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Tears Like Gravity - A Triolet
Now at last, I see it all, as crimson drifts like autumn leaves
Tears pull like gravity. Everything flows away downstream
Lives that slowly come apart have stolen time like thieves
Now at last, I understand, as crimson drifts like autumn leaves
Now you say you want me, while I’m fading like a dream?
You've returned too late to reconcile. My soul is flying free
Now at last, you see it too, as crimson drifts like autumn leaves
Tears have frightful gravity. Everything runs away downstream
©All original work copyright Edward D Cates 2018
:iconbarosus:Barosus 13 8
Hunter's Moon - A Triolet
The autumn moon blushed red at the cadence of her sighs
As the wild hart glides across the purple wood
A hunter knows the value of his soft and supple prize  
The autumn moon blushed red at the cadence of her sighs
So deeply plunges the shaft when the steely arrow flies
Do not weep for the fallen. It’s a game she understood
The autumn moon blushed red at the cadence of her sighs
As the wild heart glides across the purple wood
©All original work copyright Edward D Cates 2018
:iconbarosus:Barosus 14 13
Words As Weapons
Pierced by word shrapnel
Hung up on my jagged thoughts
Slowly bleeding out  
©All original work copyright Edward D Cates 2018
:iconbarosus:Barosus 10 13
Aurora's Eyes by Barosus Aurora's Eyes :iconbarosus:Barosus 9 12
Aurora's Eyes
She breathes shimmering galaxies
Like Aurora heralding the dayspring
Indigo and emerald fires coruscating
Orbiting her twinkling starlight eyes
A recondite goddess veiled in nebulae
When you stare deeply into the void
She gazes back with whimsy shining
May I ask a question? I wonder
When the stars gutter and flicker out
Snuffed by the entropic hand of time
Will we finally learn all the answers
Hidden in the dark energy of our souls
Like an augury in a mirror of midnight
Singing the lost music of cosmic arias
Will we finally know who we really are
©All original work copyright Edward D Cates 2018
:iconbarosus:Barosus 14 12
Faol Sidhe
If we dine on forbidden delicacies
Tell of our hunger for strange flesh
To the shock of domesticated epicures
They will probably label us wild beasts
Ravening among them in woolen apparel
But we don't try to hide who we are
When spattered painted in red evidence
Of feeble ideologies messily devoured
We were never a part of your herd
Only prey boasts about “herd instincts”
Our board is more lavishly seasoned
Exquisite, delightful, savory and savage
If you are getting hungry, join the hunt
If you are getting scared, you better run
Because all of your panicked bleating
Only reminds us of your true nature
©All original work copyright Edward D Cates 2018
:iconbarosus:Barosus 24 31
Never Alone
Please never forget
No matter how the pain tries to isolate you
No matter how dark your path becomes
No matter how many times the little voices
Beg you to and give in and surrender
Back down and just fade away to make it all stop  
Even though you may not see me there
Through the blackness of despair
You are not fighting alone!  
When you don't feel strong
I will uphold you
When you feel overwhelmed
I will defend you
When you only feel forsaken
I'll be by your side
When you feel lost and afraid
I will always find you
When the tears come flooding
I will be a breakwater
I will never abandon you!
When you feel like you are only wreckage
Drifting on life’s storm-wracked sea
And you fear you are about to be
Swallowed by the inky depths
Just reach your hand out
And I will rescue you
And that warm tingle you feel
Is just me wrapping my arms around you
For I am with you and you will never
Again have to feel abandoned and
:iconbarosus:Barosus 19 12
Full Colour Impressions
The arms of a galaxy spiraling
The full spectrum shifts, twirls
Lurking behind prismatic eyes
The colors of our consciousness
We are the stuff of stardust
A glorious impressionistic dancer
Pirouetting across the palette
Ordained to paint our world
Meaning and belief crashing
In a kaleidoscopic whirlwind
The quintessence of expression
Beauty, pain and such sanity
We are prisms refracting light
Bleeding shimmering rainbows
©All original work copyright Edward D Cates 2018
:iconbarosus:Barosus 18 11
Toward Solstice
I shudder as the evening air grows colder tonight
The cricket song seems somehow more desperate
Reminding me that all is spiraling toward entropy
Cold shadows have lain siege to my dreamscape
As my soul feels the growing chill
The world spins on relentlessly around our star
Trundling onward toward the solstice of winter
A weaver's skein stretched on a loom of dreams
Seasons of warp and weft twisting rhythmically
As life’s shuttle careens between
Across the cosmic void like a crazed diviner’s rod
A lunatic’s frenetic idiom ending another season
Am I an inch closer or is my dream bucolic fantasy
Fevered visions tinged with an uneasy disquietude
As the prospect of winter looms
Whither will you go to stave off the pace of time
All our empires of vanity erode and crumble down
Will my legs also stand as a vast and trunkless ruin
Cracked and broken as a tribute to misspent years
As the frost sifts into my dreams
Beware the aphelion and the waning of the light
Boreal shadows
:iconbarosus:Barosus 14 28
Croakus Pocus
“Whacha got there, Jenny?” Asked the freckle faced girl in the pink plaid capris and white T-shirt with a big sunflower blooming across her chest. She dropped her lavender backpack by the swing set, staring intently at the petite dark haired girl sitting placidly on the far left hand swing.
The girl on the swing wasn’t swinging so much as using her toes to sway gently back and forth. A mischievous zephyr tousled her long, silky dark hair. Jenny was hugging an old, gallon sized glass jar that had the label for pickled beets partially removed. Slowly a sly grin curled the ends of her lips. She leaned down low, cuddling the jar close against her navy blouse. Her straight cut bangs hiding her eyes as she answered. “I caught the devil, and I’m gonna keep him!”
“Uh uh! You did not!” Lucy answered incredulously. “You can’t catch the devil! Le’me see!” She called fervently, leaning in to get a closer look.
Jenny quickly tu
:iconbarosus:Barosus 10 26
Unbeautiful Flower (Collab with SummerDreams-Art)
Charming was her grace,
Yet beautifully unbeautiful was she;
Or an illusion of a desirous heart?
Beating rhythmically for that,
Which will always remain unseen!
........ Yet lingering forever,
In the fragrant corners of your heart.
The shy unbeauty,
Of Winter's first Snowdrop,
And the demure gracefulness,
Of Spring's sweet lilies of the valley.
Wrapping amidst themselves;
Summer's last sun-kissed memories.
Now merely like broken shards,
Of a distant, forgotten dream.
She proclaimed herself unlovely
In taciturn grace she hid herself away
Like a spring flower left beneath a tarp
Languishing for the sunlight, but afraid
........ Pale, hiding forever
In the pallid gloom of her shroud
An illusion of repugnance
Distorted by winter frosted glass
She doesn’t see her own loveliness
A daffodil heralding spring’s bloom
Wrapping herself in reticence
Forgetting winter is already broken
And fading like a dark dream
Arise and bloom
Tremble not at
:iconbarosus:Barosus 17 52
Farewell Blessing
Go chase a star, or touch the sky
But whatever you do as you journey on
We won't replace you, as time goes by
While you're away, but not forgot
So whenever you come to your journey's end
We'll smile and wait, holding your spot
:iconbarosus:Barosus 12 11
Tomorrow's Lie

