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Chapter 19 – Let's grow, Part 1

Samantha Parker laid on a bed that was just made for her size and the room had a familiar scent. Doctors and nurses walked around her giving her a dosage of all sorts of fluids. As the sheriff of Twin Peaks looked up at the ceiling, Sam remembered the first time when she started the Brobdingnag treatment and especially the ones for her two daughters.

The past

Scarlet and Judy had suffered some sort of muscle disease and the doctors’ prognoses back in the US were that they would at best reach their twenties. Scarlet's situation seemed to be more dire. They were approached by people who said they could cure her daughters if she and her family would take part in a revolutionary fringe medical experiment.

They had to make a trip to a mysterious Island and had to sign papers that if they went along with it, they could never leave the Island again. Sam was beyond desperate at that point and saving the lives of her children came first, so she made her choice.

When arriving on the Island, the mother was surprised at what she saw. State of the Art mechanical and medical equipment, many things never seen before.

There Ms.Parker met Dr.Braunn and officer Roy Mesner. When meeting the doctor, she immediately was surprised at the size of the man. He had to be the tallest man in the world as she measured him around 2.80 meters tall.

“You must be Samantha Parker and this young lady must be Judy, my name is Gherhardt, Dr. Gherhardt Braunn. A pleasure to meet you both”, Dr. Braunn said as he saw the shy teenage girl hide behind her mother.

Sam saw this huge black-haired doctor extend his huge hand and she did the same and shook his hand.

“Nice to meet you, Dr. Braunn.”, Sam said.

“Please, just call me, Gherhardt”, He said with a smile.

Doctor Gherhardt gave a quick mini-tour of part of the facility and explained how the procedure would work and that they have tested the procedure with success on other people suffering from a variety of deadly diseases including the type of muscle disease Scarlet has.

Sam’s eyes went wide and her mouth fell open with amazement, for a moment forgetting why she was here in the first place, being too impressed by all of it. The doctor's word giving her a little hope.

“Here we are, Ms. Parker.”, Dr Gherhardt said.

They now stood in front of a huge double door and then walked into a medical room where Sam saw another door in the back of the room and through the glass some staffers where visible who were already busy with the 3-year-old Scarlet preparing her for the Brobdingnag treatment.

Samantha was pressing her head to the glass to get a better view of the doctors working on her youngest daughter. Her daughter was lying there unconscious and peaceful. She still remembered how the doctors in the US had given her Scarlet a maximum of 1 year to live before her vital organs would stop functioning.

That news had sent shivers down the mother’s spine and was desperate to try anything.

Sam was already happy that her daughter had less frequent dangerous attacks than before and the treatment was working at some level. The young child had to be transported in a special way as she was very ill and without proper care could have died on that trip.

“We can cure her almost completely, Ms. Parker, but we will have to increase the dosage and put her in our special ray room to complete the procedure, there are some side effects, not dangerous ones but noticeable”.

“What side effects, if it is not dangerous, then please proceed”, the anxious mother said.

The doctor took a deep breath preparing himself for what to say next.

“You have never asked me about my......, let's say my rather unusual built”, Gherhardt said calmly.

The mother looked thoughtfully at the doctor of German descent.

“Ok?!... Your size is impressive, but what does that have to do with Scarlet?”, Sam asked.

The matriarch of the Parker family let the cryptic sentence of the man sink in to her thoughts and then it hit her.

“I see that you are thinking about it. When I arrived here many years ago, I was 1,79m tall”, the doctor said. Some of our procedures have side effects, one of them is proportional growth.

“My little girl will grow?”, said Sam somewhat surprised and in disbelief.

“Yes, she probably will, and proportionately so she will look the same after it, and as I pointed out before, no negative other side effects”. The doctor said in the most reassuring tone he could muster.

“I don’t mind if she grows 6 feet tall, as long as it cures her, then I’m all for it.”, the desperate mother said with a hint of hope in her voice.

“It will Ms. Parker”, Dr. Braun pointed out with conviction.

The doctor opened the door to the room and asked Sam to follow him into the room where the staff was done preparing her daughter.

