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Oh Noes, She's HOTTER!

By BaroqueWolfe
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I stumbled upon the Kickstarted animated series called Truetail a couple years back, when it was a typical D&D escapade featuring Caleb, Melody, Doh Li, Viktor, and two other guys named Kanikus and Brutus. But recently this year, I found it again re-developed into a more school-themed D&D escapade. And honestly, I'm fine with it. Mainly because the extra supporting casts and 'Rivals' really grew into me overtime, especially Dylan and Lyra. Speaking of the former...

Here we have the shy and timid Unicorn mage, Dylan, encountering his fellow magic-user, Doh Li the Kirin, at the local swimming pool (if Splitpaw ever had one), and from the looks of it has taken a real liking towards her....swimming figure. And he's either grasping his crotch area out of weird habit, or somehow grasping to keep his own feelings in his pants (or swim trunks in this case).

Yeah, I pretty much like these two together, even as friends. But of course it's the Shipper in me that likes to believe that Dylan may have a slight crush on Doh Li. But then again, this series hasn't even got off the ground yet, so who knows how the canon-story will play out.

And just to point out, these characters are supposed to be depicted as more 'aged up' here as like older teens of sorts.

Characters belong to :iconskynamicstudios:

Art done Me (Chad)
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EldritchLJThurston's avatar

Yes she is Oshawott Agrees Plz …wait wait wat. “Hotter”?

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Meaning she's even more hot in a swimsuit.

EldritchLJThurston's avatar

Ohhh Xd I though it was cuz there was someone else that caught his eye before…

BaroqueWolfe's avatar

Nope, just her 'alluring presence' is all. And this is especially so when he sees her without the shorts here.

Oh Noes, She's Even HOTTER!
EldritchLJThurston's avatar

If that’s the case! Then Dylan might have a thing for…modesty XD

BaroqueWolfe's avatar

That makes two of us.

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