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Um, long time no DA. o_o 
I'm not really sure where this idea came from... I like drawing undead characters, I suppose. X) This necromancer's assistant is more dead than animated, I think. He can't speak. He just shuffles around getting down books from high shelves. :p

By the way, if anyone is interested, this piece is available as a print here:…
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I love this! Undead Royalty for (Un)life!
RanmaCMH's avatar
Ugh this composition is literally perfect.
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Love this concept!
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I love the costume design. :)
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Indeed long time. Welcome back!
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I'm loving the concept of an Elizabethan necromancer, like the coolest villain in a historical fantasy story! 
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I love seeing your stuff.
Kayisok's avatar
fabulous costumes!!!
SKETCHMAN69's avatar
Wow incredible amazing watching
Anoki-Doll's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous colors and character designs for this piece! Your art is always a treat.
Rice-Lily's avatar
always great to see your work =3= this came out nicely
Minnie-Salinas's avatar
Glad to see you kicking! And phenomenal work as usual
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