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Chapter 20 – Let’s grow Part 2

Smoke and dust settled. The laser was done doing its work pushing the growth of the ‘little’ 12-foot-sickly-10 year-old to the maximum with the new type GenTech suit still intact withstanding the onslaught of pressure of Scarlet’s astonishing huge transformation. Only a few hours in the growth accelerator room had past, and many growth records and breakthroughs had been witnessed in the adjacent rooms surrounding it like a theater stand.

The mother and daughter growths were most impressive in the time they took to develop and Scarlet’s was only second to Wendy’s unique exceptional growth speed.

Dr. Ono, Helga and the rest of the staff present looked forward to these tests with great anticipation and hoped, expected a continuation…., but even with the decades of experience in seeing human bodies expending, these results were more exciting, in fact, with the history behind it that led up to this success made it so emotionally satisfying.

Helga looked from behind her huge window straight down to the object of most interest at the moment as she saw two smaller figures from her side in the room below, running towards that same in-size-expanded-object.

Between the man and woman was also a substantial size disparity, which made the 22-foot 4 inches giantess reach her daughter much faster, but even if they were equal sizes, the mother’s motivations alone were enough to win that race with an enormous margin.

Bam!!! Samantha finally collided with Scarlet in one of the most emotional embraces of a parent and child Mark Steiner had seen in a while. It was also hard to tell in that moment between the much smaller more emotional woman and the calmer much bigger child who the parent or daughter was.

But the extremely happy Sherriff from Twin Peaks, wasn’t focused or interested in the least about the size difference, her brain only registered how healthy her beloved Scarlet appeared before her very eyes.

Scarlet’s dark skin grey/blueish skin was completely gone and replaced by the same skin color her mother had.

A tear came from Sam’s eye and in the emotion, she didn’t notice how far her feet were of the ground or the amount of strength her daughter exhibited as it was starting to injure her, the feeling of ecstasy seeing her daughter healthy negated the physical damage being done on her body.

“Ok short stuff, let her go, you’re injuring mom”, a voice said from behind Scarlet.

That made Scarlet loosen her grip on her now much smaller mother and Sam fell with her feet on the ground, while the 10-year-old turned around.

“Big Sis, Jason….You guys are so tiny tee hee”, the younger sibling said as she turned her sights in different directions looking around the room.

“You are all so much smaller than….. it really worked.”, Scarlet said.

“Off course it did dummy, weren’t you paying attention”, Judy said.

“I..I saw everything getting a little smaller and then so much hurt and I fell asleep for a while..I’m feeling so much better now too”, the youngest giantess in room explained.

“Off course you do, come here twerp”, Judy said as she tried to hug her once little sister. That was easier said than done. The older sister tried to hug her younger sibling, who was now since a long time bigger than her older sister. The difference size in seemed even a little greater when Scarlet had her first Brobdingnag treatment and she had to look up to her little sister, barely reaching her waste.

The happiness was just too great and she quickly hugged her little giant sister’s thick leg, the fabric of the blue GeneticsTech stretch suit smelt like strawberries to Judy and was surprised it wasn’t destroyed during the growth process.

”I’m glad you’re safe now”, Judy said as a tear came from the older Parker sibling’s face not visible to Scarlet or Jason.

“Judy, can you pick up Jason? Please big little sissy”, Scarlet said giggling.

Judy understood Scarlet’s idea and let go of her sister’s leg, turned around walked up to Jason and lifted her reluctant eight-and-a-half-feet-boyfriend of the ground.

Scarlet in turn lifted her sister of the ground in an impressive display physical strength.

“Jeez man, how tall is your sister now exactly, she is more than twice you size”, Jason said feeling even more dwarfed than usual when he was in the vicinity of members from the Parker family.

“That means she is at least four times as tall as you, my little cutie”, Judy said to her embarrassed boyfriend who was looking at her a little annoyed.

Mark decided to keep a little distance of these intense private family events and enjoyed seeing this rare occasions of happiness.

Upwards in the human sized room where the important delegation resided, all 5 of them were impressed.

