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Batclaw in town
Hopping and running around from rooftop to rooftop is a graceful figure. She then jumps on a wall and slides down via it by using a special claw gadget to slow her down descent to street level. She lands down easily, retracts her claw and heads to a sealed Batbike. She pulls out a remote, aims at the bike and the seating area is released and the sealed wheels are open. When using the Batbike or Batmobile, never leave it unguarded. She reaches for her helmet to put on when a message is being heard on her comlink through her gauntlet
Batclaw: I was about to go home for the night Oracle. Can someone else do this?
Oracle: This one is not too far. Have a listen(she patches the situation through)
Voice: Can anyone help me? I'm on the roof of the old Gotham FM building. Someone is trying to kill me. Please help me(end of message)
Batclaw: Who did I just hear?
Oracle: Unknown. You'll have to go there and find out yourself
Batclaw: I miss the time when you were walking. That way I don't have to
:iconbarricade379:Barricade379 7 10
Its just outside Jasmine's room. Aladdin paces back and forth, worried and nervous as a wreck. A little away are his monkey buddy Abu and the ever loud and obnoxious parrot Iago
Iago: He keeps this up there's gonna be a cliff in the floor
Abu squeaks
Iago: Well of course he's nervous. Me? My life is at an end when another one makes my life more miserable then it is now!
Then the Sultan appears. Less nervous but deep inside feeling very proud
Sultan: How long has it been my boy?
Aladdin: Hours. I lost track. What if she's hurt? What if...
Then a straitjacket appears on Aladdin, trying him up
Genie as Sigmund Freud: You must restrain yourself mein freund. The paranoid delusions will only enlarge your doubts if you keep doubting yourself und others around you. Try breathing for example
Aladdin: Genie! Get this thing off me!
Genie changes back to himself: Come on Al! This is not good for your health
Aladdin stubbornly: My health is fine! Jasmine should be one you have to worry about! Now g
:iconbarricade379:Barricade379 11 24
Reaper interview
Before Aaron Sharp treated Lilith Matrix, he was attached to treat Timothy Winston also known as the Reaper
Aaron: Taped patient interview. Patient's name is Timothy Winston also known as the Reaper. Good evening Timothy
Timothy: Good evening Aaron. How are you tonight?
Aaron: I prefer you call me Doctor Sharp and this is my session, not yours
Timothy: Of course Doctor. I wouldn't stand in your way
Aaron: Lets talk about what happened 2 weeks ago. What were you trying to achieve? Doctor Polick is still recovering
Timothy: I wished to understand him better. What keeps him going, what holds him back. Its fascinating
Aaron: Really? You assume its alright to perform unethical experiments on another doctor?
Timothy: Isn't that what we all do?
Aaron: Taped patient interview. Patient's name is Timothy Winston also known as the Reaper. As far as I can tell, Winston has no morals when it comes to his testing. He takes no interest in the people he has hurt so far. I wonder if there's someone or
:iconbarricade379:Barricade379 5 13
Batwing and Hush
Its quiet at the moment. Batwing looks upon Gotham. She's more at peace then before. A few days ago while at a event with Bruce she met an old childhood friend of his named Thomas Elliot, a surgeon
Bruce: We were childhood friends long ago
Angel: I wonder why you never told me about him
Thomas: Well my parents died in a car crash. But it wasn't all bad. I got their money, their home, everything
Angel: Money can't buy love you know
Thomas a little threatening: Don't be blind. I was nothing but a waste to them. I will never miss them
Thomas walks to other guests
Angel: How can he say that?
Bruce: Thomas was a bit odd, even when we were young
Angel: Odd? He looked at me as if he were gonna kill me Bruce
Bruce: Lets move on. Forget about Tommy
But even now Batwing can't shake it off. There was such hostility in his voice, no remorse. Then on the police scanner she heard a communication
"Dispatch! This is unit 2-46. We got a DB here. Real nasty. Face is cut off. Need a body bag here"
:iconbarricade379:Barricade379 5 5
Answer interview
Valerie is tidying her office to get for a new interview. Its been weeks since Destiny was just in time to save her from Mark Hamilton who escaped Alcazar and tried to kill her and her boyfriend. Now she had a new patient, Sophia Constantine or known by her other name Answer. The self pro-claimed intellectual savior of Silverwater
Valerie: Patient evaluation 1. Patient's name is Sophia Constantine also known as Answer. Hello Sophia. I was told that a few days earlier you were writing questions on the walls, using a small sharp stone
Sophia: I was. But those ignorant buffoons you call guards have wiped it off. They were harmless
Valerie: One question stated how to drain fluids from the human brain
Sophia: I was trying to advance a theory
Valerie: Which is?