Sam and her oldest daughter followed the doctor inside the room. The room was dimly lit with bright lights focused on Scarlet and the bed she lay on. There Sam and Judy talked with their daughter slash sister, showing support and affection.

“We should start the procedure now, doctor Gherhardt.”, one of the staff personnel said.

“Alright, Rudy. Ok, this is it, people. Scarlet has to go into the special room where we can’t follow”, the doctor said to Sam and Judy.

The family moved away from Scarlet’s bed, and were replaced by some staffers who drove the hospital bed with Scarlet on it to another chamber.

The doctor hit some switches and lights went on in the next room and through the large window an enormous room became visible for Scarlet's family when they saw Scarlet’s bed being moved to the center

At the unconscious Scarlet, rays were emitted, and then her mother and her other daughter looked in wonder as they saw Scarlet getting bigger. It was subtle but at the edges of the bed, it was clear her body was expanding.

When the procedure was over, even from their distance it was clear that she looked much healthier than before. When the doctor said it was ok to enter the room, they moved with increasing pace towards Scarlet covering the distance in mere seconds.

Sam and Judy were in complete wonder and joy to see Scarlet so healthy that they even forgot they were hugging the second biggest human they’d seen before. The daughter, the little sister’s health was the only thing they could see.

Sam then turned around as she heard the doctor approaching.

She jumped and hugged Dr. Braunn his chin leaning on her shoulder as she let out a tear.

“Thank you, Dr. Braunn.... I mean Gherhardt”, an extremely happy emotional Sam said.

The 9-foot man could feel the emotion and gratitude and hugged the beautiful Samantha back lifting her of the ground because of the size difference.

She then left his embrace and asked, “Can this be done for my eldest daughter Judy too?”

“We certainly can, Ms. Parker.” a loud female voice through speaker said as Sam looked behind searching for the origin of the voice.

“We can also do the procedure on you so that a possible future child won’t inherit the condition/decease.”

O yes, I want you to meet my sister Helga, I think little Scarlet already met her.

“Mom, it is the huge lady”, Scarlet says.

“Another big person like Dr. Gherhardt?”, Sam asked

“No, he is small”, Scarlet said as she turned her head and looked at, unimpressed, by the slightly taller height and tin physique of the almost 3-meter-tall man.

Little tremors began to come louder and seemed to appear from that huge door and when it finally opened………

Sam never forgot that pivotal moment of miracles coming from that door and from there on out over the years she and her family grew even a dozen inches more. It felt a little troubling and bizarre at first, but the happiness and health of her daughters and the friendly town she would come to live in were worth the price of never leaving this Mysterious Island again.

Back in the present

After these satisfying thoughts concluded in her mind, she was ready for her second procedure. The sheriff of Twin Peaks wondered how large she would be after the procedure. Would it be only a few inches, a few feet and how fast would she grow afterward? Would she eventually become a full giant, would her children become full giants and be immune to almost any deadly illness this planet had to offer mankind?

She kept thinking about it as the small hands of the normal-sized people were fondling over her body and were now preparing her to get up. Sam stood up and walked to the door made for mini-Giants like her.

Inside the growth accelerator room, the small giantess looked up at the different windows. Each of these rooms was meant for a different size range of a multi-sized staff working there. She looked at the window of a mid-sized giant room where she saw Scarlet waving at her and then her gaze felt on the biggest set of windows, the room where the full-sized giants resided.

Wendy was there, next to Helga and Hilda accompanied by a group of Japanese scientists. In front of them, closest to the window what appeared to be normal-sized people if she guessed right, were clearly smaller than Scarlet. They were dressed very well which in turn made them seem like important people, but she couldn’t recognize them and had never seen them before in Ismaning or Twin Peaks.

“Well then Ms. Francesca and Ms. Necaxa, ready to see history be written again for mankind?”, Helga said proudly to the delegates of the GenTech Argentine Branch and the Mexico Branch.

“Let’s call it female kind and advancement”, Francesca said

“Now, now, this new procedure could also help the men grow a little bigger and maybe breaking the 20-foot threshold.”, Helga said.

