flamingos, that's why she have pink skin (and she's a shiba inu + a pink ram). Also the super short hair for her body just I like it, because I don't see her for the moment full of fur.
I don't want to talk about her world and the story because It's very personal now and not registred, and I'm working on a comic based on her that will be in my porfolio. :heart:

Thanks again for the drawing! I think that the face it's not too weird :3 I like it!
BASELARDER Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Good luck on your comic!(comics are so hard I've abandoned like 2 comic projects in the past lol). The way you draw your characters would be really idea for a comic tho I'd love to know more about the fantasy elements of the backstory whenever your comfortable sharing it :)
Also i hope i didn't seem too harsh or anything :0
Niina-xan Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Thank you so much! :heart: Aww I know what you feel x'D My last comic was abandoned too...
I hope someday I could upload some pages here :)

Ow of course not! I always accept constructive critics.
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