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Bee Banquet Hall by barswanian Bee Banquet Hall :iconbarswanian:barswanian 2 0 Monarch Hanging Out by barswanian Monarch Hanging Out :iconbarswanian:barswanian 1 0 Don't stare too long by barswanian Don't stare too long :iconbarswanian:barswanian 3 0
Paths Not Started
Enter, Exit
I stand unmoving at the doors
that bar the way until choice is made.
Enter, Exit
But which is it? Do I enter the world beyond?
Or exit this one? Does soon to be take
Precedence over the now? The handles
hang still, cold, indifferent.
Enter, Exit
You can find me there, camped out
with lean-to shelter, undecided.
I do not reach the conclusion others have
made, so unthinking quickly.
Enter, Exit
I could break the rules, push through
uncaring, pick blindly, tempting
the stoic doors
into action that would end
for me.
Enter, Exit
The choice lingers;
as do I.
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On Top of a Mountain by barswanian On Top of a Mountain :iconbarswanian:barswanian 0 0
Scene 1
Scene: Five people in a living room.  Three share a couch, two women and one man.  A fourth sits on a recliner.  The fifth sits on a desk chair.  They are in their mid-twenties, and dressed as if it is warm in the room.  A low-table is in front of the couch which carries a number of glasses and one wine bottle.  The fourth and fifth, both male, each hold a glass.
Five: No no, see, now you've got me drunk.
Two (Female): Yes, and so far its disappointing.  You're supposed to be entertaining.
One (Female): You could dance!
Three (Male): Its good booze even.
Five: (Mumbling) No no, there's only one thing I do when I'm this drunk.
Four: Mumble quietly?
Two: Shh shh, I can't hear him.
Five:  I make out with people!  And right now, you've three choices on who I make out with!
Three & Four:  Three?
One & Two look at each other confused.
Five: Yes!  You (points at Two), you (points
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Love - a vision of
What is love?
One can love a sister,
a brother,
a mother,
a father,
grand's of the two latters,
uncles and aunts, cousins and friends, strangers, pets,
the sunlight on a warm evening reflecting through a prism held by fishing line which is itself stuck to a little suction cup against a dusty window.
One can love food from cake to broccoli to fried fish to those tiny individual candy bars that are never enough but give just a taste of chocolate before "pop" in goes the second one. One is able to love the feeling of carpet between toes or the tension in a hammock's string when lying in that 'u' position swinging delightfully with each motion.
We can declare love for that particular sound wave in coordination with other sound waves that crash into the inner ear resulting in that thing we call music.  Some love to feel a little pain, love feeling that edge of life that lets one know they're alive. Nerves tingling with the sensation that something is not quite right, mind ablaze w
:iconbarswanian:barswanian 2 2
She Dances by barswanian She Dances :iconbarswanian:barswanian 0 0
Snow Branches
branches doubly thick
in white tops
and dark bark
Here one ends, no here begins
the frozen bits of the
winter dressing gown.
Why does the tree always
hide its size, in all weather
but sun-baked winter?
What conspiracy hides
the words written
in a language spoken
in month long moments;
hides the skeleton
in mist, spring growth, summer foliage
autumn's fall, wind's dance and
winter's covering?
Why have we words to describe
the workings of inner bits
of atoms not one in a
million will ever see?
Yet to describe the age long
webwork of branches,
budded, added, reaching?
reaching for what goal but
life, we say, for the sun
that slides by overhead in
light meals of such energy
that a thousand leaves join
their neighbors in a day long
To describe this what words
do we have? Fractual, curve,
line, break, empty space...
these cover so many things
that I forget
what the tree itself
looks like, although
it peers in at me
as I write words
to reveal its secrets.
Ha, I peer back at it
in a rev
:iconbarswanian:barswanian 1 0
Because too much
of this difficult thing
called life,
can sour the perception
of what we're looking at.
It's the unexpected moment of grace within the boundaries of constant,
and consuming existance,
that can salvage our motivation,
our goodwill
and our hearts.
I've chosen ridiculous words
because I cannot write down
the way a cello played
sweetly within an orchestra
moves me to compassion.
Life is the difficult, the malicious, the overpowering
thing we see it as.
But it is also the moment
of a fading leaf in warm sunshine,
twisting in the autumn breeze
that brings the scent of cinnamon rolls.
It is also that, whether you can see it
or just remember.
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The Space Between
The Space Between
An impossible distance lies here
Enclosed by the atoms that partake
of our existance through short blinks of being.
Who was it that said we can never
catch the tortoise?
Who the liar who said he had caught?
Atoms touch atoms in explosions daily
seen by any waking eye.  But I talk
of things too material.
You wrote for me to write to you.
Very well, I give you my words, the only
thing that seems to transmit
across any distance.
They are weak things, but if they can
bridge the impassable,
If they can catch an ounce of you
Then they do more than anything my
hand could otherwise do.
Very well, pen do write, continue.
I am lost in philosophy, and must return
again to material things.
Our electric minds complete images, blur
together the pieces of our puzzle-box world.
Or else I misunderstand that there is space
between pro and electron, that these trons
have smaller spaces inside their
own divisions.
And so I ask, are we also the regions
that hold nothing between
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selfpicture by barswanian selfpicture :iconbarswanian:barswanian 0 0
Mature content
Raspberries :iconbarswanian:barswanian 0 3
It was time... by barswanian It was time... :iconbarswanian:barswanian 1 1
What if time was like a rabbit?
leaping from memory to memory without rhyme
leaving us two large back feet away from the wolf's jaws
setting down tracks that could only be ours
and if we had the time to follow them back, why
then it'd make sense.
It might make sense for those of us who remember events
but not the dates they grew upon,
to picture us darting from side to front, in that awkward
hypnotizing way a rabbit can move across a field
for no better reason then fear.
Or maybe I'm just tired
and don't want to think of all the ripples I've left
in the river.
Or tracks in the snow.
Run rabbit, dance ahead of the wolf and I'll try to keep up.
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Smoke and Shirt by barswanian Smoke and Shirt :iconbarswanian:barswanian 0 1