We chase it but we cannot catch it
It’s a nest egg but we cannot hatch it
Or hearts long for when it will arrive
A concept that seems most contrived
It’s deluded hope that can never be
Phantom tendrils clutching fantasy
Dreaming from which we don’t awaken
A cold betrayal leaving us forsaken
We spin our tales of beatific bliss
And watch in shock as they go amiss
We promised it unto the hurtin’
If it’s really real we’re never certain
It puts stars into our children’s eyes
Our singers sing its sweet reprise
Kings found golden empires on it
Bards write of it many a sonnet
It has a harlot’s lascivious smiles
Promising a lover’s ardent whiles
But upon the stage it danced away
For it is a hope that cannot stay
The fates weave but an endless skein
Perhaps you’ve heard the old refrain
Change one slippery word with me
And from its pretense you will be free
Tomorrow, tomorrow
We love ya tomorrow
But you’re ALWAYS a da
:iconbarosus:Barosus 15 35
Like a schizoid Matryoshka doll
In the darkness dressed in pall
I learned phantasmal pantomime
Dark iconoclast of the sublime
The knife is slippery uncertainty
Wondering how to kill mendacity
My puzzle pieces join together
But do not form the same picture
I am both whole and incomplete
My idiom deranged and obsolete
Everything I try to hold is fluid
Liquid dreams now all polluted
An actor bold, without a doubt
But all I loved lies strewn about
Have I become my own antithesis
My achievements empty artifice
Desperate, cold and desolated
With this evil power intoxicated
Behind my face within the mirror
Rorschach patterns growing clearer
Spreading like bloody angelic wings
Telling tales of vermillion things
Painted across the bedroom walls
Who’s the wickedest of them all
©All original work copyright Barosus (Edward D Cates) 2018
:iconbarosus:Barosus 10 4
The Phibiemancer C 17 - The Witch Hunter
The rain pounded insistently against the windshield. Kay strained her eyes to piece the watery veil obscuring the winding Smokey Mountain back road.  “Come to Ashville!  It’s such a beautiful artistic community.  You’ll love it!”  She parroted sarcastically.  The tears began to flow again, making it even harder to see.  Her heart was as besieged as the mountains under the wrathful eye of the rainstorm.
It was still mystifying how Mateusz had managed to track her down, but then he always was good at playing people.  He had probably used his slithery charms on some of her coworkers.  She had started her drive with her mp3 player blaring, trying to fade away into the music.  She knew she had crossed the border into Tennessee headed toward Knoxville around 6:00 pm.  The sun was dipping low in the western sky below a heavy bank of clouds, setting fire to the alpine horizon.
Trusting to her GPS, Kay gave in to her deep
:iconbarosus:Barosus 7 15
Mature content
Love's Burning Fire :iconbarosus:Barosus 13 17


