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Lisbeth Salander

By BarTouv
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Lisbeth Salander - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

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I adore this! Reminds me of a friend.
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You know, this is exactly how I imagined Lisbeth before watching the films. Congratulations, you were able to capture her perfectly.
Very unusual. Compelling.
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wow this version is really really great and just the exact way how lisbeth should look like *.* stunning ! :rose:

the books // movies are so great!!

I coudn't resist on making my own version of her too, shes just so fascinating (;

greets from germany ! :heart:
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Nicely done!

Saw the movie last week.
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Lovely piece dude! Very nice style I must say :) I'm just wondering about the white line around her?
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this is an incredible piece of art. ;)
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This is incredibly well done :) i especially like the way youve textured her hair and where her heads been shaved.
It's done digitally but it almost looks like acrylics on a canvas or something which is really nice, it doesnt look synthetic which i think digital painting can sometimes.
i'm struggling to find something to criticise, i think most of it is pretty spot on. if anything, the more i look at that white line around her, the more out of place it looks, doesnt look bad by any means, i can see why you put it there, maybe if it looked more like a very strong highlight than an outline... i dunno
The background fits very well, great choice of colours. but i could imagine her standing with her back to a dark blueish cityscape or something (no idea if that fits with the book =p ) i guess all i'm saying is it would just be great to see her in an environment that looks as lifelike as she does
its a superb painting though, well done :D
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Nothing I don't like about this one :)
Great job.
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nothing i don't like about you ;)
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You have a really beautiful style. :love:
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This picture is really great ^__^
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really well done :)
blahblahblah4567's avatar
did you use this


for a reference?
BarTouv's avatar
wow your good, i did.
how did you make the connection ?
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You know she askes to be credited right? Might want to link back.
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I was going to say the same thing since I recognized the source. Since it is so similar, it should be given credit in the description.
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Ooo! I haven't read this book but I've seen the trailer to the upcoming movie. Love the tone you chose and the shadowing also adds to the effect of the emotion.
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