Sophia: How to beat the so-called Lightning Knight with nothing but my wits
Valerie: Patient evaluation 4. Patient's name is Sophia Constantine also known as Answer. I wish to discuss your childhood
Sophia: A waste of time and effort
:iconbarricade379:Barricade379 5 8
Flame interview
After his experience with Toxic, Ronnie Blair braces himself for a new patient in the Asylum. One not so violent. He sets his papers ready to interview Erica Hadley also known as the villain Flame. The doors open and Erica enters with guard Jodi Wall who was attacked by Mark Hamilton once but thankfully survived. Erica sits down. She glanced at Jodi who simply nodded and left the office to wait outside
Ronnie: Recored patient interview 1. Patient name is Erica Hadley also known as Flame. Hello Erica. I'm Doctor Ronnie Blair
Erica: Ronnie? As in short for Ronald?
Ronnie: Uh yes well...uhm a childhood friend called me that and it got stuck ever since
Erica: Mind if I call you Ronald?
Ronnie: Not at all. So Erica can you tell why you are here?
Erica: I hurt people
Ronnie: Intentionally?
Erica: Sometimes when they don't listen or leave me alone
Ronnie: I see. Well if I go too far with something, you can tell me anytime
Erica: Just don't hold onto your hopes
Ronnie: Recorded patient intervi
:iconbarricade379:Barricade379 4 10
Tobias Matrix interview
Recorded interview 1, I am doctor Walter Burton. My patient is Tobias Matrix, also known as the Dark Lord's son. I believe that is exaggerated
Tobias: Are you mocking me?
Walter: I am being honest
Tobias: Let me be honest as well; you are a speck in this reality you call existence
Walter: Do you rehearse these moments?
Tobias not amused: No
Walter: Good. Because I'm in no mood to play games or playing tough guy
Walter: Recorded interview 3. My progress is slow. One thing I can easily see with Tobias is that he's very arrogant. Reminds me of some cases I had before. Time to meet the dark son as he calls himself
Tobias enters the room and sits down across Walter who has his papers ready for another interview
Tobias: What is it now?
Walter: Were you close to your father?
Tobias: A powerful man that is irreplaceable
Walter: I'll take that as a yes
Tobias: You should count yourself lucky. Even a wrong breath at me will result in your demise
Walter: There you go again. Presenting yourself in
:iconbarricade379:Barricade379 3 15
Silver Lane
An assembly line, inside a LexCorp factory, Lois hangs for dear life above a grinding machine for dissolving old parts. A bit away is Lobo, the bounty hunter from another galaxy who had taken Lois captive to attract Superman. Lobo never got over his defeat at the hands of the Man of Steel
Lobo: Just keep dangling sweetheart. The main man always gets his prey
Lois: Hmph! You lost before you white headed idiot. You'll loose again
Lobo: Bahahah Supes got lucky last time. This time I get him. I'm gonna make him choke on his own cape
Then the door begins to give way
Lobo: Oh right on time! Party time baby!
The door's hinges fall off and then the door itself. And in steps is not Superman, but Silver. A friend of Superman and wielding powers of magnetism and metal manipulation
Lobo: Hey! You're not the blue boy scout. Where's the Kryp?
He says while walking toward to Silver who right away gives a big punch to the face which sends him soaring
Silver: He's unavailable so you have to contend wit
:iconbarricade379:Barricade379 2 6
Bat vs Croc
Its muddy, smelly down in the Gotham sewers. What else to expect did Batclaw think. She steps through the filthy water, searching for Killer Croc. A hit was made on a former goon possibly linked to Thorne. But the witness survived, barely. Then Detective Harvey Bullock was arrested, suspected of the attempted hit. Batclaw searches deeper and deeper. She arrives an old sewer network with floating platforms in the water. Gently and slowly she walks over them. She knows that if she ran or walked too fast, Croc would know instantly where she is. Batclaw hears deep growling. Croc is close, she can feel it. Then suddenly up ahead Killer Croc bursts out of the water, charging at Batclaw. She responds quickly by firing a grappling line around his feet. He falls down but back in the water. As long as there is water, Croc has a huge advantage
Batclaw: Give up scales! I know you framed Bullock
Croc: The plan was great until you stuck in your little nose. Why waste time on him?
Batclaw: I may not
:iconbarricade379:Barricade379 4 10
New Apocalypse
The magic carpet returns to the palace and Aladdin sets off Jasmine there. Carpet goes a little below the balcony
Jasmine: Good night my handsome prince
Aladdin: Sweet dreams Jasmine
They lean in closer and then Carpet gives Aladdin a little nudge so that Aladdin and Jasmine kiss. Jasmine smiles as she turns around and goes back inside. But not before giving Aladdin one final glance with her smile. He sighs happily. She goes inside
Aladdin: YES!
