Stitch iPhone 4 wallpaper 3
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For all Stitch fans and iPhone 4 users.

feel free to use it on your iPhones but Only for the ones who owns the Stitch casings.

This is Stitch's back for all who has the Stitch iPhone Case. [link]

it will make your iPhones with the Stitch casing look complete and don't worry about the colors of your iPhones are.

How to use it.
you can Download it or save it and if you can't Download it or save here is a trick i know how.
take your iPhone go to the :camera: and take the picture of the iPhone wallpaper on the computer make sure you don't move to much and then go to use as wllpaper and go set and set as home screen and lock screen and you will have your wallpaper.

Want to have wallpaper without the icons on it.
you can move the icons to the next pages and then you will your wallpaper free of icons. Just press and hold the icons.

The art belongs to me.

Stitch belongs to Disney's Lilo and Stitch.

Lilo and Stitch belongs to Disney.
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