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My Bio
my name's Blake Andrew Roten, I'm a diverse artist, cartoonist, illustrator, occasional Animator, and diverse Colorist with autism, and I'm open minded. I love to draw experimental Comics, as an Illustrator I draw lot of Cartoon artwork and I draw Original Characters and Parodies of my own too, including my Original Character: Larry Lizard, I also like to draw Fan Comics on fun occasions and I even draw up a Journal Comic of my personal life sometimes, anyways I love drawing Cartoon artwork and I love myself being an Illustrator and a Cartoonist with diverse styles of artistic anatomy, I even like to draw inventive art styles just so y'know. I'm just a simple guy who draws artwork at Exceptional Children's Foundation, and I draw artwork in my home too, and I'm just here to make some friends that I could share my interests and my views on life with people on the topics of Comics and Video Games that occasionally adapt into TV shows & Movies that are made into Live Action, 2D Cartoons, or 3D Cartoons as we know em' today. I hope you like what I do here?

Favorite style of art: Diverse Styles.
Current Residence: Los Angeles.
Favorite Cartoon Character: my Original Character, Larry Lizard.
Favorite genre of music: pop rock, indie rock, and pop mostly.
Favorite Video Game series: Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, Assassin's Creed, and mostly open world platform games.
Favorite Movies: Kick-Ass & DWA films.
Favorite Comic books: FullMetal Alchemist & Kick-Ass.
Favorite WebComics: Twokinds, LasLindas, Axe Cop, Schizo; DreamKeepers, Roomies.
Favorite TV shows: Regular Show, Adventure Time, and Dreamworks-Dragons.
Operating System: Mac OS X.
Youtube account under G+: Blake
My Personal Quote: ...I don't know if I got one?

Favourite Visual Artist
Seth Macfarlane, Don Bluth, Ben Fiquet, Pen Ward.
Favourite Movies
DreamWorks Animation films & SuperHero Films.
Favourite TV Shows
Adventure time, Regular show, Family guy, American dad, The cleveland show, TMNT-2012
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Gorillaz, Pop music, Experimental Music.
Favourite Books
Kick-Ass, Bone, DreamKeepers, fullmetal alchemist
Favourite Writers
writer & artist: Jeff Smith, Tom Fischbach, Ethan Nicolle, Doug TenNapel.
Favourite Games
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Pencil & Pen for Traditional Art, SketchBookExpress with a Mouse for Digital Art.
Other Interests
VIDEO GAMES, TV cartoons, Movie cartoons, Comics.


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You’re very welcome, Hanamoinen. And to be honest with you, I’ve been very sporadic with being on Deviant Art while uploading my sometimes late blooming art here on Deviant Art on sporadic occasions for so many years now that I’m just posting my more recent art on Instagram and Tumblr on more convenient occasions these days, I’m only on Deviant Art sometimes mostly on sporadic occasions these days that I often forget to keep up with my Deviant Art activities due to my Absent Minded Nature these days, I still enjoy Deviant Artwork and posting my best artwork sometimes on Deviant Art on In Home Art posting occasions these days, I know I’m sporadically here on Deviant Art sometimes but I assure you that I’m doing well and am simply just living the many simple and sometimes exciting moments of my life to the fullest.

This is like the best Disney’s Zootopia/Movie Sonic inspired design of Ty the Tasmanian Tiger/Thylacine I’ve seen from this deviation/post from 4-1-2015 that ever got posted here on Deviant ArtTy the Tasmanian Tiger's Boomerang (Emoticon) before there was ever a Zootopia in 2016, and before there was ever the official movie redesign trailer on November 2019 for the official movie sonic’s Valentine’s Day 2020 release dateSonic the Hedgehog 2020 - Sonic Icon , actually I’m starting to wonder if this fan design of Ty was inspired by PS2 era design or PS3 era design of Sly CooperSlyCooper Back in those days too[Cat Emote] Fancy .

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger

Deviant Art’s settings features have changed so much since the last time I‘ve done occasional Art posting of my art sometimes mostly after I’ve started posting my art on Instagram and Tumblr, and I remember how I used to change my Folder names for my gallery folders and favorites folders, and I guess I haven’t changed any folder names on my gallery and favorite folders in like Three or... Four years? It’s been five years since my family and I forgot to fix or replace our only laptop computer in mid 2015, and three years since we forgot to fix or replace our desktop computer in late 2017. So I don’t know how I’m supposed to change my folder’s names on my iPhone or iPad in app version or in browser version on my one of my browser apps. I click on The three (...)-dots icon to see if I could change my favorite or gallery folder’s names but it shows me the only option being: as a visitor, so I clicked on my deviant art username’s settings to see if I could change my folder’s names on that, but no sign on the Folder options sign to click on either. Did Deviant Art as of late 2020 remove the folder options feature? Because it’s not cool that I can’t find the Folder options setting feature anywhere on the new deviant art than how easy it was to find the folder options on the old deviant art.

I rewatched the complete series of Danny Phantom 16 later on Hulu, and I’m happy and glad to look back on that show fondly todayLily's Rainbow Box . But after having watched JelloApocalypse’s animated review on YouTube titled: So this is basically Danny PhantomF2U | Floaty Danny Phantom | DP . I can see as a longtime Danny Phantom fan why Sam Manson isn’t as likable as any of us remembered her to be anymore, she truly was poorly written and if Nickelodeon hadn’t canceled that show and left it with only three short years of just three seasons in the first place, maybe the show could’ve lived for six years or a whole decade long enough to let a writing team grow a number of new writers to help flesh out Sam Manson even more in a bigger number of seasons and a better number of years for the writers to help us longtime Danny Phantom fans be given a much better reason why we should’ve grown to like Sam Manson as Butch Hartman and his writing team hoped and thought we would’ve started feeling for Danny’s now 2000’s cliched Will She-Won’t She love trope:eh: - dxd . But she’s not as likable as Butch Hartman and the writers of Danny Phantom wanted us to like about Sam at allTmnt Angry Raph GIF 50px , I honestly would love to see Danny Phantom return in the form of a crossover with the Nickelodeon Netflix series: Glitch TechsGlitch Techs Miko Icon , or in the form of a reboot where Sam is more fleshed out to be more like some cross parody of Spider-Gwen meets Marceline the Vampire Queen if she were a half ghost, and/or if Sam Manson were made into an LGBT androgynous gay pretty boy that could make a new Danny Phantom series an LGBT inspired reboot, or... I just really miss that show’s titular half ghost superhero so much these daysGrave Digger fella (Badges) , that seriously still wish that Butch Hartman and/or Nickelodeon could’ve done so much moreEPIC . I also admit I haven’t done Deviant Art styled Emoticons for six whole years since I got into Tumblr a year before I eventually switched from a now old fashioned flip phone to a smartphone, and I spent my best five years of the mid to late 2010’s iPhone emojis on Mobile versions of YouTube, Tumblr, and Instagram whatsoever, and on the iMessage app of my iPhone too. Man I still can’t believe how much Deviant Art has still has a much bigger library of Emoticons than the limited emoji library iOS devices have.

I'm glad that you commented on it, though to be honest, I actually had know idea that critiques could expire on DeviantArtSweating a little..., but thank you for responding to this critique man:D (Big Grin), and uh... thank you for adding me to your circle on Google+ dude;) (Wink).
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