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Dinosaur King
Maybe we should start
Calling the king "T-Rex"
The tyrant reptilian king
Roaring in self-importance
Trampling on everything
Demanding obeisance
Bow down before T-Rex
That title suits him well  
Because just like the rest
Of his dinosaur ancestors,
Eventually all his influence
Will die out and go extinct  
The ecosystem is changing
It will no longer be suitable
For small-minded reptiles
Lumbering around loudly
All that will be left of him
Will be fossilized remains
Or pictures of a lost world
Displayed in some museum
As life goes on without him
©All original work copyright Edward D Cates 2018
:iconbarosus:Barosus 6 5
In Amber's Heart
This is not at all what I expected
This dazzling uplifting affirmation
Enveloping me in a soft embrace
A grace like a dream of summer
Like a shower in a trellised garden
Fragrant as the golden honeysuckle
With a smile as wide as a sunflower
Like a drop of crystallized sunshine
I am held fast in her beautiful spirit
I know that I will always be secure
In the warm glow of Amber’s Heart
©All original work copyright Edward D Cates 2018
:iconbarosus:Barosus 11 30
Harbinger of Tempests response
One day quite unexpectedly I discovered a strange fluctuation in my ley barrier system.  After some investigation, I determined that an unusual conjunction had caused a rift to open into a plane I had not visited before.  As portal guardian I felt it was my duty to see what types of beings and potential threats that realm could pose to the other worlds that are open through the portal might be.   After I gathered all my wizardly implements into my satchel, I took my staff in hand and headed out for the nexus to do some surveillance.  Before entering the invisible portal I stopped and cast a touchstone spell to anchor my footprint in my own world.  Temporary rifts are very volatile and prone to violent fluctuations.  I needed to be sure that, in the event of the collapse of the wormhole, gate, or whatever you wish to call it, that my anchor would yank me back so I did not remain trapped in some alternate reality.
The ley nexus on my property is particularly
:iconbarosus:Barosus 5 11
Barbarians at the Gate
We are the forgotten rabble
Unruly dissidents and freaks
The outcasts and untouchables
You trampled on our dreams
And burned our hopes to ash
To you we were just pariahs
Nothing but pathetic losers
Blemishes on your pure utopia
You proclaimed it was karma
That we didn’t deserve better
You made us shout “unclean”
Just in case you became tainted
If you touched us accidentally
But then something happened
Something you did not expect
We saw what you really were
Beyond your svelte masquerade
Behind your rhetorical jargon
Inside your gilded ivory towers
Through the sanctimonious lies
Now, the inferno that you had
Used to immolate our dreams
Is the crucible we came from
And we have been forged into
A strong and unbreakable alloy
So sleep securely in your beds
While you still have the chance
Because when the alarms sound
You may just awake from sleep
To find barbarians at the gate
©All original work copyright Edward D Cates 2018
:iconbarosus:Barosus 9 19
The Wolf Goddess Part IV - Wolf Magic by Barosus The Wolf Goddess Part IV - Wolf Magic :iconbarosus:Barosus 2 122
The Wolf Goddess Part IV - Wolf Magic
You have to have your wits about you when dealing with DAHC’s own umbral goddess of wolves.  She is a legilimens without peer so if you become lulled into complacency by her graceful loquacious charms and lower your guard, you will quickly find your deepest psyche open to her every whim.  Allow me to relate my most recent encounter that illustrates her prowess most effectively.  You must bear in mind that I, being a wizard myself, am no slouch at warding my mind from spiritual invasion.  Perhaps it was my own pride in my abilities that caught me off guard.  I count myself fortunate that she bore me no ill will, for if she had I would have been at her mercy.  Much to my surprise rather than dark foreboding and sinister, I found her to be winsome and philosophical, with a delightful dash of fiery sarcastic spice.  Despite all I would have expected from a being supposedly so “dark” we actually became fast friends, much to both of our su
:iconbarosus:Barosus 4 41
Perfectly Imperfect Heart
Imperfect though our hearts may yet be
In your beautiful warmth we all feel free
We saw greatness in you from the start
And being in your presence fills our hearts
Safe at last in your welcoming embrace
We found a treasure we cannot replace
:iconbarosus:Barosus 11 19
Word of Power
Scrawled in an ancient tome I saw a word
That recited three times in a hallowed fane
Can break the darkest hex on a stony heart
And unshackle a tormented soul in misery
Quiet the madding crowd’s clamorous din
Close the gorgon’s eyes and banish all fear
Hold it close and it will make your way clear
And what is this magic word you may ask?
Kind soul, you’ve always known it all along
That most potent of charms against all ills
Has been standing beside you all the time
That word is a panacea named, friendship
©All original work copyright Edward D Cates 2018
:iconbarosus:Barosus 12 41
Just Be Free (Collaboration with Sam-Lim)
Are you still afraid to let go of old forms?
Trapped by archaic rules and constraints
You are still using crutches and don't see
That your pinions were never even broken
Can't you feel those thermals? That is me
I am here to lift you above the mundane