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Edward Cates
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States

"Only dead fish swim with the stream."
~ Malcolm Muggeridge



Tonight's list may have some big surprised for folks in the form of a couple of pieces of art that don't really fit with my theme of high fantasy, but were just to cool to leave off.   So if you prefer you can consider this a "fantasy Art Picks of the Day - Enhanced Edition", something along those lines. Enjoy!

1 - Once Upon A Summer's Day by LindArtz 

This was the first of the bonuses I mentioned.  I don't normally get interested in such whimsical pieces, but I just loved this.  Her playful expression is just so perfect and Linda captured it beautifully.
Once Upon A Summer's Day by LindArtz

2 - 妖狐传2 by Fang Xinyu

3 - PillarsOfEternity2Artstation by Tohad
PillarsOfEternity2Artstation by Tohad

4 - 17/30 by Kamila Szutenberg

5 - Pociosath by n00brevolution
Pociosath by n00brevolution

6 - Practice by Yakun wang

7 - PK - Dwarf Female Archer by VyacheslavSafronov
Pathfinder Kingmaker Dwarf Female Archer by VyacheslavSafronov

8 - Toll the hounds, Inside Dragnipur by Marc Simonetti

9 - BattleWorn Achilles by StuArtStudios
BattleWorn Achilles by StuArtStudios

10 - Into the West by sinakasra 

Obviously this one is the biggest surprise of the bunch, since it has absolutely NOTHING to do with fairy tales and fantasy, at least not fantasy in the normal sense of the genre. However, it most certainly is fantastic!  Does anyone else hear the "Rawhide" theme playing in their heads or is it just me?  I think I am going to go watch an old Clint Eastwood spaghetti western nowBut honestly, come one, who is going to fault me for including such a magnificently narrative and dramatic piece in my list?  
Into the West by sinakasra

1 - Holy Bird Goddess ADV copia 2 by N-ossandon-Nezt
Holy Bird Goddess ADV copia 2 by N-ossandon-Nezt

2 - Jon's New Skill by Zulkarnaen Hasan Basri

3 - Conan - The Frost-Giant's Daughter by Mathieu Lauffray

4 - Triss by anndr
Triss by anndr

5 - Dragon Valley by Wadim Kashin

6 - 16/30 by Kamila Szutenberg

7 - MtG - Enhanced Surveillance by 88grzes
Enhanced Surveillance - Magic the Gathering by 88grzes

8 - MtG - Hydroblast by Joseph Meehan

9 - Last breath of Summer by jodeee
Last breath of Summer by jodeee

10 -Another exercise work !!! by Basic_87 (Oh Ji Sung)

67 deviations
Now at last, I see it all, as crimson drifts like autumn leaves
Tears pull like gravity. Everything flows away downstream
Lives that slowly come apart have stolen time like thieves
Now at last, I understand, as crimson drifts like autumn leaves
Now you say you want me, while I’m fading like a dream?
You've returned too late to reconcile. My soul is flying free
Now at last, you see it too, as crimson drifts like autumn leaves
Tears have frightful gravity. Everything runs away downstream

©All original work copyright Edward D Cates 2018
Tears Like Gravity - A Triolet
Image stock courtesy of -

This is a rather dark poetic vignette.  Originally meant to be a collaboration with my sister about a deathbed reunion, it took a darker turn when we ended up clashing over it.  The whole process became a far more bitter than sweet in the end.  We ended up agreeing to each take our respective ideas and do our own works.  I think we both ended up feeling like we had stepped all over each other's toes.  