With that exclamation of profound happiness he falls down on Carpet who descends down to the ground next to the fountain. Aladdin looks up
Aladdin: And things are gonna be alright
But all of a sudden he's picked up by the Palace Guards. Aladdin is hoisted up to his feet and then thrown down by them. Razoul pulls out a white cloth and gags him quickly. Another guard forces one of Aladdin's arms behind his back. Then both of his hands are chained together with metal manacles. He tries to struggle but to no avail. Carpet tries to help him but he i
:iconbarricade379:Barricade379 6 13
Tyger interview
Evaluation session 1. My name is doctor Calvin Gardner. My patient will be brought to me shortly. He's an interesting case. The only thing he speaks of is revenge on the Caloway family. I don't know the whole story behind it but in time I might know more
The doors open and two guards bring in Nathan Sage AKA the Tyger. They set him down on a chair opposite Calvin who has his papers ready
Calvin: That will be all
Guard: Careful. He's a crafty one
Nathan: I suppose you're jealous now?
Calvin: Thank you
The guards leave
Calvin: Good day I'm Dr. Calvin Gardner
Nathan: Gardner? Wrong occupation for you
Calvin: Don't my name fool you
Nathan: Its not fooling. Its laughable
Calvin: Can you tell why revenge is the only thing that matters to you?
Nathan: Simple really. The Caloways are nothing but hypocritical do-gooders. They talk well but underneath that facade is an urge to desire, to control
Calvin: Many say the same about your family background
Nathan: Watch it Doc! One ill word about my bl
:iconbarricade379:Barricade379 4 14
Toxic interview
Ronnie: Recorded patient interview. Subject's name is Anthony 'Tony' Anderson also known as Toxic. I am Dr Ronald Blair and I begin this interview to try and understand my patient
The doors open and Tony walks in his human form. He has an armband that activates if he turns into his snake form, incapacitating him. Tony sits down in front of Ronnie, not looking happy
Ronnie: Good afternoon Anthony
Tony: I prefer Tony
Ronnie: Alright. Tony, my first question would be...
Tony: Why am I here?
Ronnie: I would appreciate it if you allow me to finish my own sentence
Tony: Whatever
Ronnie: To answer your question, its to help you. To discover why you turned yourself into this existence
Tony: That is simple enough. My previous existence was weak, stupid and undeserving
Ronnie: Did someone tell you that or is it your opinion?
Tony: Wouldn't you like to know
Ronnie: Recorded patient interview 4. Subject's name is Anthony 'Tony' Anderson. Also known as Toxic. What I can tell is that he's satisfied
:iconbarricade379:Barricade379 3 10
New life
A van filled with stolen jewels was driving away fast through Metropolis. Inside were two thugs with hoods
Thug 1: Easy money
Thug 2: I'll believe it when we're home free
Thug 1: Would you stop worrying? Jeez. AAAHHH!
Without any prediction the Martian Manhunter stands on the road, right in the van's way
Thug 1: I'm gonna ram him!
Thug 2: But isn't that the one who...
The van picks up speed but a half meter away from J'onn he turns intangible. The van goes through him. The driving thug panics and tries to turn. But with the increased speed, the van tilts over on the side and slides right at a woman with a stroller and a baby in it. J'onn responds immediately, flies to the woman, grabs her and the baby and flies them out of safety. The police arrives to arrest the criminals. The Manhunter puts the women down. The baby is cooing at J'onn
Woman: Thank you
J'onn: My pleasure
J'onn then wonders what its like to become a father again. Then his comm goes off
J'onn: Yes?
Flash: Hey big guy you
:iconbarricade379:Barricade379 5 5
Sharkey interview
Dr. Kirk Chapman waits in the room with Warden Andre Shepard and head of security Donald Chase as Kirk's patient is being brought to him
Warden: Is he nearly here?
Donald: Its not a he. Not even a human being
The large doors open and Sharkey enters, growling and panting. Standing at 7 ft tall and teeth the size of football's, he's a force to be feared
Warden: What in the name of heaven?!
Kirk: My name is Dr. Kirk Chapman. Do you understand?
Sharkey: I may be a monster but I'm not stupid! What are you guys? A walking buffet?
Kirk: Taped evaluation session. Patient name Owen Trent AKA Sharkey
Sharkey: You trying to get into my head now doc?
Kirk: I'm only here to help you
Sharkey: Then you're in the wrong field. What I need is a cure, not a shrink
Kirk: I believe this "condition" of yours has expanded into your mind as well. You need a cure physically and mentally
Sharkey: You are talking to a shark that can eat your head clean off in seconds. You need a mental cure doc. Not me
Kirk: You
:iconbarricade379:Barricade379 6 20
Mark Hamilton interview
Valerie: Patient evaluation 1. Patient's name is Mark Hamilton. Diagnosed clinically insane after the murder of at least 20 people in Silverwater
*door opens*
Valerie: Hello Mark I'm doctor Fields. As this is our first session together, why don't we try get to know each other?
