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metrix metal dream

By bartibartman
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easy to use... have fun
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Carl06Professional Digital Artist
kewl, bei metrix hab ich mich damals auch beworben, coole firma!!!
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coolz skin
like the colour :D
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The1BlurHobbyist Digital Artist
thats pretty nice!!
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thats cool, and its winamp classic too, that makes it amazing
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i've been using it for YEARS. it definately rocks!!
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Love the colours! very nice.
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This looks so cool for a classic skin, I prefer it to the modern skins as Winamp loads faster and is more responsive. :+fav:
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Single Best Skin FOr the 2.x Winamp. :D
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How do i use this skin after i download it to my desktop?
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dude this is a gr8 work of art. i have been using this skin for the past 2-3 yrs. and i havent yet seen anything better than this.

PS: i was banned for a long time otherwise would surely made a comment on it...

its PERFECT ! cheers
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mattdannaHobbyist Interface Designer
That is amazing!
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nice but little untidy i guess well don't mind thats so perfect
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stylish AND legible!
very refreshing, gj
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kamikazequeerHobbyist Writer
I might have to get that one. I love the look of it!
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Loved the green one, and love this one as well. Will go great with my current theme.
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i used this skin for a long time
a great one :)
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This has got to be the best Winamp skin ever, very excellent nice colours and very easy to use. +fav
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I switched back from winamp3 beta (which was better than the current builds) specially for this skin about a year ago and never felt like using another skin. It looks very cool and it's very easy to use it. Probably the best winamp2 skin ever. Looks even better when you use LucidAmp :P (Lick) ... DOWNLOAD THIS SKIN NOW! :) (Smile)
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WOW!!! I'm thinkin about rollin back to winamp2 again :) (Smile)
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I hate it when I forget to log out of my group account... ^^^^
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panoramia Photographer
I love this skin so much, well the WA2.91 version I have of it at least. ;) (Wink) +fav
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wow the coolest skin of the day
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I love this skin!
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