Anyway, part of the inspiration for this came from Gary (JediWarrior-II)'s  excellent work - 

The Anniversary

Both works are on a similar theme, but in my case it is referring to a suicide by wrist cutting rather than hanging. 

The setting was taken from an distant memory of mine.  As kids my family lived in Clintondale NY briefly.  We used to take family trips up into the Catskill mountains as a family just to see the glorious scenery.  One magnificent autumn day in 1975 my father drove our yellow VW bug up to a stop by clear mountain stream.  The brilliant autumn leaves were nearly up to my shins as we  trudged down to the streamside.  The air was crisp and full of the tannic smell of the leaves falling around us.

Huge crimson maple leaves were sailing down the babbling brook like tiny ships on their way to far off  coasts.  It made me think of Tolkien's elves leaving from the Grey Havens bound for the Undying Land.  The spot was captivating, magical even, and to this day, although over forty years have passed, that memory still haunts me. 

When I was writing this I imagined a desperate soul seeking an end to sorrows picking that idyllic spot to lay down their life, their blood slowly mingling with the crimson leaves, drifting along the current and away toward the unknown shores.  The lover that they thought had abandoned them rushes to the scene, desperate to try to save them after finding the note, but comes too late... or so it seems.  I will leave it to your imagination whether there is a happy ending or not.  

The point is just to showcase how tragic it can be to make that fateful choice.  Even if all is dark, as long as there is life, things can change.  If you are feeling hopeless and alone, please don't hesitate to note me, or JediWarrior-II, or Priswolf or someone.  There are people who truly care and are willing to stand with you when you are hurting.  Don't give up!  You are precious! 

1 - Cylia 2 by trungbui42
Cylia 2 by trungbui42

2 - Awakening [Commission] by serafleur
Awakening [Commission] by serafleur

3 - 2018.9.24 by Gui Yuan

4 - Fight the Dragon by ClairMatin
Fight the Dragon by ClairMatin

5 - Daenerys : Rise and Conquer by AlexandraVBach
Daenerys : Rise and Conquer by AlexandraVBach

6- Fire Witch by Anndr Pazyniuk

7 - Alice by Warmics
Alice by Warmics

8 - Game Design by 拯 (雁甲)

9 - Evaluator of Souls by hoanglap
Evalutor of Souls by hoanglap



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fullcolour-canvas Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Barosus Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Yes!  Thank you so much! :happybounce:  I am kind of worried about the comment I left on your picture though.   I get nervous when i give mixed reviews that someone might get offended.  I hope that is not the case.
fullcolour-canvas Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm a lover of any kind of comments but I prefer the constructive negative ones.
fullcolour-canvas Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Have a cool night if it's still summer and a heated if it's winter!
You mean so much to the people in your life because tormented souls need the praise you honestly give!
Barosus Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
It is truly my pleasure to try to bring happiness to as many people as I can.  In fact my wife and I pray every morning for opportunities just to show some love to someone that day.  This world can be so bleak, it needs a few safe harbors where beleaguered souls can find respite.  Honestly nothing gives me more pleasure than to know I have warmed someone's heart.  Friends who stop by our house often comment how comfortable and safe they feel here.  In my experience people just know when they are really cared about and accepted.  My life is by no means perfect, but I really do care about people. 

Thank you so much for the warm wishes.  I actually was just musing earlier today about how glad I am to live in a time when we have the wonderful blessing of air conditioning.  I always swore as a kid that one day i live in a house with good climate control and I have made at least that wish come true.  A lot of other ones didn't work out, but at least I can live in a comfortable environment. 