A few days before ago when they arrived, their overly excited guides, already showed them some very interesting rooms, habitats and 8-foot tot 15-foot people. Viewing these growth sequences live before their eyes was even something else compared to the many things they had seen on the island inside The Hive.

“Well honorable Helga, these new trigger chemicals were an absolute success”, Dr. Ono said.

Helga looked down at Scarlet and Sam with pride.

“It is, this girl is now over 11 meters tall (37 feet)”, Helga said letting it sink in.

“And Wendy, what do you think of all this, did you enjoy this exhibit of groundbreaking science”, Dr. Ono said.

“Seeing someone grow like that… is mesmerizing, interesting seeing this for the first time from a spectator’s view”, Wendy said.

“It wasn’t nearly as spectacular as your growth, but a success non the less, compared to other all previous trials.”, Dr. Ono said.

“They didn’t destroy the room and equipment or went flying and destroying a valuable museum exhibit World War II Tiger tank”, Wendy said with a friendly smile trying not to downplay this huge event for science or the Parker family.”,

“Wendy, could you go down there and congratulate the now 2 tallest members of the Parker family personally with their growth and especially their health. Also escort Judy as far as you can to the second floor on the opposite side. I desire for her to have the best view when her boyfriend undergoes his transition into the biggest male on the Island.”, Helga said.

The Dutch girl in the role as observer nodded, and went down the only two trays of stairs and opened the huge door and there she saw the festivities and warm pleasantries still going on as she started walking towards the crowd.

For the intern, seeing a 37 foot and 22-foot person was also something to get used too. Scarlet looked somewhat like a normal sized 10-year-old now and Sam, who looked like a larger doll version of what she saw before in Ismaning, was now the size of a small infant from her point of view.

Wendy knew to search for a person who was just about over 2 times bigger than a tall man. Before she could, Scarlet walked up to her with a fairly great pace with her mother behind her with a respectable lower pace.

“Hi Wendy, you are not so big anymore.”, Scarlet said.

Samantha Parker looked around her again as she was still coming to terms with her new size. She felt better, healthier and more powerful than before, full with confidence. Looking at the now much less impressive statures of intern Wendy in front of her next to her daughter and even Dr. Helga Braunn. The blond German giantess had never seemed so ‘small’ to her before.

Red haired giantess was now walking in the direction of 20 foot plus matriarch of the family. Sam’s thoughts about Wendy’s less impressive presence were fading her mind as she was still looking at someone that looked around 22 feet tall from her perspective. It wasn’t as spectacular when she first met the 70 foot intern in Ismaning, but she still looked like 3 times as tall to the sheriff of Twin Peaks.

In an attempt to show more respect for the older woman, Wendy decided to sit down to lessen the size difference.

“Hi Mr. Parker, congratulations with your great enhancement as a superwoman”, Wendy said as she extended her hand.

“Thanks Mr. de Vries, it’s an honor hearing these compliments coming from an elite young woman such as yourself”, Sam said.

When those pleasantries were done, Wendy decided to walk over to Judy and Jason. Upon arrival she extended her hands towards them and shook their hands with her pinky finger.

Hello, let me introduce myself, my name is Wendy and you must be Jason and Judy.

Unlike Sam, the young couple had rarely seen giants as big as Wendy. Judy had seen Helga a long time ago and she and her boyfriend had seen the Twin Peaks mayor before.

They heard Samantha speak of this young intern with her super fast growth before.

But seeing this girl tower above them as much as Helga did, was still a sight to behold.

Hi Ms de Vries, please to meet you Jason said.

Likewise, my mother told me about you and your miracle growth.

The 3 had a pleasant conversation.

Back in the control room.

“Too bad Sarah didn’t bother to show up, is she still coming in.”, Helga said.

“I think she was more disappointed by the failure to grow her ….. charges a few days ago when we tested on them. “

Dr Ono said.

“Well, she missed an interesting spectacle.”, Helga said.

I’m looking forward to our next candidate the most that will undergo the growth accelerator treatment after this small break.

“Yes, our VIP guests and some of our other staffers may think male growth is a joke, but it would be the most important breakthroughs we had in a long time.”, Helga said.

