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January 16, 2011
Vector Week blasts off with Vector Art - The Myth Revealed by `lucky13 Suggester's words: Photoshop is a raster based program but can create vector art. People assume that creating objects in Photoshop would make your work a vexel, but this is not always the case. This video tutorial is extremely helpful and insightful!
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Vector Art - The Myth Revealed

This little video is intended to better educate or reeducate at least the small group of individuals that it will reach and dispel the long standing and widely accepted myth that Adobe Photoshop is simply not capable an any way of creating true vector art.


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Well Barry kind of late to the party but using flash, fireworks, Ai, Inkscape, and any other kind of vector tool including vector tools that mimics real world traditional tools pretty much takes care of that problem.

I say use flash because most flash ( even from 2004 ) has all the necessary editing tools to make vector objects ( reason why flash was popular ).

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Thank you so much Barry!!!
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Yeahhhhh !! Finally, i always argued with some people, that u can easily create Vector in Ps. But...... They never Believe me , They always Said no u r Wrong... u Can't MAKE ....... n now there u Are.......
Now i can easily Prove them all See People u all R Wronggggg......
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While I do agree that PS can make true vectors, I find your method of demonstrating it a little strange. Exporting an EPS from PS exports a bunch of rectangular jpegs, which are clipped by vector paths. If you had opened one of the groups in the Illustrator layers panel, it would have shown that. Opening a .psd in Illustrator will actually have vector paths with fills, instead of vector paths clipping raster images (although gradients will be rasterized). I find this to be a much more effective way of moving between programs. Was it not possible to do this in 2004?
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now and days, isnt it common knowlege among PS users?
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2 days ago, I wasn't sure what vector meant :/
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Thanks dude! there are groups here in DA that is not accepting my submission. DAFUQ? now i know. now i know how noob they are. Thanks for the info.
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You just proved my college professor wrong. I thank you!
Well Done mate.. This is absolutley brilliant! I have argued this case untill I'm blue in the face! "BOOM!" - Love it!
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i dont get it where is the tutorial? is there a navigate button????
BarryKiddPhotography's avatar
It's not exactly a tutorial. It's more of a statement or rather a complaint but I say so in the very beginning.

As the video is very old there is no navigation. It was recorded way back in 2004. At the time there were in embedded navigation in swf files. The were bound to the primary video by html. Since DA would only allow you to upload one file the navigation couldn't be uploaded with it.

Newer videos do have navigation since the advance in technology allows them to be embedded or added right to the swf.
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Really thanks big uncle! [link]
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this is good to know.. yay photoshop! :)
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Thank you for sharing!
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:+fav: Congratulations on your DD! You've been featured in the article, January 2011 Resources DDs.
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Just because PS technically has vector-like tools doesn't mean anyone should use them. And have you never heard the term vexel? Just because it can save out crappy things in a vector format does not mean it can create true vector art. Photo fundamentally doesn't quite get the vector idea. Just as Ai doesn't quite get the raster thing. Both can imitate the other, both have a lot of files they can save out, but PS paths are different from Ai shapes, even if they make look similar and be compatible.
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i know nothing of vector vs raster images, but i found your tutorial interesting, informative and very educational.
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Well done! You're very talented at creating vector images! I agree with you it would be impossible for photoshop's resolution properties to function properly if the shapes tool didn't create vectors for it to work with. But next tutorial try not to make me feel like a 5 year-old that's already seen that episode of Sesame Street :/
Good job though! (:
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I LOVE U *3*
you are very smart :D
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You must be pissed off much by... um... some smart people :)
Good job!
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uh, I never doubted Photoshop could do real vectors, who even thinks that? :-o
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BRAVO! I always suspected this was so and now, thanks to you, I know how just to do it! After all it's not what you've got, it's what you do with what you've got. Congratulations on the DD by the way!
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