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Lagoona Blue

By BaseDesire
AKA "yes we heart blue nipples 2: the MH edition". Lagoona is a favorite, she's always got such a positive attitude! She's certainly the most mature of the group, which is actually really... sad. We mean, Draculaura and Cleo are both thousands of years old but forever stuck with the mental development a 16 year old. In a couple of years the rest of the ghouls will be off to work or Monster College, but they'll still be in high school. For ever. this show is freaking depressing.
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IcemanIsOmegaLevel's avatar
she looks like a human Zora <3
BaseDesire's avatar
Maybe they're related!
IcemanIsOmegaLevel's avatar
what a delicious body
BaseDesire's avatar
We love sushi too!
PersephoneKat's avatar
That is gorgeous! 
BaseDesire's avatar
So glad you think so!
RedWingsDragon's avatar
ShyViolet911's avatar
Lovely picture; I adore Lagoona

as for the depressing note; Draculaura's will grow up eventually. And I think the ghouls were spoiled in the vain that their parents were making up for the tragic pasts of angry mobs and such.
BaseDesire's avatar
Yeah, maybe. 

Actually, not really sure what you mean by that. 
ShyViolet911's avatar
Well, the ghouls just worry about silly teenager stuff like shopping- i think their parents and the adult monster world made it safe enough for the new generation to be silly as they are.
Cosaco's avatar
Nicely done, I like it :thumbsup:
BaseDesire's avatar
So glad you do! :D
jinxiejae's avatar
i dont think forever. more like a thousand years for every human's one.
BaseDesire's avatar
Oh. Well that makes it all right then!
Candy2021's avatar
this is BEAUTIFUL I love how you've drawn her!! fantastic work!
BaseDesire's avatar
Thank you so much!
MurderShannon's avatar
Gorgeous work!!!! Lagoona is amazing!
BaseDesire's avatar
Glad you think so!
BelPetr's avatar
Good colors.
Azadeth's avatar
I dunno much about Monster High, but this is certainly sexiful <3
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