“Alas, honorable Dr Braunn, when we had a breakthrough many years ago in male growth, most staffers shrugged.” Dr Ono said.

“Some like male growth as long as the women are big enough to be stronger. Many of our tallest superwomen wouldn’t mind 12- to 15-meter-tall man (50 feet). Again so long as they are smaller than the women.”, Dr Ono said.

Helga knew that Dr Ono’s statement were mostly true, but tried to keep a hopeful that others might change their minds.

“I have high expectations of our 3rd candidate, even after Mr. Lacroix only grew by 2 inches.”, Helga said.

“This breakthrough for men should earn them more respect in their respective habitats and…., Let’s continue this discussion another time”, Helga said as she saw Wendy returning and many others returning to their previous locations in the adjacent rooms.

After the break was over and all devices cooled down significantly, it was time to resume the now growth experiments and the next candidate was supposed to be Judy, but she wanted Jason to go first and hoped he grew just as tall or bigger than her. She wanted to desperately feel that experience when he was bigger and stronger than her. Judy wanted Jason to love her in the way he did before. She wanted his self-confidence back again, being among the smallest, even among the other boys and all the teenagers growing bigger away from him

“Good luck Jason”, Judy said from behind the window looking at Jason and then at the growth accelerator device with full anticipation.

“Good luck my little boy”, “Good luck son”, Jason’s twelve foot mother and 14 foot father said while standing next to Jason’s taller girlfriend.

Back in the main control room where its biggest residents gathered again to watch round 3 of this huge presentation.

Well ladies and gentlemen, that last event was the most exciting and emotional growth of the day and one we had in some time. On a pure scientific level, this one is the most anticipated process of all time.

“The growth in men has always proven more difficult, even more difficult to impossible in the more distant past.”, Helga said with a hint of sadness.

The delegates were gone, summoned somewhere else for an important meeting.

“Ok, Wendy, it’s just you, Dr.Ono and me now on this side, care to do the honors, all systems are ready”, Helga said.

“Can I really….?”, Wendy asked surprised.

“Yes, you earned this honor, now let’s make this young man grow and make history.”, Helga said.

Wendy stepped forward and looked at all the systems. She had paid detailed attention at what steps Helga and the other staffers were tacking when they initiated the previous growth sequences.

Wendy put everything at the right settings as the 3d scale of Jason was displayed.

“Ok, I think this it”, Wendy said looking at Helga as the German giantess nodded in response.’

“Are you ready, Jason?”, Wendy said through the mic.

Jason looked up, raised his hands and gave a thumbs up.

Wendy pushes the lever forward to the maximum setting and hit the red button next to it.

Jason heard weird old fashion alarm sound going off and saw the laser charging. He looked now anxious, unlike the whole Parker family, this was his first time in the growth accelerator room. It was because of his parents, who had the honor to undergo and be enlarged by the Brobdingnag procedure, that he was so tall as 8 feet.

But this was really it, even if it wasn’t super successful, every inch bigger was good……NO, he needed to be big, much bigger than he was now. His heartrate was skyrocketing….

“Relax yourself, Mr. Voorhees, this procedure is painless most of the time.”, Helga said.

Wendy chuckled hearing Dr. Braunn say that.

As the 8-foot teen was about the calm down, the laser fired its beam with full force, and the music theme started to play, different from the ones that were played during Sam’s and Scarlet’s growth.

He recognized this song too, it was something he heard multiple times before on some of the radio stations in Twin Peaks.

Now he remembered its name, it was the “633 Squardron” instrumental theme, and suddenly he felt his blue Gentech stretch suit become a little more tight and he felt his mind playing tricks on him as the dimensions of what he saw around him were changing.

Back in the control room, the monitors displayed, that the male subject was now around 10 feet tall, which meant the growth treatment already was somewhat successful at it stopped there, but to Helga that was by far not enough.

The quick growth spurt to 3 meters (10 feet) was promising, but then the growth continued much slower.

Almost 15 minutes had passed since the computers in the control room had registered first growth in the teenage boy.

