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The Mysterious Island - Day 1 size comparison

Artwork done by Theborrowergts for my TMI story.

Click on the icon next to his name to see more of his great art work. ":icontheborrowergts:"

People from left to right: Bruce Mckenzie, Genie Allen, Wendy de Vries, Hans Netzer, Elsa(giantess), Helga(giantess).

Want to know more about Giants? read the story.

The video intro of TMI

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nice views all around

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Thanks, eur0pa7. :)

Hope you enjoy the story as well.

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Largast spermwhale was 25 metres long

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This one was a little shorter/average. Interesting too know. :)

Enjoy the story and other size comparison on this page.

Thanks for the comment, KelenkenGuillermoi95. :)

KelenkenGuillermoi95's avatar

Thanks. But still the dimensions are somewhat overstated. This is compare of typical male sperm whale, big and the biggest with human. The same is about T-rex

Sperm Whale Size
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I see. Like your size comparison page. Very useful for my story. :)

KelenkenGuillermoi95's avatar

Really loved this.

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Thanks Mgundam1, :)

More will be made of them.

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This is an awesome comparison piece.

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Thanks, The-Macromancer.:) The story is also worth it as I explain the subtle details why size comparison is such a interesting subject.

I like your size charts too. Every size difference brings something interesting to the table in so many levels.

You got Butre? I know this will be good

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I fully agree with you. ;)

Thanks for the comment, edward-1995.

Enjoy the story.

zhengguoguangxi's avatar

Finally we got something like this.

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More will follow with lot of different and familiar characters and man-made objects, this is Day 1.

What kind of whale is that?

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A sperm whale. These are very big whales than can grow up to almost 20 meters.

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Looks like a sperm whale
Ahh this is amazing because it puts stuff into perspective. Helga is towering over a t Rex which would be a huge monster to us. To her it's nothing impressive. And she's bigger than a whale too. These girls are at the top of the food chain
Barrowman2012's avatar

Thanks for the enthusiastic comments as always, alyx21.

I love these size comparison charts.

At had a very interesting text describing it, making it feel more interesting, but canceled that, because it had too many spoilers or too many clues for now.

Agree, these majestic creatures are on top of the food chain.

You can see these 4 adult humans compare to them. ;)

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