I wish you a most pleasant day as well.  It is 10:33pm here in Indiana right now.  I checked and that makes it 5:33am in Greece, so this comment is literally time travel, arriving in what is tomorrow morning to my perspective.  Sometimes the realities of relativity kind of blow my mind.   
fullcolour-canvas Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh,I imagine you're house having cool air breezes with beautiful plants in a yoga like atmosphere and your wife calmly enjoying her rest of the day with you her love;:iconloveloveplz:
My mom is an oncologist for children and she works many full-days since taking care of the medication of children with cancer is very difficult. Telephone ringing late at night when she has to run at the hospital is a usual thing. The hospital is around 15' from our house but the kids trust her and there are no fear-of-the-needles themes when she's there.the week that passed I was in the psychiatric clinic and I also talked to my psychiatrist and she advised her too since we are both really anxious and trouble is met.daily fights and so. I'm unlike my peaceful art when it comes to temper I get mad and the wrath brands me. ..:iconotlplz:that's about daily life. I'm having two sisters a 13 and a 24 y.o. and I'm 25.we are having a cat and my mom's mother recently joined us.she's my 93 y.o. granny.
I'm very anxious on my art lately.I somehow either don't get satisfied or is my physical state that is worsening.working with mouse plus taking care of a granny very old, like helping her get up from the toilet. ..

Yeah time is a very complex thing I understand. But we are talking about different time zones. Did you see my thank you creation forthe active watchers?I write in the description that you watchers accompany my art travel either as stars or clouds in my sky depending on the time you are seing this!
Come anytime you want to see my newest creation(s) I'll be more than happy since you don't just use exclamation words but point out important notices too.
Marina. :rose:
Barosus Featured By Owner Edited Sep 15, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you for the gracious invitation, Marina (and the rose :D (Big Grin))  I sometimes get intimidated commenting on art since I am not much of an artist myself.  I can't really comment on what elements need work or, what stands out the most from a technical artistic point of view.  I just kind of know what I like when I see it.  I do however follow well over 1300 artists (not all on DA of course) and have been doing so for a long time.  I am especially a fan of fantasy themed art.  My two great fascinations, fantasy art and fantasy writing, keep me fairly busy. 

Your mom sound like an amazing person.  That is quite a gap in years between your sisters.  Sound similar to my family only I am a lot older.  I am 49 and I have a sister that is 47 and two brothers ages 40 and 36.  So both you and I are the oldest siblings in our families and we are both almost the same number of years older than our youngest sibling.   My elderly mom lives with my wife and I too.  She moved in last October. 

She is a bit more mobile than your grandmother though, but she is a kidney dialysis patient, so she has to be taken to the dialysis clinic three times a week and she has a very restrictive diet.  She is also clinically blind.  She can still see but not well enough to read or see any details, We have to watch her really closely, because she will forget what she can and can't eat and how much she can have.  

But yes I will always look at your new works.  I sometimes get curious about why they seem to keep popping up as new repeatedly, but I guess I am just not enough of an artist to see how you have changed them, because they look the same to me as they did when I first saw them.  I will try to comment on yours more than I do for other people, because I know that comments mean more to you.  I am afraid I can't be as helpful as an actual artist though.  

I will also warn you I am typically WAY behind on my reply comments.  So if you really want to reach me, anytime, please note me.  I check my notes several times a day, but my reply comments right now are over a week behind.  I made a special exception fro you this time, because I don't remember if I told you that before.
(1 Reply)
12greenboy123 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2018  Student General Artist
You're basically a happiness dealer

*a semi frogman walks up to a depressed teen in the streets*
Mr. B: hey kid, ya want some happiness? *pulls out a magic ball*

Teen: *wide eyes* what the h*ck is that!?

Mr. B: oh this? It my medication, see? *opens it up to show a tooth brush, band AIDS, and shots* its uh, I don't really know why I pulled it out...

Teen: *smiles at the weird frog guy* your kinda a silly old guy

Mr. B: I ain't old yet, I still have one year

Teen: *rolls his eyes* so what about happiness?

Mr. B: oh yes, completely slipped my mind. Well first you gotta watch me

Teen: watch you?

Mr. B: yes, on deviant art. The key to happiness is to hang out with this 'old guy' and any senior or adults or kids,or any people at all. Go on, make as many friends you can, all ages, all backgrounds. It'll all pay off one day, and everyone gets the benefit.

And that is how a frog man stop giving out happiness drugs.
Barosus Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks, my viridescent friend.  The bit about "one year left to go" made me laugh.  It means a ton to me to know that there is at least ONE depressed teen I can make happy.  Trust me making other people happy is the most rewarding thing in the world to me.  Although if I was to walk around in my demihuman form I think men in black would probably come and drag me off to do an "alien" autopsy.  Yes, there are good reasons to stay in "disguise".
12greenboy123 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2018  Student General Artist
Men in black? What about x files?
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