“He is now close to reaching the 4 meter mark (14 feet), passage of time is 20 minutes”, Wendy reported.

“Well, at least it is still ongoing”, Dr.Ono said.

“Doing great Jason, you are almost past the 14 feet mark and the growth is still going”, Helga said as she knew that 14 foot figure was important to him.

That fact indeed made Jason happy as it meant he would be bigger than his parents, his father of 14 feet and nearing Judy’s almost 16 feet of height.

His thoughts wondered off to past events. A football game where he was star of game, back in a time when his friends were around the same height, Judy at the sidelines cheering him on. Gradually the thoughts became more negative as his friends became bigger around 12 to 14 feet tall, everything around him became much bigger, even his lovely Judy. He had the ball in his hands and everyone on the field, opponents and teammates, seemed to turn on him and ran towards them. He was surrounded by giants and even a simple tackle or body check from on of them would severely injure him, 3 or more at once would kill him. Suddenly one by one they were thrown of the field by 2 gigantic hands until there were none. The giantess was his girlfriend Judy who looked at him with a warm look. “Grow my champion”, she said as he started to grow, eventually a little bigger than his love.

As he snapped out of his thoughts, the young adult noticed subtle changes around his person.

The growth’s pace was increasing again.

After 35 minutes

“He is passed the 4.5 meter mark”, Wendy said.

“That means he is nearing the size of Judy”, Helga said.

“Wow, growth speed is increasing he is passing the 5 meter mark, 5.5 meters even”, Wendy said.

In a strange minute of extreme growth, the fastest ever recorded, he went from 4.5 meters, to almost 6 meters. The size expanding of the young man than slowed down to almost a halt while the subject was about to exceed that threshold.

“Jason, congratulations, you are now officially the biggest man on the planet.”, Helga said with great joy.

Jason started to turn his face, motioning it slowly in every direction.

Familiar and unfamiliar faces behind the glass windows were visibly satisfied, celebrations were starting in different degrees of pace and passion.

He saw his now arrived parents looking happy and proud. All around people of different sizes, of loved ones of fans. He couldn’t hide the ecstatic feelings anymore as they smashed the walls of his pride and came to the surface for all to see. When he heard the words of 72 foot tall doctor replaying in his head again it finally hit him that he had to be at least be bigger than 18 feet, which meant he was noticeable taller than his girlfriend.

Right at this moment Jason couldn’t wait and just wanted to run in the arms of his girlfriend, showing his size and strength to her.

A very good reason and incentive stopped him from doing just that as he felt that his body was still expanding, albeit very slowly, his size was still increasing.

Wendy saw the normally very composed Helga looking at a giant man much smaller than her with a joy like a kind in candy store.

She could vaguely hear Helga say, “Thank you, Wendy”.

“I know how he must feel, being significantly smaller than your friends, that they at some point left you far behind in size…. “, Wendy said.

As the intern returned her eyes to the screens the growth activity counter pointed out the value zero for several minutes. The college boy had stopped growing, which meant the procedure was over.

“26 feet and 4 inches, that is the final size result of this procedure”, Wendy said looking at Helga.

On the screen, ‘Brobdingnag procedure successfully concluded’.

Jason had only one thing on his mind, he had to compare sizes with his Judy and show her his strength and worth. He had to see the girl that supported him through all these though times and show her his gratitude and love.

