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Sword 6

Final whip sword concept -"Scott pilgrim vs the World"

pencil and photoshop (8.5x11") -2009
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wOAH! cool sword! This sword reminds me of another sword called the “serpent blade” from an anime I watched:


Hum, Kira of Teen Wolf

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this actually reminds me of an ancient Indian weapon Urumi. It's a flexible sword than can be used as a whip if I'm correct (and they kept them on their belt too!)

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yes, I'm familiar with the Urmi sword. That looks like a difficult weapon to master!

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Me during the apocalypse ( yalls about to get SPANKED) lol this is great I love the ideah of it but me n my cost self would get stabbed if I fell lol i would totally buy this tho

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Quite a cool sword! But using it that way wouldn't be dangerous? I mean, I if I used such a belt, I would have my belly full of scars... I don't say this in a way to diminish the draw (because it's amazing), but it doesn't seems very realistic... But again, the draw is quite cool.
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hey i had an idea for a sword a Katana style sword whos blade folds down in to the hilt as well as its handguard till its just a hilt that you can hang from your side
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I've always loved the idea of a whip sword, and you really hit the nail on the head with this design!
I hoped to say something interesting here, but it looks like I failed miserably ^^'
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Please pardon my late reply.  I am somewhat "tech-tarded".

Thanks kindly !
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This is an amazing design - and it hits all the right points for being something that has both utility and aesthetic appeal.  It's actually quite beautiful as it curves and arches.  I've seen a few other versions of a sword belt, but they usually were too "costumey" or lacked believability that it actually worked as both belt and weapon. 

Personally, I would kill to have something like this that also meshed with my motorcycle.  I have a cane made out of machine gun shells that my mother gave me and it dearly.  This design fits into the same scope for me - of being a bit stealthy and being deadly fashionable.

Sorry for the long monologue, but I am supremely impressed with your artwork.  It shows that you care about your creations I think.  I can't wait to see what you do in the future. 

-anastasia (aka abyssmia)

PS: i posted this on my Pinterest page and hope that's alright: Pinterest
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Please pardon my late reply.  I am somewhat "tech-tarded".

Thanks kindly !
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That is SO cool. I want one so bad!
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Please pardon my very late reply.  I am somewhat "tech-tarded".

Thanks kindly !
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So what happens to your pants when you go into battle?
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How do you make it switch between being flexible and solid?
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if i were to Guess a Button somewhere on the hilt (Handle)
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Omg this is someone just needs to build this and make it work
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very cool concept, but i wouldn't like to sit down wearing it, you'd end up cutting yourself open
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the coolest weapon ever. :0
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can this be real!?
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wish this 'belt' existed...!
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sharp looking accessory you got there.
Very Impressive work. The shading is great and the overall design is wonderful. Excellent Job.
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