Spread your wings! You were born to soar!
There are monsters in the shadows
Who is the hunter? Who is the prey?
I am here to save you from the darkness
Where even your shadow left you alone
I will use my power to support you
But only you can lift yourself up
and soar up into the sky and far away
Freedom, a joyous astonishing sensation
The shadow lands drop away below me
An exhilarating warmth lifting my wings
Spiraling skyward uplifted by a potential
Within me that I didn’t even know I had
While I was lost and forsaken in the dark
But on my newfound wings, I see clearly
I now have the power to make oceans part
I can even fly above the clouds forever
I hear my true calling down from my soul
No more cr
:iconbarosus:Barosus 7 25
Mirror Scalpel
It's a fact that some skilled surgeons
Prefer to operate with glass scalpels
Glass has one of the sharpest edges
That can be found occurring naturally
Little wonder the mirror’s reflection
Can cut us apart with such precision
©All original work copyright Edward D Cates 2018
:iconbarosus:Barosus 10 29
Companion of Storms
Perhaps you are not so much dying
As becoming one with the tempest
An elemental creature of lightning
With a rumbling heart like thunder
Perhaps all that is being killed was
Simply not strong enough to unite
With your true elemental essence
Never forget that without storms
The earth would wither, becoming
A barren, dry and desiccated desert
Perhaps your accompanying storm
Is showing you that you are vital
Alive and bringing succor to thirst
Storms also bring life and growth
©All original work copyright Edward D Cates 2018
:iconbarosus:Barosus 11 61
The rain falls like a sacred anthem
Quietly echoing my careworn soul
Her melancholic hymn is so familiar
She draws me onward like a pilgrim
Perhaps that is why I am barefoot
Like Moses before the burning bush
I feel the tears of heaven washing
My bare feet like Mary Magdalene
The rain sooths like a sacrament
Absolving the streets of their sins
She sprinkles my soul in acceptance
I give in to her elemental absolution
The rain embraces everything I am
Without judgment’s callous gavel
The rain weeps for me in empathy
Inscribing the path my tears trace
She welcomes me into fellowship
I am speechless before her grace
Her caress brings life and renewal
I taste her cool kiss across my lips
I know I am safe in her soft arms
For rain is a compassionate lover
©All original work copyright Edward D Cates 2018
:iconbarosus:Barosus 10 29
Sic Semper Tyrannis
According to ancient legends
Emperor Nero fiddled around
In his pathetic personal world
As Rome burned around him.
Apparently little has changed  
It's become a recurring theme
Among self-absorbed tyrants
Therefore it is also often said
That you'll never know what
You've really got, till it's gone
:iconbarosus:Barosus 5 14
A Burning Star
Curiously the flames do not burn you
Coruscating like the corona of the sun
Eyes of fire weeping conflagrant tears
That burn into the depths of your soul
The passersby can’t seem to see you
They avert their eyes from the blaze
Because you are burning so brightly
You have become an elemental thing
For fire is a process that transforms
A rearranging of chemical components
From their basic ordinary substances
Into light and life sustaining warmth
You heart is illuminated by its fires
You may feel alone in fiery isolation
But perhaps you did not even realize
In the midst of your personal inferno
That some of those people passing by
Are grateful for the warmth you give
And the light you shine in the darkness
They are drawn to your incandescence
By the brilliant glow you are emitting
They might be unable to enter the fire
Their bodies are not able to withstand
That blazing stellar fire you are shining
But they gather in respectful gratitude
As you light the dark void with warmth
A star
:iconbarosus:Barosus 12 28
A Prayer for Storms
We were married on a stormy day
We sealed our covenant together
As nature itself marked the occasion
With blackened skies, lit by lightning
Thunder played our wedding march
And we wondered if it wouldn’t be
Difficult to make it through the storm
To the far off location we headed to
Lighting guiding our way on our trip
Yet still we were calm and unshaken
Because we knew a truth even then
That has led us through the storms
No storm could rage stronger than
The thunder of the love we shared
There have been some times when
The foundations shuddered in fear
Rivers of tears tried to erode our love
But we built our house on the Rock
We learned now what we didn’t know
All those years ago at the beginning
That the thunder is just God’s laughter
And the lightning is only His fireworks
Celebrating what He has given to us
The priceless gift of each other’s love
So today I will pray for thunderstorms
Let the lightings splinter the heavens
And thunders make the earth tremble
:iconbarosus:Barosus 7 12
Titanium Love
Wedding rings are traditionally
Supposed to be made of gold
Because gold is very precious
However gold has a fatal flaw
It is also ductile and malleable
Easily damaged and marred
Gold does not match our love
Our marriage is much stronger
Our love has been tried in fires
That would reduce gold to slag
Our love’s committed mettle
Demands a far stronger metal
So we cast our love in titanium
One of the strongest metals of all
Like titanium, we will not bend
When pressure is bearing down
Our union can never be broken
©All original work copyright Edward D Cates 2018
:iconbarosus:Barosus 5 17