Here the next chapter. Chapter 21.
TMI - Chapter 21 - 50% doneChapter 21 - Relaxing and Torture?“Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, tits!”, swear words of a certain talented performer came from the huge television set reaching three observers sitting on the grey sofa over a 50-meter distance.Laughter came from all three of them as this genius of comedy had some interesting life lessons to teach.“What is this program… I have never seen this show before”, Wendy said to her 2 charges sitting on her naked upper legs that were closed tight together.“That is the Great George Carlin, you really never heard of him before Ms. Wendy?”, Bruce said from his encased position, encased by the right hand of his appointed handler, fingers curling around him in a softest comfortable manor. “Hmm, what a handsome fellow”, The intern thought out loud with a whispered voice she thought Bruce and Genie wouldn’t hear.From Wendy’s left-hand Genie chuckled and a light smile came on her face that her childhood friend noticed. Bruce was aware Genie had a hard time adjusting to what was happening since that faithful day when their world beliefs were challenged by their encounters with creatures so vast and powerful in appearance.It was hard for him to come to terms dealing with this stuff too, but his soon-to-be wife had it mentally rougher when being captured and the all uncertainty that came with these ordeals. Almost getting that weird fluid shot up her ass by that crazy doctor, and seeing Paul’s wife much bigger than him was hard. A meeting, for the second time, with their captor Helga and the conversation between them, had given her hope. The time spend in habitat 16 did her good and with the young adult Dutch giantess as their caretaker she got a positive feeling as long as they were able to keep her satisfied there was a chance for freedom. Alas that bigger red-haired giantess, who seems to be the intern’s superior, remind his wife…reminded him in a subtle way what would happen if they crossed their handler enough.Luckily their handler didn’t go too far with the request and would give them both their privacy in their villa in the terrarium which did Genie wonders.But now, they weren’t in the comforts of room 419 as Wendy had to be a few days in the Japanese section for some important occasions, they were told. Their giant caretaker decided to take them in a small carrier with her to an apartment room at Kyoto station.The decoration of the room was beautiful, from the soft carpet floor of the small room apartment of Japanese Kanto region design to the ceiling. The size of this room was only important for the biggest of giants, for the normal-sized people everything was at least the size of a sports Arenas or huge warehouses.As the show ended, the atmosphere became a little awkward. Wendy looked down at her two charges, sitting comfortably leaning on her index fingers, and tried to think of what to do or say next.This strange little side project she has been given a few weeks ago seemed easy enough. The intern already had a significant time of good practice and learning experiences with the inhabitants of Kraffendorf Mansion, but in that situation, there were clear rules and guidelines and these people were more vocal than the couple she got from habitat 16.Here in this setting it seems as if they were like some sort of pets, as she was allowed much more diverse interaction with them. The intern was sure that the couple was here to judge her actions but on what merits? It didn’t help that these two were hard to read and didn’t act like any other normal-sized people she encountered. They acted scared sometimes and didn’t give tips or examples of what Wendy should do to pass this test.Sometimes Wendy thought of them as damn good actors instructed by Helga to carry out their assignment.Luckily, not so long-ago Cindy gave her some good tips and some more provocative ones at what she and her two friends could do.“Well, that was a good show, I like to watch more of them some other time”, Wendy said breaking the silence.“Can I pick you up again, I’m going to put you on the table”The pair answered positively as expected, as the hands started to close around them until the grip was sturdy enough to be lifted of her upper legs onto the table.“There you go”, Wendy said after she deposit Bruce and Genie on the wooden table in front of the sofa.Seeing Wendy standing uprising to full size, Bruce suddenly said something to break the tension.“Ms. Wendy, do you want me to do something for you?”, Bruce asked with a yelling voice.Wendy was surprised and said, “I’m going to take bath in that huge tub they build in that shower room…… you could join me if you like?”, Wendy asked, that last part of the sentence in a more awkward tone.Genie looked at Bruce and saw him thinking and suddenly instinct took over.“WE, can do something for you, and I and MY MAN will join you”, Genie said firmly putting emphasis on the words ‘We’ and ‘My man’.The giantess looked straight at Genie eyes wide as she never heard such firm words come from out of this timid woman from the first time, she had encountered her.She clung on to Bruce making it clear that she would be part of this new territory activity their handler had in mind. Bruce loved this reaction and put his arm around her and looked up again at Wendy.