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The Mysterious Island - Trailer 2

Artwork done by Butre3004.
Video done by Barrowman2012
Story: Barrowman2012

Read my novel if want to know more.
The Mysterious Island - Island of the Giants

More artwork done by Butre3004.…
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Do you have any voice actors? Because I’m available. if you want me to be in it

Looks promising!! Great~

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Thanks jeongchan for the comment.🙂 It sure does, hope enjoyed the latest chapters of the story.

growthdreams's avatar

would be kind of cool to see a full length animated movie of these chapters.

Wendy is awesome

Barrowman2012's avatar

I would love a 3 season series of this. That is also why I started writing. We are missing good giantess movies and series. I crave these things.

Were in complete agreement.

Thanks for the comment. growtdreams. 🙂

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Do You Think A Animated Series Or Movie Would Be Possible In The Near Future?

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I wish that were so, that's why I have these intro, to get the reader in the movie/series feeling spirit, when reading this novel. We have no existing GTS series on TV/Streaming services and there is a massive craving for it.

This world/universe consist of 3 stories. The first being "The Mysterious Island".

I had some thoughts on maybe letting some intro's being made, by GTS video render artists and see how much that cost, but that is a distant thought now. I'm focusing on writing the good story first.

Butre3004 is the artist of the picture/comic version.

Wendy is a amazing sight to behold. no wonder all the other scientists were impressed with her rapid growth. She goes from an avg tall girl to a giantess of unimaginable strength and power

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You are right Wendy is an extremely fine specimen

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Here growth is off the charts and sets things in motion.

Normally a person grows to around 10 to 22 feet after some chemical treatment in combo with growth accelerator treatment and from there on grows slowly further. Can be 6 months to many years before becoming a full giant. (10x to 12x times ones original height, few mutants are bigger like Fumiko)

How and why the growth works will be a little more revealed in the coming chapters.

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I guess Wendy passed out due to shock and how I would’ve animated it it’s her crutch in both hands to her chest because growing to that size would of strained her heart to the point of her fainting

Barrowman2012's avatar

More detail is indeed always welcome. 😉🙂

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And if you want voice actors. i’m available as one of the British giants (if you’ve made them up yet)

Did you read the message that I sent you?

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I also think the theme song fit in perfectly.

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Yes couldn't agree more, Mgundam1. 🙂

Simply magnificent. I’m so glad that you did that. Very well done.

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You are very welcome, Mgundam1. 🙂

Seeing a female body expand proportionally in all 3 dimensions is enjoyable to breathtaking. 🙂

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