The Wolf Goddess - Part the Third
The Wolf Goddess was still on her ivory throne, reflecting on the month’s events. She had recently vanquished two of her most fearsome foes, Barosus and DarqueThoughts, without shedding a single drop of blood. But she hadn’t just defeated them… Oh, no… She had done much more than that. They had become her most ardent (and vociferously vocal) defenders! All she’d needed was her crafty feminine wiles, and a batch of homemade Dark SideTM cookies (a secret recipe, which had been handed down from generation to generation in her family)… And voilà! Her dark lycanthropic magic had done all of the hard work for her.
Before he fell, Barosus had been a fiendishly clever (and well-read) necromancer from a neighboring enemy kingdom, while the mysterious DarqueThoughts — rumored to be a 300-year-old vampire in his previous life — had dared to wander into her realm, under cover
:icondarquethoughts:DarqueThoughts 4 48
Sandpoint, Light of the Lost Coast by pindurski Sandpoint, Light of the Lost Coast :iconpindurski:pindurski 37 0 #005 by artursadlos #005 :iconartursadlos:artursadlos 133 1
Slender settlers
rising rowless,
the vast terrain
in a mist.
and cold
with condensation
in measured 
the languid waves. 
skeletal stiff
in a sea
of static
and velvet.
What is it
they seek?
:icondanielaivanova:DanielaIvanova 9 2
Happy Hwasa Day by Ruiwen-art Happy Hwasa Day :iconruiwen-art:Ruiwen-art 110 4 Blue Egg by Lyraina Blue Egg :iconlyraina:Lyraina 234 7 woman artist by Vasylina woman artist :iconvasylina:Vasylina 5,806 437 Blood Zodiac. Pisces by Vasylina Blood Zodiac. Pisces :iconvasylina:Vasylina 1,955 227 Violet by Vasylina Violet :iconvasylina:Vasylina 792 94 Mystery. Moon goddess by Vasylina Mystery. Moon goddess :iconvasylina:Vasylina 559 48 Slavic mythology. Mermaid. by Vasylina Slavic mythology. Mermaid. :iconvasylina:Vasylina 5,934 332 Slavic mythology. Sirin by Vasylina Slavic mythology. Sirin :iconvasylina:Vasylina 12,949 562 Slavic mythology.  Morana by Vasylina Slavic mythology. Morana :iconvasylina:Vasylina 1,655 116 Slavic mythology. Semargl by Vasylina Slavic mythology. Semargl :iconvasylina:Vasylina 1,350 125 Slavic mythology. Volkolak by Vasylina Slavic mythology. Volkolak :iconvasylina:Vasylina 1,570 93 Slavic mythology. Zlata Maja by Vasylina Slavic mythology. Zlata Maja :iconvasylina:Vasylina 1,211 157


