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Peach/Princess Toadstool
Another character with the Super Show style, only this time it's the princess.

If you couldn't guess, I've wanted to do this for a little over a week, but I got sick recently, and couldn't do it after the Animaritime convention like I wanted to. I'm not in a perfect state of health at the moment, but I felt well enough to finally draw something. This is just a warm up, however. While I had a few poses I wanted to try (regarding this design's most "interesting" feature) I decided to get used to drawing Peach by recreating her SSBU render. 

I might do the other sketches I wanted to do later, when I really feel better. Don't expect much.
Here's Toad, from the Super Mario Bros Super Show, as well as the SMB3 and SMW shows. I decided to draw this because John Stocker, the voice actor for Toad in these shows, is going to be at a convention I'm attending tomorrow.…

I might do some more SMBSS fanart in a few days, we'll see. 
Sorry I've been dead for so long! After finishing up my school work, I just didn't have the motivation to draw. I'll try and get a couple things out today, but I have to go to a convention for a few days after that. There should be a consistent stream of artwork posted once that's done.
An interesting take on the youtuber Cybershell. This was based off of some fan art that came from his official Discord server, which looked similar to Garfield, in a way. The head is the same as the art I based it off of, but I kept Garfield in mind when making the body.

Not sure if anyone's going to use this but be my guest.


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I'm just a guy who draws for fun. I'm doing my best to get one drawing uploaded each day, while simultaneously working on other possible projects.


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