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Thank you!

The amount of DA love is overwhelming as of late!  I try to thank all of my new watchers and check out their galleries, but as much as I try to do that, more watchers pile in, and I can't keep up.  So instead of spending the bulk of my free time thanking everyone, I hope you'll accept this animation instead.  Thank you for all the faves, watches, and kind words!  You guys are awesome! 
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Kuroko (Shocked) Cannot resist the cute cat face, must click fav and watch!
Excellent animation!
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you have a neat talent for animations i give you five gold stars :3
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Thanks!  I'll take it!
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I outbid! Five PLATINUM stars!
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awww so cute X3!
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Amazing! No matter what you post, you continue to astound me! :D
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Haha! You're too kind! Thank you! I'm glad you like my work!
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Seriously. You are like Disney #2! 
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Thank you kindly!
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Wow!, Full of emotion 
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Thanks! It is appreciated!
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that´s so cute! I love your style :)
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Thank you! Glad you like my work!
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I definitely accept. You are very welcome! :)
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Thank you for all the great animation!
It is very motivating.
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Thank you for all the hard work you put into artwork we can all enjoy.
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I know it's already been said, but hand drawn traditional animation is starting to become a lost art. Always lovely to see it done so well.
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Thanks!  I'm a big fan of traditional animation, so I'm going to keep doing it as long as I can.  :)
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