The biggest among them is 18 feet tall and took a very long time to achieve that height?”, Necaxa asked semi rhetorical and with a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

“Well, as a matter of fact, we have a fine young man of 2.44m tall (8 feet) lined up ready for this experiment after Ms.Parker and her youngest daughter are done.”, Helga said with pride to the most powerful women of the GenTech conglomerate.

The Swiss, Spanish, and Rotterdam delegates were just watching every second of their surroundings with wonder.

The GenTech representative from the Rotterdam branch had his eyes specifically locked on the red-haired giantess. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her because he couldn’t imagine that she was a citizen of the same city he was not too long ago.


Scarlet was being prepped by the doctors and nurses who were double-checking everything. The last necessary chemical fluids were put into her body to maximize the triggering of certain dormant genes.

When that was done, all the tubes and needles were taken out of her body. The doctors had to exert force to get them off her arms as to them she was the size of a huge muscled bouncer.

Scarlet felt better, her collapse was nothing too serious, but it scared her mother that in turn, she got a little worried.

The nurses and doctors notice the young girl’s subtle sad demeanor as if she was about to lose hope. Some of them tried to talk courage into her and it worked a little as she forced in a little smile.

“You can stand up now, you are more ready for this treatment than ever”. One of the doctors said.

“Just in time, they are escorting your mother to the growth accelerator room.”, another doctor said looking through the window on the second floor as she saw her come out from the ground floor on the opposite side.

Scarlet got up quickly and got off the medical bed and with a quick pace walked to the window to see her mother being prepared by two much smaller people in white lab coats and mint green colored pants.

This growth accelerator room was bigger and looked more modern than the one she visited when arriving on the Island. It had more floors and size measurement bars went al up to 40 meters. She could see the biggest giants on the floor above her with a clearly much bigger window and next to them a smaller window with strange people she never saw before.


Sam Parker’s growth

“Ok, Miss Parker, you know the drill, stand within this area and wait until you get the signal that the process is fully done.”, the female doctor said as she walked away with her coworkers back to the room they came from.

“To our honored guests up there, watch this process closely, it will knock your socks off”, Helga said to the outside GenTech liaisons above in the small mini top floor room.

This advice wasn’t necessary as the guest were already glued to the window.

The lights behind the windows and the ones in the accelerator rooms started to dim and then some Japanese tune started to go and the countdown started.

Many thoughts crossed her mind, this wasn’t new for her as she went through this process some years ago, what was different and she was anxious about was her relationship with Mark Steiner. He had been an excellent co-worker, friend…….a very good lover to her, and a father figure for her children.

He was very accepting of their size difference and even supported and made it clear he would stay with her and the kids even if she would be the size of Helga. But with their last night of passion, she felt that he was anxious.

It was also visible in his facial expressions as he tried to hide it from her. She reassured him that everything would be alright, that she would love him no matter how much size difference become between them.

At a point, she had to convince herself and started to doubt to go through with the growth process, but then she instantly remembered why she was doing this in the first place.

Her youngest daughter’s collapse a few days ago made it clear that her muscle failing disease wasn’t gone but only delayed. Significantly and slow-moving, but still there… and increasing.

Her resolve came back and with Mark passionately supporting her what’s best for Scarlet and the whole Parker family itself, made her resolve even stronger to the point of volunteering to go first and testing the new procedure before Scarlet was allowed to undergo the process. The chances things could go wrong, were extremely minimal, but Sam was willing to sacrifice relationships, even for a few percentages of extra certainty for her daughter's safety.

As on cue, the moment she sorted out her thoughts and was focused again on the now the counter reach zero and the device fired a laser towards her.

Above on the top floor, the audience consisting of high members of GeneticsTech around the world was vividly watching the experiment take place.

Suddenly they saw something they were told was coming, but still, they had to check if their eyes weren’t deceiving them.

“Increasing power outage reports coming in for Kyoto and Kobe station. Large parts of villages without power, non-essential. All essential areas still operational as expected.”, Dr Ono said.

In the accelerator room, Sam began the notice subtle changes in the environment, she quickly looked at her naked feet and noticed 2 of her toes on each foot had crossed the border of the red square.

“It is working, thank god, ….thank you, Wendy, you saved my family”, as she looked upward in Wendy’s direction smiling at her.

