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Animal Emote: Jellyfish

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There are more than 1500 species of jellyfish. They belong to the Cnidaria phylum (with corals and sea anemones). There is so much intersting information on them, but it all varies with the species of jellyfish. ._.;;

#8 For =krissi001's Animal Emote Project
(you don't have to use it if you don't want, but I wanted to make it)

Details: [link]
Full Work: [link]

For use by =krissi001 only, please!
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QuboidJellyfishHobbyist Digital Artist
I fuckin' love jellyfish... especially this one.
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OobiedoobsHobbyist General Artist
It's squishy!!
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I am making a huge emoticon animation. May I use this in it, or can only krissi use it?
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Do you really really want the jellyfish? Because I'd be willing to make something else for your animation if you wanted? :?
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Well, if you could, a squid would also be pretty cool.
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Ah, really? @_@;;

I already made an emote squid for krissi too. ^_^;;

Is the project supposed to be strictly an emote thing or is it a pixel thing?
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Ok... What about a tropical fish?
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I haven't done any fish! I like fish! *w*

Did you have a particular type of fish in mind? I can make a few fish if you want? Or sea mammals (not a manatee though) or crustaceans or all of the above!

I just need to know a couple of things:
1. Which animal(s)?
2. Which style? (emote-style, cartoon-style, or realistic-style)
3. Animated or static?
4. When do you need it by?

If you don't have a preference, let me know and I'll fill in the blanks myself. :)

The only thing I'll ask is for credit for my work, in the comments/description of the work you use them in.
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1. Just something colorful and fun
2. Emote!
3. Animated, if you can.
4. No due date.
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Lemme check with krissi? I'll let you know.

What is the animationy thing for, may I ask?
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Just for fun.
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amazing!!! i adore these cute little things!! the movement and work you have put into them is awesome!!! much love and many hugs for the jellyies
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Yay thank you! Jellies are awesome! :highfive:
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Ocean creatures are so cute:heart:
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Yes! I agree! They're really interesting too! :nod: :heart:
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It's great, boss! Jellyfish are delicious too! :)
baroquebarque's avatar
Mmmm yes they are tasty. >:)
BOMB4Y's avatar
Somehow eating them crunchy seems a little tastier... seasoned with salt, pepper, soy and some chili... :hungry:
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:dance: Thank you
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