sketchexample2 by Brett-Neufeld sketchexample2 :iconbrett-neufeld:Brett-Neufeld 4 2 Pathfinder: Martial Arts Handbook by pindurski Pathfinder: Martial Arts Handbook :iconpindurski:pindurski 264 14 Obsession by eychanchan Obsession :iconeychanchan:eychanchan 225 5 Daidoji Akeha by MarioWibisono Daidoji Akeha :iconmariowibisono:MarioWibisono 6,877 170 Hiruma Raikohime by RobinWouters Hiruma Raikohime :iconrobinwouters:RobinWouters 15 0 awakening by Jungshan awakening :iconjungshan:Jungshan 116 11 Coronation by wlop Coronation :iconwlop:wlop 17,993 489 L5R: Hida Mochitoko by AaronMiller L5R: Hida Mochitoko :iconaaronmiller:AaronMiller 224 7 Princess Confronts the Oni by doppelgangergeisha Princess Confronts the Oni :icondoppelgangergeisha:doppelgangergeisha 15 4 Winter Court IV by doppelgangergeisha Winter Court IV :icondoppelgangergeisha:doppelgangergeisha 5 1 Temple of the Heavenly Crab by ChrisOstrowski Temple of the Heavenly Crab :iconchrisostrowski:ChrisOstrowski 2,701 46 Native American Girl by elevenevaporated Native American Girl :iconelevenevaporated:elevenevaporated 562 51 Awoken Despair by alexandre-deschaumes Awoken Despair :iconalexandre-deschaumes:alexandre-deschaumes 3,147 164 Spring Fantasy 2 by 13-Melissa-Salvatore Spring Fantasy 2 :icon13-melissa-salvatore:13-Melissa-Salvatore 59 3 moth 4 by LialiaD-stock moth 4 :iconlialiad-stock:LialiaD-stock 154 23 Spring Fantasy by 13-Melissa-Salvatore Spring Fantasy :icon13-melissa-salvatore:13-Melissa-Salvatore 20 4


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Going to add some photographs that I've taken, to see if the additional exposure generates interest!
Thanks for stopping by!
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To those who have, and those that do, to those who've bled and those who've shed,

I thank you,

you who stand upon the borders of understanding, who stand upon the borders and who plunge into the other side, you who wear your heart upon your sleeve, and proudly show that it is not just red, but also white and blue.


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