Sam then looked down at her toes again, seeing that another 2 toes on both feet had crossed the border of the red rectangle she was standing on and finally, her 2 pinky toes did as well.

The Sherriff of Twin Peaks now looked straight at the other side of the room, there was no more need to search for clues as her surroundings clearly were visibly shrinking in her line of sight which meant the growth process accelerated.

Suddenly it quickly slowed down and seemed to stop completely.

“Well, it seemed to process has finished”, Dr. Ono said ready to turn off the laser.

“Leave it on a little longer please, I want every possible centimeter of height added to her as a good starting point”

Dr. Ono did just that and waited for a little. It took a little while but then it really stopped at the addition of 17.1 extra centimeters and the device was turned off and the big lights came back on.

Samantha turned around and looked up at the measurement ruler on the wall the figures 7 and 8 were just visible above which her brain quickly interpreted she had to be above 6 meters tall at least. She placed her right hand on her head until the side of her index finger touched the wall and turned around keeping her hand steady.

“6.8 meters……That means I’m around 20 feet tall”, Sam said out loud.

She turned her head towards the other ruler on the side, “My gosh 22 feet even”.

“22 feet and 4 inches to be exact, Samantha San”, Dr. Ono said from her control panel.

“Congratulations Sam, almost 7 meters”. Helga said clearly with excitement in her voice.

She looked around and before she could fully grasp what it meant to be double her size, one of the unlocked doors opened and Scarlet came out running towards her with high speed.

Normally it would be scary to see a 12 foot 10-year-old coming running towards you, even as a 10 feet tall adult woman, but this time Scarlet didn’t look intimidating, in fact, she looked even smaller just before they decided to travel to the Island.

When Scarlet was nearing her mother’s position, she could actually see, that her mother was taller than her, much taller. Now with confidence, she increased her speed to give her a big strong hug.

Sam also looked emotional and held out her arms as Scarlet dove in her grown mother's chest, while Sam closed her arms around her daughter and lifted her off the ground. Something she wasn’t able to do for years.

The display was very emotional as tried to hide a few tears, as the people around watched the spectacle with great satisfaction for obvious reasons and some more hidden reasons. Sam’s relief and happiness came from the knowledge that if the treatment worked on her, it should certainly work on Scarlet.

That thought made her lower her youngest child and then slowly retracted her arms until she was fully released.

“Your next my little devil”, Sam said with a proud smile.

“I can’t wait mom, I’m going to be big like you, maybe mega big like Heidi or Brenda, or even bigger…”, Scarlet said enthusiastically stopping midsentence as she was caught off by her mom.

“We will see, little princess, listen carefully to the doctors and do exactly what they say and it will be fine.”, Sam Parker said.

The 22-foot 4 inches mother then walked back to the door from which she came to meet up with her fiancée.

Scarlet saw her mother's upper body moving through the glass window of that particular room and then suddenly bending to lift up Mark with ease in the air as she hugged him. The idea of him being so small compared to her mother made her laugh and made her focus on her second Brobdingnag treatment.

Now only Scarlet and 2 doctors remained to escort her to the red square. Like her mom she was also wearing a blue GenTech stretch-suit, that could withstand an expansion increase of 5 times in all three dimensions, length, width, height.

The doctors explained some stuff to Scarlet and quickly left the room. The ok signals were given and the lights in the accelerator room dimmed again.

Some sort of anime music was put on again, it was a song from the Ultimate Girl series called Fighting Girlie.

The crazy rhythm of the drums was catchy and Scarlet moved a little to that beat. (Here the song,

“For her you have to fire maximum possible sustained burst.”, Helga said to Dr.Ono.

“Yes off course, hope the new and improved installed power generators made in Berlin station are up to the task, they were not fully tested with our systems yet.”, Dr Ono said.

“Don’t worry, our engineers did enough testing and this young child needs this now and can’t wait a couple of weeks.” Helga said.

The laser was shot at her. Immediately the growth kicked in and she experienced some intense pain.

