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Wolf Moon - Visual Version
:iconbarosus:Barosus 12 5
Wolf Moon
Tell me, wolf moon, what is it you portend
As you traverse the Stygian firmament
Are you Fenris, a dread harbinger
Bringer of ruin at the end of all things
Loosed at last to devour our tenuous hopes
Some would say so, but I suspect otherwise
To me you are a kind wolf, playful and free
Racing joyously above heath and wold
Looking down upon us gracefully
Young lovers gaze wistfully up at you
Flying across the heavens like a banner
And you blush to see the beauty of love
©All original work copyright Edward D Cates 2019
:iconbarosus:Barosus 16 12
Love Song for the Sky
Meet me where the earth meets the sky
Where pillars of cumulus uphold the heavens
Where the sun's fire paints gull wings gold
Where the wind caresses viridian meadows softly
Where blushing pink clouds embrace the sunset
Where sentinel trees guard love's secret haven
And we belong to each other, alone at last
©All original work copyright Edward D Cates 2019
:iconbarosus:Barosus 32 17
Butterfly Magic - Visual Version
:iconbarosus:Barosus 18 4
Butterfly Magic
Even the blandest butterfly
Traces magic across the sky
Only the gifted eye can see
The words they scrawl invisibly
They write the songs the fairies sing
Gentle, peaceful, fluttering things
And if we dream a world of pall
May they bring color back to all
©All original work copyright Edward D Cates 2018
:iconbarosus:Barosus 27 24
She Paints Songs - A Triolet
She has been given the magic of floral dreams
She knows how to paint the songs she sings
Light dances around her and she seems
To have been given the magic of floral dreams
If a rose petal falls when crystal teardrops stream
We will pray that love will always be her wings
Because she has been given magic by floral dreams
And she knows how to paint the songs she sings
©All original work copyright Edward D Cates 2018
:iconbarosus:Barosus 29 21
The Phibiemancer C 7b - The Llama Vampire
“Ummmm. I don’t mean to question your intentions, brother Akombi, but you do realize Lily is a llama, right?” I asked.
“Of course, brother Barosus.” He replied. “If you prefer, you needn’t be so formal. You may call me, “Archie” now that the formalities are out of the way. Most people do. Yes, I am well aware that young Ms Lily happens to be in the physical form of a llama. I am sure you have probably already noticed, however that she is no mere Latin American beast of burden. I was in earnest when I said speak to them.”
The idea of talking to animals is nothing new to mages. It was definitely not out of the question. However, spells that allow communication with creatures that don’t speak human tongues are complicated and requires quite a bit of prep. It is fairly simple to enchant one particular animal that you are close to. However a charm on the fly that allows you to speak with any given animal
:iconbarosus:Barosus 6 7
The Phibiemancer C 7a - Elvish Karaoke
We had a bit of a karaoke night at my house the other day. I had an elvish bard friend stop by unexpectedly. Miranda always loves it when Karifallas visits because he and I are singing rivals. When he shows up on my doorstep, she knows what is about to happen.
We are always trying to outdo each other vocally. As you might guess, we phibies are natural born singers. I am quite proud to be respected even in those rarified circles. Of course elves are also quite the virtuosos themselves, and very competitive by nature. So whenever Karifallas starts feeling his oats, he comes to challenge me to a sing-off.
I will admit “Big K”, as I call him, has a far greater upper range than a baritone bullfrog like me, a fact that he is always keen to point out. Even so, we always have great fun sparring with each other. An added perk is that we get to use the opportunity to ply our vocal talents for wooing our respective women.
There is a tremendously captivating power to a really great sin
:iconbarosus:Barosus 6 2
The Phibiemancer C 6A - Wake Up Call
It was February 3rd and I was in an unusually foul mood. That morning I had woken up to find Nel’s were-llama visage blinking her big purple eyes seductively at me. She was leaning over the edge of my bed in yet another attempt to weasel her way into my love life. She had seized her opportunity after my girlfriend had left for work forgetting to lock the bedroom door behind her.
I missed the good old days when we didn’t even have to shut the bedroom door, much less lock it. However, Nel’s amorous machinations made that impossible. The biggest advantage to having a live-in maidservant was that her presence finally convinced my girlfriend to move in with me, to protect me from the were-llama’s incorrigible whiles. Needless to say, they don’t exactly get along.
When they are both in the same room it reminds me of the time back in high school when someone accidentally left a Van der Graaff generator on the teacher’s desk turned on all night long. When th
:iconbarosus:Barosus 7 2
The Phibiemancer C 6C - The Chupacabra
Needles to say the whole day had been rather spiritually draining and I slept like a log. I was awoken early by a shriek of terror from downstairs. I forced my blurry eyes open and staggered into my house coat and rushed downstairs to see what was the matter. I found Nel, with a bad case of bed head cowering behind the stubby partial wall that divides the kitchen from the living room space.
Most of the wall had been removed by the previous owner to give a more open feel. However since the wall was structural, he had been forced to leave a part on either side. He supported the upstairs structures with a steel beam, concealed in a header. Nel was pressed up against the refrigerator door, trembling in panic. “Master, don’t let it see you! Quick hide!” she whispered urgently.
“Don’t let what see me?” I asked in concern.
“It’s out there.” She whispered gesturing wildly toward the front door. “It’s my duty! I will protect you
:iconbarosus:Barosus 5 0
The Phibiemancer C 6B - The Llama Necromancer
