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[Basic Information] 

Name: Kane

Age: Adult 

Gender: Male

Height: 36"

Weight:135 lbs

Build: Muscular, Bulky, Strong

Territory: Aryn

Mate: Eden
Children: Riga (Adopted) 
Alexandro (Father), Charaka (Mother), Athena (Aunt), Alcatraz (Uncle), Adrian(Uncle), Riley(Cousin), Lazarus (Cousin), Teva (Cousin), Raphael (Cousin), Storm (Cousin), Tzuri (Nephew/Cousin), Nero (Nephew/Cousin), Killian (Nephew/Cousin), Aviar (Cousin), Miriam (Cousin), Daphene (Cousin), Neka (Cousin) 

Rank: Beta(Ra'hat) Warden


Caring, Carismatic, Fun-loving, Protective, Obedient

Kane loves everything about the culture of the pack. He is willing to learn everything about the life of a Aryn wolf. He loves, and Admires his parents, and loves to hear about all the adventures that they both had gone through. Even if he doesn't hear himself of the great ones voice, he still believes, and waits for his moment. He strives to be like his father and mother, an admirable Warden or Ranger, and one that the pack knows of well. He loves to spend time with his family, whether siblings, parents, or cousins, he'll love to play and talk with them. He strives to be a warrior to protect, like his mother, and would be willing to get in the way, if it meant that someone was protected. He is obedient, and strong willed when it comes to lessons. He will train with someone when he gets the chance, and will listen closely to any tactic, or to any lesson of the Great One. Kane is not afraid to talk to someone new in the pack, or walk up to someone, and try to talk to them. He strives to make as many friends as possible, and in the back of his mind, wants everyone to know him.

[Pre-Group History]

Kane was born into a litter of four of Alexandro and Charaka. His parents were two wolves beloved by all in Aryn, and their love for each other grew as the pack of Aryn did as well. Kane was the fourth born in the litter, but all the pups were born strong and healthy from the start. He strives to be like his parents, and a wolf that Aryn would be proud of.

[Group History]

Kane and Mavis play with their father at the den: RP
Hani tries to see the pups, and meet Kane: RP
Kane bumps into Raghaalr: RP
Lawson gets to pupsit Kane: RP
Kane meets his first cousin Storm: RP
Kane gets a history lesson with Lazarus and his Uncle Alcatraz: RP
Kane and the other pups play together: RP part 1
Kane and the others continue to play: RP part 2
Raghaalr pupsits Kane: RP
Kane snuggles with Raghaalr: ART
Kane meets Vasilis: RP
Kane makes a new friend: RP
Kane trains with Lazarus and Uncle Alcatraz: RP
Kane gets to explore with Echo: RP
Kane gets to have more fun with Seven: RP
Kane reunites with Uncle Adrian: RP
Kane goes to see Aunt Athena and Raphael: RP
Kane joins the rest of Ayn on a hunt: RP
The Aryn hunt continues: RP
Kane makes a new friend at the border: RP
Kane tries to protect Raphael: RP part 1
Kane gets help in protecting Raphael: RP part 2
Kane talks to his dad about the future: RP
Kane spends time with his adopted son: RP
Kane, Thomas, and Raphael spend time together: ART
Kane and Seven go for a swim: RP
Kane trains Leto in fighting: RP
Kane, Seven, and Hani have a bonding moment: RP
Kane hangs out with Raghaalr: RP
Kane spends more time with Seven: RP
Kane joins the Ra'hat: ART
Kane comforts his younger sister: RP
Kane meets his Nephew Tzuri: RP
Kane meets his Nephew Nero: RP
Kane meets his Nephew Killian: RP
Kane and Seven comfort each other: RP
Kane tries to save Tzuri from trouble: RP part 1
Kane continues to save Tzuri: RP part 2
Kane saves Reed from a cougar, and become friends: RP
Kane trains Amara: RP
Kane plays with Eden: RP
Kane races with Seven: RP
Kane talks with Tzuri: RP
Kane bonds with Finch: RP
Kane spends time with Lazarus: RP
Kane talks to Lawson about being in love: RP
Kane bonds with Uncle Alcatraz: RP
Kane and Storm get a chance to play again: RP
Kane trains with Aunt Athena:RP
Kane helps Eden from trouble: RP
Amara teaches Kane how to dance: RP
Kane and Raphael make Athena swim: ART
Kane is flirted with for the first time:RP
Kane continues to be flirted with: RP
Kane reunites with his father: RP
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he's so patient and kind, and loving. he could wait for ages just to hear about the history of Aryn. he's cute~!