“Somethings wrong Helga, she shouldn’t experience this kind of pain.”, Dr. Ono said

“No, everything is fine, this is the body fighting off the mutant cells, it should decrease opposite towards her expanding”, Helga said with a louder confident voice as if it was a universal constant vibrating like an echo through the whole.

As her growth started, is if on cue the music shifted into a more cheerful beat.

“The daughter appears to be expanding faster than her mother”, Dr. Ono said as she watched her screen. 12.5, …………..13,……..14 feet…,16 feet….,18 feet.., the growth speed was increasing, and with that, the groans of pain were decreasing, which completely disappeared as she reached the 19-foot mark.

“30 seconds, she passed the 20-foot mark in only 30 seconds and is still growing”, Dr. Ono said excitedly.

21 feet, …23 feet, …..25 feet, …….27 feet, …….29 feet, ……..30 feet, …….31 feet….. the growth speed was definitely decreasing when it passed the 20 feet mark but felt like a long way from stopping.

“Little Scarlet past the 10-meter mark”, Helga said calmly, but loud enough that the delegation could hear that number………

End of part 1

Here the link to chapter 20 - Let's Grow Part 2

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Cant hardly wait for chapter 20. Love it! Hope to see sometime maybe Wendy going once more into the accelerator room, or maybe staying behind by mistake and growing some more! Wishful thinking!

Barrowman2012's avatar

How the growth procedure work will be revealed in the coming chapters. The growth accelerator machine usually can be used once and forces the max growth out of the body and from there on out the person will grow slowly into a full giant. That can take up six months or 3 years or longer or everything in between. Using the accelerator again on the same person has no effect. (more detail about it will be explained in the coming chapters)

But with this new and improved treatment with new chemicals shot into the body of the subjects, they wanted to test if the accelerator could help again. And the result was, yes.

How they made these sudden breakthroughs in the Brobdingnag treatment we will find out in the coming chapters.

Hard to say if Wendy will grow more, she is already a full giant. But who knows. ;)

Thanks for the interest and comments, tantro14. :)

Go Scarlet , grow Scarlet at least 170 feet tall. Boufbowl Cheerleaders - Yellow

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Very optimistic. :) The mechanics how the growth work and why the results are so different, I will explain on the way. We are close to those chapters. Eventually every normal sized person who undergoes the Brobdingnag treatment will grow 10 to max 12 times their size. Fumiko Kawasaki and maybe Heidi are very rare mutants, that is why Fumiko is 140 feet tall. But the reader doesn't know if she was born a giant or normal sized person.

Yeah, I'm trying to be optimistic. Scarlet always had negative attention because of her illness, so it would probably be a welcome change if the illness and other things now gave her a unique size and positive attention. I could imagine that Scarlet would love the reactions of others and would enjoy helping with things that no one else can.

But I think I understand what you wanted to explain, but I hope a little, because doesn't that mean that all good things come in threes?

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Indeed. The more growth, the more immune people seem to get for deceases or other defiencies.

Have the feeling Scarlet is going to be alright. She already passed the 10 meter mark (30 feet) and is at least bigger than her mother, much bigger. I haver exact size written in chapter 20.

then can hardly wait for chapter 20.

but like you say most i hope she is fine and happy.

Do you already have plans for when Heidi will play a bigger role in the story?

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Hi Tienni. She will have some scenes in several chapters and maybe encounters with some smaller trespassers/visitors.;)

The gauntlet is down. You can’t take criticism for your terrible art and stories. Weird that you list yourself as a professional with your generic, ugly style , Mary sue characters, pathetic fetish and poor shading.

Where's your stories? Or do you just talk shit without anything to back you up?

Have you not read X files?

So not only do you talk shit without being able to back it up, but you also make terrible attempts at jokes

... maybe mega big like Heidi or Brenda, or even bigger…”, Scarlet said enthusiastically... it's a shame that it won't happen, it would be interesting if her hopes were soon exceeded by far and would also also be a nice twist for her. :D

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In part 2, Scarlets size will be revealed.

There are a few surprises.