Nel danced out of the room into the kitchen as I stomped out the door to meet the delivery truck. The fitful precipitation was eroding the remaining snow, giving the landscape a decidedly mangy appearance. The dreary landscape did nothing help my spirits at all. It seemed even nature herself had woken up on the wrong side of the bed that day. All that had been lovely and sparkling white was now a sodden muddy ruin. Even the llamas in the pasture across the road looked bedraggled and miserable.
When I saw the familiar face of John emerging from his delivery truck, my spirits brightened. He had just gone through some serious health issues and a new driver had taken over his route. The new man was pleasant and efficient, but he wasn’t the guy I had built up camaraderie with over the years. “John!” I exclaimed excitedly. “Good to see you, bro! I didn’t know you were coming back to work. Did you get my get well gift in the hospital?”
“Yeah, man, I d
:iconbarosus:Barosus 7 8
Journey's End
Within that tranquil sylvan fane
A sacred truth we did ordain
That friendship's light embrace us all
And kinship's warmth, the bane of pall
Be ensconced safe within our hearts
And sacred trust will not depart
For friendship's love is pure and true
With gladness it our hearts imbues
And when we walk with dearest friends
Love always waits at journey's end
:iconbarosus:Barosus 24 25
The Phibiemancer C 18 - Stormy Weather
Barosus looked on in horror as the madman shoved the woman down toward Leu’s powerful jaws. He had been planning to use Saver’s Seal to bind the witch hunter. Clever fiend! Barosus thought, forcing me to use my trump card against another opponent. Barosus had jumped up from his easy chair and sprinted out into the rainy night without even his jacket.
Miranda and Nel stood there stunned as the phibie burst out the front door and raced off into the darkness. The women were left mystified in the wake of his abrupt exit without any explanation other than his wide-eyed and grim visage. The wizard had felt the accident happening though his extended senses which were conjoined to the power of the ley barrier. Instantly he had known that his stalker had made his dreaded move at last.
Barosus had been on high alert ever since the deer incident, but the would-be killer had been deliberately avoiding entering the radius of the barrier’s protective circle around the
:iconbarosus:Barosus 7 23
She is a goddess of many faces
You must learn to love them all
To truly love the whole
For many lights in the cosmos
Are not single stars at all
They are entire galaxies
Uncountable hosts of stars
Quixotically spinning together
United as one shimmering point
By incomprehensible distance
From our tiny perspective
As we observe her galaxy
From many light years away
We named her numberless host
Of myriad stars by a single name
For all those stars share her light
And we see them united as one
Into a single beacon of light
As we look on in admiration
Of her celestial display
Suddenly we pause to consider
How limited our understanding is
What are our souls made of
Are we not also conglomerates
Stardust soul amalgamations
Dreams with thousands of voices
And multitudes of fading memories
We too are galaxies like her
Rich in fathomless diversity
We stare up and try to see
Who we are ourselves
©All original work copyright Edward D Cates 2018
:iconbarosus:Barosus 22 17
The Vulture - William Blake Parody
Vulture Vulture, flying high
Watching o’er me whilst in flight
I am but mortal. If I die,
Wiilst thou feast on my body?
From what distance in the skies,
Canst thou spot me with thine eyes?
On black wings dost thou aspire.
Dost thou think I have expired?
And with beak, & and savage art,
Thou twisteth gristle from the heart.
Yet if that heart still darest to beat,
Wouldst thou still consume its meat?
With dark pinions, deemed profane,
Wouldst thou peck into my brain?
What dread purpose thy repast!
My flesh thy talons yearn to clasp!
When I lay down within that field
And thy fearful purpose wast revealed:
Didst thou smile my fall to see?
For thou hast begun to circle me.
Vulture Vulture, flying high
Watching o’er me whilst in flight
I am but mortal. If I die,
Wiilst thou feast on my body?
©All original work copyright Edward D Cates 2018
:iconbarosus:Barosus 15 21
The Artifact - A DarthHaze2 Collaboration
The attic was old and filled with the time crusted memories of the ghosts who had populated it with their treasures. It had been nearly 300 years since the foundations of the house had been laid in New England field-stone in the late 1700’s. That kind of history can’t even fully be comprehended by an eight-year old’s mind. To Logan, opening that attic door had seemed like stumbling onto some forgotten pirate hoard of ancient treasures.
Couched amidst the moldering coats of antiquated styles, numerous trunks, and the detritus of centuries of castoffs, sat an enormous oak sea chest.  It looked as if it had come straight from a Robert Louis Stevenson novel. Logan had discovered the beguiling artifact two weeks prior. He had been searching high and low through all the old unused bedrooms of the enormous family home to try to find the key that would unlock the imposing black iron padlock ever since.
He had nearly given up his quest when, finally, while all the adults
:iconbarosus:Barosus 10 13


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Edward Cates
Artist | Literature
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“I am just a spiritual accretion
of fact and whimsy
silently conducting my own
psychic vivisection.”
~ Barosus

I am proud to be an
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"Only dead fish swim with the stream."
~ Malcolm Muggeridge



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Wolf Moon - Visual Version by Barosus

Wolf Moon - Visual Version

Stock image courtesy of Moon-WillowStock

The text only version of this poem is here - Wolf Moon

This was written after hearing how my friend Priswolf and her boyfriend got to watch the blood moon together as a couple for the first time over the weekend.  

#poetry #nature #bloodmoon #wolfmoon #love #romance 



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