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Symbolic Self-Portrait
A totally accurate representation of myself in real life

Okay, it's really a symbolic representation of myself. Clearly done for the symbolism unit of my grade 11 art class, we were supposed to use information about ourselves, along with anything we could pull out of zodiacs, to create the portrait. This wasn't one of my finest works, but I didn't treat it like it was I don't recall the exact details for some of these, but what I can remember is:

Fish Face - meant to mock my initials (B.A.S./bass) and my last name, which sounds very close to salmon.

Flowers - two kinds of 'favorite' flowers, both pulled from zodiacs.

Polo Shirts - I wear these bad boys daily.

Running Heart - shows my panic in certain situations. There was originally going to be a person I dislike peeping out of the hole in my chest, but I felt like I had gotten over being intimidated by them at the time. (I wasn't)

Blue Anvil - features my favorite colour, favorite number, and a representation of how I weigh myself down

Game Boy Dollar Bill - I spent a handful of money on old games and such at the time, so I stuck it in there for safe measure

Ok Hand Emoji - le epic maymays

Equine Legs - originates from one of my zodiac animals
Haha check me out guys I'm not dead
I'm done with the art class that I'll be uploading old camera shots of, and have moved onto another class. The good news with this is that it has a scanner that's used to convert our traditional drawings into digital ones with Photoshop. I'm already done 3 projects so far, and am looking forward to sharing them with you as I make them!
Surrealism Project
This was the first project I had from my art class last semester (which was 5 months ago at this point). It wasn't made with much quality control, since I was required to use oil pastels to colour it in.

The thought process behind the theme was an interesting one. I sought after inspiration from Yo Noid 2, which led to the idea of household items having unusual properties (couch made of potatoes, art frame being used as a thought bubble, ect.) One of the smaller concepts that came from this was a fan that looked like a windmill. These were one of the first elements to be included in the final piece.

A lot of the other elements are just clever imagery (eagle plane, bags of apples in apple trees, water-bottlefalls). The only other one that I find is worth pointing out would be the Iturtle, since I thought it would be fitting to reference the Ipets lineup of toy speakers.
Sorry for the lack of activity to my 15 watchers, but I have something regarding that.

You see, the SD card slot on my computer doesn't function anymore, which how I got photos off my camera, which was how I took photos of my work. That being said, there's still a small pile of art class projects that I've been sitting on since September saved directly to my desktop. I'll try to upload those whenever I can, and after that... well, I guess I won't be active until I have my computer fixed or get a new one all together. It's not like you guys haven't gone this entire time without any new uploads, though.

If it means anything, I'll still be checking out my notifications daily, so I should be able to talk to any of you guys if you want.
Peach/Princess Toadstool
Another character with the Super Show style, only this time it's the princess.

If you couldn't guess, I've wanted to do this for a little over a week, but I got sick recently, and couldn't do it after the Animaritime convention like I wanted to. I'm not in a perfect state of health at the moment, but I felt well enough to finally draw something. This is just a warm up, however. While I had a few poses I wanted to try (regarding this design's most "interesting" feature) I decided to get used to drawing Peach by recreating her SSBU render. 

I might do the other sketches I wanted to do later, when I really feel better. Don't expect much.

Not sure if anyone's going to use this but be my guest.


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I'm just a guy who draws for fun. I'm doing my best to get one drawing uploaded each day, while simultaneously working on other possible projects.


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