Mark: Must I?
Valerie: What do you mean?
Mark: Doctors carry masks of every kind. Behind each one is a face that can speak truth, deceive and even kill
Valerie: I can assure you I never would harm anyone. I'm here to help you
Mark: Read my file?
Valerie: Yes I have. It says that you came from a rich family. That you spend all your money on movies, that your parents cut you off and forced you out
Mark: My life began taking shape after that
Valerie: You mean you...
Mark: YES! It became clear to me. My father needed to be tested. I wanted to see how much he loved my mother. Sadly he failed. They were not playing the roles right. But you might
Valerie: Patient evaluation 4. Mark is not responding well to treatment
:iconbarricade379:Barricade379 4 13
Lilith Matrix interview
Aaron: Taped patient interview. Subject's name is Lilith Matrix. In the room is myself Dr Aaron Sharp and Warden Shepard
Lilith: Its common knowledge that psyche interviews are loathed by many
Aaron: That may be so but I'm doing it anyway. So there's a Matrix in Alcazar Asylum
Lilith: I hope you refer to me and my brother. We may have reasons for being here but...
Aaron: You believe you don't belong here
Lilith: You impress me Warden. This one knows the answers
Warden Shepard: Be silent Miss Matrix
Aaron: According to the lost list of doctors that ever tried to treat you, study you...
Lilith: Have all met their demise
Aaron: Yes sadly
Lilith: No not sadly. Justly
Aaron: Taped patient interview 2. Lilith remains uncooperative to some degree. What I can tell is that she views us beneath her. I wonder why we should beneath her
Lilith: What senseless question do you have this time?
Aaron: Many know that the only one you care for is your brother
Lilith: You'd be wise not to underestimate hi
:iconbarricade379:Barricade379 6 13


MD Gauntlet of Aves Request by EmilyDfan MD Gauntlet of Aves Request :iconemilydfan:EmilyDfan 12 32 Girly by Lady-Scorpion Girly :iconlady-scorpion:Lady-Scorpion 5 18 Aladdin by DuckLordEthan Aladdin :iconducklordethan:DuckLordEthan 449 22 Desert Warrior by GoFouster Desert Warrior :icongofouster:GoFouster 15 7 the Legend by Pegasus13 the Legend :iconpegasus13:Pegasus13 61 13 Tyrana by emily-lorange Tyrana :iconemily-lorange:emily-lorange 52 19 REQUEST: spider king and his queen by Golden-Glass REQUEST: spider king and his queen :icongolden-glass:Golden-Glass 4 3 Bling by Lady-Scorpion Bling :iconlady-scorpion:Lady-Scorpion 16 20 Re Design Tori Stones/Shadow Duck Request by EmilyDfan Re Design Tori Stones/Shadow Duck Request :iconemilydfan:EmilyDfan 29 29
Caalgren/Unduli: The Dark Season
Caalgren/Unduli: The Dark Season
Master Caalgren sneezed while he took the shuttle discreetly to the meeting place on Byss.  That cold he had from the battle of Crait would hang over him for a while.  He steered down to the colony through the clouds and the orange haze of the setting sun.  The port was near a nondescript but rather nice condo in a secret city of colonists who sought to escape the war.  He was set to meet Jedi Master Luminara Unduli at a small cafe in a very quiet sector of the colony.  The shuttle landed and no one paid any attention as she walked from the ship, though she had proper papers for meeting with troops of the 42nd shock troops division.  The mission to the military base was a smokescreen, though.  Master Caalgren wanted to meet for a more important, and highly scandalous issue.
He had received a warning from Luminara on an emergency frequency.  "Our troops are being struck down" she called out from her base "A strange
:iconlordhadrian:lordhadrian 3 5
Stella, Musa and Tecna tied up by Worldgag
Mature content
Stella, Musa and Tecna tied up :iconworldgag:Worldgag 54 10
Request #20 by NiaKr Request #20 :iconniakr:NiaKr 9 6 Trade: Safe With You by CowgirlMickey Trade: Safe With You :iconcowgirlmickey:CowgirlMickey 3 2 Disney Fantasy Tactics by AmayaMarieSuta Disney Fantasy Tactics :iconamayamariesuta:AmayaMarieSuta 97 39 Disney Warrior Princesses Part 2 by aroybal1996 Disney Warrior Princesses Part 2 :iconaroybal1996:aroybal1996 4 0 Share by Andromeda-Swan Share :iconandromeda-swan:Andromeda-Swan 12 19
I am leaving for Disneyland Paris from 3rd of April to 6th of April:D So until I leave I'm gonna watch nothing but Mighty Ducks;) I love that show:w00t:

And some cool sites for every MD fan……
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