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Coffee Stain

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What a fantastic imagination!omfg  I'd love to see your
daily sketches and writings!
CFSTUDIOS12's avatar
My thoughts exactly.
You should try it on watercolor paper if you haven't yet…
MrTaojin's avatar
lol that's brilliant, i love how art can come from just damn near anything.
DannyWerewolf's avatar
That's what I call finding a new perspective.
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You have an excellent eye.  In the picture at left, all I see is a chibi grim reaper.
Oudatchi's avatar
This is awesome, really!
tavuntu's avatar
We need more of this :)
Thinking-0f-Her's avatar
Frappe7's avatar
oh wow, are u still gonna get it washed? XD
epicmau's avatar
Wow thats one of the most creative things i have seen in a while! Cheers!
kuraikyo's avatar
Wow! This is really creative! :)
KlarkKentThe3rd's avatar
I did the same thing with my wall.

I think it is about time I took a photo of it.
WaffleJason's avatar
HaHaLOL  I see pictures in stuff like coffee stains too. I just never thought of actually taking a picture of it to draw on later. 
Thanks for the idea and nice work;) (Wink) 
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Now that's awesome
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That's pretty damn cool.
AerinoMinami's avatar
Ahah, anyway this is really amazing
BlueDisciple's avatar
Inspiration IS everywhere! Awesome!
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