“Of course, Ms. Genie, I meant you two both, when I suggested it”, Wendy said.Bruce and Wendy still looked at each other, trying to see what the other was feeling, thinking, or the reasoning behind it. Each of them thinking how the other would judge them. The intern to score points and getting them to give Helga positive reviews on this side project and Bruce to score points with this young giantess so she could relate positive words about their behavior which in turn could lessen their captivity on the Island.“Alright then, let’s do this”, Wendy said.“Do you mind sitting in the carrier, I need one hand free to carry my other stuff”, Wendy said.They complied and walked to the carrier that was also on the table. It was the white-colored standard one which looked like an oversized portable hamster cage with the difference there was comfortable seating on each side.“Thud, Thud, Thud, Thud”, soft thuds were heard as these floors were made to absorb the shockwave of walking giants such as Wendy.“Ladies and Gentlemen, we arrived at our destination”, Wendy said after entering the luxurious spacy bathroom. The lights went on automatically and some pleasant Japanese music started to play. The whole floor had a pattern of light brown tiles and the walls were decorated with white tiles and some interesting Japanese paintings on the wall of a Samurai, a castle in the background with an A6M-zero-fighter plane above it, and overall, a pre–WWII Japanese flag with a red big bowl in the middle representing the sun and those red rays surrounding it.Wendy put down her new underwear near one of the walls and walked further to the huge bathtub and placed the carrier in the furthest corner and opened its lock.The giantess turned the red-colored lever of the crane for hot water and enormous pressure build was being created by powerful machinery hidden away from view. The water then came with full force through the pipeline as it neared its final semi obstacle the metal filter of the crane, a split-second later bursting through it pouring down into to spacious basin.Bruce and Genie watched from the sides as the lake-sized tub was filling rapidly with hundreds of gallons of steaming hot water.Wendy then turned the blue lever of the crane, balancing the temperature of the water into an acceptable hot temperature for the human skin. In the corner, she spotted a bottle with light green liquid in it and guessing it was some Japanese bathing lotion. The young 20-year-old girl started immediately to undress herself until nothing was covering her 118.000-kilogram (260.000 lbs) body.She poured the lotion into the hot water and decided it was time to test the water. Slowly her huge big toe from her right foot was dipped in like scout checking of the area was safe for the rest of the body to follow.It seemed ok as Bruce and Genie watched with great interest the spectacle of long legs following the path of the big toe deeper into the water and then seeing Wendy moving into a sitting position.Bruce kept staring at the young woman lowering her upper body which meant it was getting closer to their position, creating somewhat the illusion in his mind that those parts grew showing the more erotic parts in increasing detail.The huge amount of pubic hair made her already gigantic genitals look even bigger, like a huge cave. Then he craned his neck higher to see the most massive naked tits he’d ever see, only 2nd to the covered ones of his captor and each bigger in length than any woman he met back home in the US. Wendy’s baggy/roomie upper body clothing had always masked her bosom.“Eyes right here, sweety”, Genie said which startled Bruce out of his trance and focused on a Genie who had already taken of some clothes. She appeared not to mind being completely naked as she took off her bra. Bruce was amazed that his fiancée didn’t mind displaying her naked body to someone who was a stranger or even their warden.By now Wendy's body was completely in the water only her head, shoulders and the top of her boobs were above the water.“I just left your suitcase with your clothes in it near the carrier, suit up and enjoy the water, the temperature is just good.”, Wendy said with a calmer more satisfying look, the hot water and lotion were taking effect on her body.Wendy was looking at Genie with a slanted eye and checked how beautiful her body was, not just her face.It made her window feel a slightly uncomfortable as she thought back to how insignificant she felt compared to her friends when standing next to them in the shower after volleyball practice.“No need, I think I will swim like this”, Genie said.“You want me to get naked too or should I get my swimming pants”, Bruce asked.