1- #005 by artursadlos
#005 by artursadlos

2 - Sandpoint, Light of the Lost Coast by pindurski
Sandpoint, Light of the Lost Coast by pindurski

3 - Ash Prime by Kevin Glint

4 - Happy Hwasa Day by Ruiwen-art
Happy Hwasa Day by Ruiwen-art

5 - Young Messenger by dongho Kang

6 - Long May He Reign by Zephyri

Long May He Reign by Zephyri

7 - Demon Hunter by Mikhail Palamarchuk

8 - Fairy by Vasylina
Fairy by Vasylina

1 - Marie A. by Fori Y.

2 - Nadezda by Marta Nael

3 - The Bath by Blunell
The Bath by Blunell

4 - Ruins by Anton Fedotov

5 - Petal by Mioree .

6 - Dragon Fighter by lee-337
Dragon Fighter by lee-337

7 - Science Fantasy by Astri-Lohne
Science Fantasy by Astri-Lohne
- bonus - here is the full sized version sans logo from Astri Lohne's ArtStation XD

A bit unusual today this next artist that I discovered (with joy) had so much astonishingly vibrant art that I couldn't pick just one.  If anyone does not already watch this guy, prepare to be blown away.  His entire gallery is jaw dropping!  Do yourself a favor and check it out!

 8 a - Learn To Fly by RHADS
Learn To Fly by RHADS
8 b - Beautiful World by RHADS
Beautiful World by RHADS

1 - SyFy Fairies by anotherwanderer
SyFy Fairies by anotherwanderer

2 - Mercenary by Kyoung Hwan Kim

3 - D'Asscher by BellaBergolts
D'Asscher by BellaBergolts

4 - A Day in Conan's Life by Marc Simonetti

5 - Gleeful Wrecking by TLockwood
Gleeful Wrecking by TLockwood

6 - Dark Seraph by Godfrey Escota

7 - LoC - Water Sculptor Torricelli reg by XiaoBotong
Water Sculptor Torricelli by XiaoBotong

8 - Faerie by anndr 

Faerie by anndr

Maybe we should start
Calling the king "T-Rex"
The tyrant reptilian king
Roaring in self-importance
Trampling on everything
Demanding obeisance
Bow down before T-Rex
That title suits him well  
Because just like the rest
Of his dinosaur ancestors,
Eventually all his influence
Will die out and go extinct  
The ecosystem is changing
It will no longer be suitable
For small-minded reptiles
Lumbering around loudly
All that will be left of him
Will be fossilized remains
Or pictures of a lost world
Displayed in some museum
As life goes on without him

©All original work copyright Edward D Cates 2018
Dinosaur King
Stock Art Courtesy of invent-71

This was originally a comment in response to Priswolf.   Pris, you will always have a place here with all your friends to recharge when a certain T-Rex is making your life miserable.  I am always here for you.  Remember the trick from Jurassic Park.  As long as you stand your ground and don't move, T-Rex won't find you to to hurt you.  Tyrant reptiles always seem to be shortsighted that way.  

For anyone other than Pris, maybe this is you too.  Some big destructive force in your life keeps trying to beat you down and steal your joy and crush your spirit, devour you whole.  Just remember such things are almost always temporary.  They suck when you are in the midst of it, but eventually all storms, and all tyrants pass.  Stand strong, and find those friends who will help you to keep standing.  If you ever need to talk, I am available.

1 -The First Light of creation by hoanglap
The First Light of creation by hoanglap

2 - Female Warrior by ber-yaourt
Female Warrior by ber-yaourt

3 - Evelyn by BillCreative
Evelyn by BillCreative

4 - Deep Hole by GjschoolArt
Deep Hole by GjschoolArt

5 - Yejide by 000Fesbra000
Yejide by 000Fesbra000

6 - Sky Castle by Paperblue .net

7 - Wanderer by fdasuarez
Wanderer by fdasuarez


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(Malcolm Muggeridge)



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So basically, you are very welcome and I know this is not over yet. XD
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