Thanks for the comment. Apeboj :)

fantastic chapter that explores more of the members of genetics tech from other countries! are they all giants as well? also when you mentioned Mr Braun i thought it would be Helga's husband who I'm still hopeful that we'll see but it was her brother after all. The tremors as she gets closer to humans always fascinates me in showing her sheer size and weight. I'm happy the parker family is growing and hopefully the boyfriend doesn't take it personally. I really missed this story!! great to have you back my friend

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Hi alyx21. Thanks for your feedback, like always. :) It guides me if I'm on the right path with this story. :)

Yes, the husband is indeed interesting. Who is he, where is he, is he alive or death, what are his motives and how were his interactions between Helga and the children.

The Parker family motivations for undergoing the treatment was never that they would grow, but for her children to avoid an aweful life that would end in a painful death. Scarlet would be dead without her first treatment.

Mark's fear for feeling more insignificant compared to them fights against his feelings for Sam and wellbeing for her and her children.

Amazing chapter!

My wishlist for part 2:

Since part 1 focussed so heavily on Sam and Scarlet, have part 2 open-up with Judy and Jason!

For Judy and Jason's growth, lets have Judy experience the same fast growth as Scarlet, However, worried that she might still be bigger than Jason, Judy fights her growth, causing it to stop around 30ft.

Unfortunately, it ends up being all for naught, as Jason barely grew at all, not even beating her former height of 15ft.

Judy and Jason then hear an uproar and the POV switches back to Sam.

Just like with Wendy, the machine that was growing Scarlet malfunctions and fills the room with smoke. Worried for her daughter, Sam ignores the docters and rushes into the growth room. Though unable to propperly see, she makes contact with who she thinks is Scarlet and gets to leave with her, but finds herself unable to budge her. It is only when the docters ventilate the room that Sam regains her vision and realizes that what she was converging with was actually one of Scarlet's legs!

Scarlet was now a full child giantess at 44ft 8inches (2x Sam's size).

Barrowman2012's avatar

Here a very small preview. I'm working had on part 2.

Chapter 20 – Let’s grow Part 2

Smoke and dust settled, and the laser was done doing its work pushing the growth of ‘little’ 12-foot-sickly-10 year-old to the maximum. Only a few hours in the growth accelerator room had past, and many growth records and breakthroughs had been witnessed in the adjacent rooms surrounding like a theater stand.

Samantha and Scarlet’s growths were most impressive in the time they took and Scarlet’s was only second to Wendy’s unique exceptional growth speed.

Dr. Ono, Helga and the rest of the staff present looked out for these test with great anticipation and hoped, expected a continuation…., but even with the decades of experience in seeing human bodies expending, these result were more exciting, In fact, with the history behind it that led up to this success made it so emotionally satisfying.

Helga looked from behind her huge window straight down to the object of most interest at the moment as she saw 2 smaller figures from her side in them room below, running towards that same in-size-expanded-object.

Between the man and woman was also a substantial size disparity, which made the 22 foot 4 inches giantess reach her daughter much faster, but even if they were equal sizes, the mother’s motivations alone were enough to win that race with an enormous margin.

Bam!!! Samantha finally collided with Scarlet in one of the most emotional embraces of a parent and child Mark Steiner had seen in a while. It was also hard to tell in that moment between the much smaller more emotional woman and the calmer much bigger child who the parent or daughter was.

But the extremely happy Sherriff from Twin Peaks, wasn’t focused or interested in the least about the size difference, her brain only registered how healthy her beloved Scarlet appeared to her view.

Scarlet’s dark skin grey/blueish skin was completely gone and replaced by the same skin color her mother had.


Part 2 will also focus on Jason, Judy, Dr Ming and maybe the delegates.

Maybe some other interesting revelations. ;)

Thanks for your vast interest in the story. More reviews, positive or more critical will motivate me more to write.:)

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Thank you very much, Duijkers. I was afraid that people wouldn’t find it good enough, I was constantly holding back to post it, now I wanted to post it. I think I will add even more detail late on. :) Love your suggestions and they are very interesting and detailed. :)

Jason and Judy will also have something interesting, maybe an last minute extra grow guest, ;)

Great chapter, but what a cliffhanger! Can't wait to see how big she ends up!

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Thanks for the compliment grya1212. This motivates me. I will do my best for part 2. :) Much will happen in this story and have to make sure everything checks out. :)

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