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V2.2 OUT NOW!!!

New in V2.2: Integrated Playlist drawer and glowing LEDs for the Volume/Bass/Treble knobs
New compact video window

MMD3 - a legend returns
now with over 70 ColorThemes
(DEVIANTART Theme included)

- Special Advanced-Visualization
- 2 Winshade-Modes (horizontal/vertical)
- All components skinned
- configurable Songticker
- easy to use
- integrated ColorThemes-Switcher + extra window
- Choosable left/right drawer
- New playlist winshade
- Easier to use and animated Volume/Bass/Treble knobs
- and a lot of more...
© 2002 - 2021 bartibartman
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your download link is down..

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{"message":"file not found","code":404,"payload":null}

Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! 
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I know this is a little dated now, but is there any chance you still have the original sources to make higher resolution images? I still use Winamp but screens have just gotten so much bigger and Winamp's built in scaling is pretty ugly.
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:thumbsup: silver3 | sienna.
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( Orjinal skin by bartibartman ro Original skin by Sven Kistner  ( Thanks )
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Haha, the classic Winamp skin, nothing has ever matched it!
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God I love this skin...I have been using it since it first came out and I can't find anything to replace it. Whenever I get bored I just change the color.
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Cant believe a good but old skin still works! even on the latest winamp!!
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It's a LEGEND. i am using it ALL THE TIME. Thank you.
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Totally awesome :happybounce:

The best Winamp-Skin ever :love:

Planning to make a streamripper skin of it.
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i browsed just around and saw this theme, my heart where fire and flame directly because its long ago that i saw this skin. for many years i have use this skin, i love it and think its the best skin ever for winamp - in the past and even in the future. now i took it again from here and be glad to see the worker of this art, keep the good work on!
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I like it. I wish there were a bit more colors to choose from with the 'xbox', like a black and purple theme, but other than that, I have no complaints. Love the compact!
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amazing skin indeed!
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you gotta know this is still the best winAmp skin ever made. I even made a windowblinds skin for myself from it

:woohoo: :worship: :woohoo: :worship: :woohoo: :worship: :woohoo:
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from xp 2 vista and now win 7 i been using this skin so many things about it in one word its the best good stuff this if this was facebook i would like it btw what does MMD3 stand for?
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This skin dont workt in Vista 64 bits based system.

Somebody can Fix this question?
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In all the years iv been using winamp, this skin has always been my first choice when i reinstall.

Cheers mate.
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Any music for free - on vk.com
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2. Activate account (free)
3. Login to "My recordings" and to seek to enter the song title or artist name, press ENTER.
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Great stuff. Very sharp.
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Would it be possible to reconfigure the MMD3 skin that is used with the audio enhancer called dfx? Originally i know that the skin for dfx had levers and not knobs which are hard to control when trying to get the exact setting (1-10) I know in the past i used a version with levers for dfx but now the only skin for it is wwith the knobs which i feel take away from the ease of the whole skin. Please help? Thanks geena! email= (geena_1200@yahoo.com)
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I am still using this skin. You are awesome.
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wow... this one is amazing...! makes me wanna use winamp again on my laptop (at home using itunes for the purpose of my ipod)!!!

Congrats, I really love it!!!!
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