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Step-by-Step of previous image Fumes...
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I like step 2 more than any next one
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Great job, I like how you chooose your color and compisition.
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always nice to see how it's done, thanks for sharing :)
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Just one question: Did you use custom brushes for that?
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This is amazing!
Valkury's avatar
ultra-realistic :o
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This is pretty cool. Did you use reference for the rocky mountain? Or is it all made up?
those clouds are awesome! I see so many artists on here that seem to perfect cloud shapes so easily, but it's definitely harder than it looks. Do you use a certain brush or something?
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This image reminds me so much of the computer game 'Rise of Legends'.
Nice work!
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How long roughly did it take to go from step 1 to 2?
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nice, thanks for sharing your steps!
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Thanks everyone, this image is very representative of my lack of inspiration lately. When I don't know what to do I train, here for example I decided to spend more time on smoke/fire/clouds with just a few custom brushes. I didn't know where I was going, I had a few photo references of fire smoke and volcanoes and then I decided to just go with the flow. The final landscape doesn't make any sense in terms of geology but it fits the composition, adding the telescope effect was a way to finish the image without having to detail all the rocks in the foreground... lazy trick!
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thanks for posting.
it looks pretty cool
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Man I love seeing your work processes. They help me a lot
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Thanks so much for the process...
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nice work, wish the last panel was a bit bigger, but great process of working.
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Click on Download Image on the right, you'll see it full size that way :)
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Oh sweet, thanks for sharing! :)
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Nice to see how your mind works =)
That's awesome.
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