“You decide my dear”, Genie said as she suddenly jumped into the water.Her boyfriend was stunned by her bravado, he had only seen that before when she had a few drinks. To be safe he walked around the narrow corner of the cage to get to his suit and undressed himself and put on a swim short.When he was ready, he took a good look at water and so huge space of its was being taken by the intern’s flesh above it swam his woman Genie. Seeing this made him so anxious and aroused that he couldn’t take it any longer and with a sudden burst of speed, he dove in the water like a cannonball. SPLASH!! Wendy was amused by the cute minor impact that splash had as if a small doll fell into the water in combination that Bruce acted as if he was a massive cannonball making a huge impact which from Wendy’s perspective made only a slightly less insignificant splash.Bruce swam quickly to his girlfriend who tried to race him, but Bruce quickly caught up as they drew closer to Wendy’s upper body and breast.The three were started to get increasingly relaxed as the chemicals in the water seep into their bodies until it reached a point, which made Wendy go through a semi-dream state thinking back at what occurred in the morning. The last growth session ended in a male, a young boy named Jason Voorhees, growing around 3 times his size before her eyes behind the glass. His smaller girlfriend running towards him.The festivities were going in the growth accelerator room as loves ones hugged each other and others for the success of this trial run.Judy was swung around, hugged, and eventually kissed, being carefully and yet forcefully rough handled by this now hulk of a man.“I’m so happy for you, Jason. You look really great.”, Judy said as she surprised her 25-foot-tall boyfriend by extending her arms to wrap them behind his much thicker neck with more force than ever before.His parents looked from the background with great joy and at the same time, his mother couldn’t wait to hug her little boy, who now looked as he instantly became a man.This was the final growth process for today, next week would be another session, with Mr. and Mrs. Voorhees, 2 others, and probably Judy.Sam and Scarlet were overseeing it from a distance. “No Scarlet, stay here, let your sister and Jason have this moment”, Sam said.“Ah, mom, I won’t hurt him, he is stronger now”, Scarlet said.Those were nice family moments as Wendy reviewed these scenes in her head with some kindred emotion. It had already been several months since she had physical contact with the outside world. For a moment a brief moment, though she was fed up with that life and finally found happiness/motivation in this incredible place to move forward, good memories appeared to the surface.Alas somewhere else in the Hive, there were others, that didn’t have a great time that day. As we ventured through the darker corridors, in a barely lit room….“Leave him alone”, Stacy yelled as she banged on the plexiglass with both her fist of one of the wall’s weird complexions she found herself in. Her anger and concern were directed at the feminine but the huge threatening right hand of Dr. Sarah Ming who was transporting her lover into another room of the strange structure. This contraption consisted of 5 cube-like rooms in total with one in the center that bordered on the four others, each with the dimensions of 6 by 6 by 6 meters. All of them were completely made of see-through plexiglass.Stacy’s husband found himself positioned in the center cube, in the left cube there were a group of men in orange shirts and in the other cube in front were some women in orange clothing and in the other…. Stacy couldn’t believe her eyes just as Paul did… they were some reptilians… they seemed like the extinct raptors they had seen in sci-fi movies. The people who looked up could see Dr. Ming’s annoyed face as she looked from above down at them with piercing eyes. In her hands, she had more people in the orange suits. And kept putting them inside of the cubes surrounding the center cube. 3 men and 2 women and they looked aggressive. Slowly the anxiety grew with increasing speed as he somewhat thought he got the idea what this experiment was about and then turned his head in the direction of his wife with a sad look that said, “I don’t know if this will end well”. Stacy looked at him confused, but also some subtle feeling of dread started to creep into her huge body.The 3 men in orange overalls were arguing among themselves, until a huge arm cast a shadow on them only to the giant hand of the mad scientist removing the wall, sliding it upwards. Now with the whole Plexiglas wall between Dr. Ming’s index finger and thumb, there was nothing separating the three savage-looking men with our Canadian friend, Paul Lacrouix. I have already written a huge chunk of the other 50%. But I have to edit and perfect it to make each action/situation make full sense and most fun/interesting for the reader. Because of a to busy life schedule, I wasn't finished with this whole chapter a few weeks ago.
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Thanks for the comment, Joe22181. Hope you enjoy them.

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Awesome story.

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great chapter. we got to see a lot of growth. I'm surprised Scarlet grew that much wow. it's also interesting seeing Helga show the procedure and results to the person named Ono who we have not met. They don't seem interested in growing males but Jason really grew enough for Judy finally. Nice to see Wendy be present for the growth. Hope we see what the evil Dr Ming is up to and more of Helga too

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Indeed, we will see more of Dr. Ming and her terrariums of many different humans.

More of the male giants. More intrigues and revelations. More development of events.

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Hope it is good enough. 😀 I'm working on chapter 21.

Great new chapter. Glad to see how big scarlet got.

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